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We took up the "Morning conversations" challenge. Basically, you write a fic based around the first thing you say in the morning. This will be in multiple one-shots since what is said first varies depending on the day. WARNING: At least one character will act out of character each chapter.

This chapter is based around the most common thing first said in our house. That is, what I sing to one of my brothers.


"Awake, awake my darling, and open your blue eyes..."

What the heck is that? Arthur clamped his eyes tighter.

"The birds are singing good morning..."

I wish this bird would shut up. Arthur groaned and buried his face into his pillow. Why is he singing outside my room? Why don't the guards drag him away?

"And bidding you to rise..."

Who is this! Why is he making this disgusting racket? It isn't Merlin. He only sings when drunk.

"Get up."

The wretched singing was finally over. Maybe he'll go away now.

"Oh, Arthur, come on. It's time to get up."

Arthur's eyes flew open. Whoever it was stopped singing. But he was definitely in Arthur's room.

Arthur shot bolt right up in bed. It was his father.

"That's the spirit!" Uther said jovially.

"Father," Arthur about choked, "what are you doing in here?"

"I'm the king and your father," Uther answered pleasantly. "I can come in here whenever I want."

"But... Merlin usually wakes me up."

"Does he sing as well as I do?"

"What?" Who are you, and what have you done with my father? "Why would he sing to me?" Why would you sing to me? I'm still asleep. I know it!

The door opened. Merlin entered, carrying breakfast.

"Oh," he said, freezing up in surprise. "Your majesty. I'll... just put this here," Merlin set the food on the table, "and... leave."

"No, Arthur won't answer my question," Uther intervened cheerfully. "So, you'll answer it."

"Alright." Merlin looked frightened. "My lord."

"Do you sing as well as I do?"

Merlin looked taken aback. "Of... course not, your majesty. I don't even sing."

Yeah, you don't sing! You should hear how loud and incoherent you are drunk.

"That's too bad. We could have had contest," Uther sounded disappointed. Then he added with hopefulness, "You should sing to Arthur in the mornings for practice."

Merlin's eyes widened in terror. "Yes, your majesty." He bowed and fled before Arthur could demand otherwise. Arthur didn't want to be left alone with this part of his dream. This manically chirpy Uther scared Arthur far more than any moody, angry father.

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