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Merlin, laden with food, pushed open the door to Arthur's chambers. A look of shock and amusement shot across the servant's face. He stared as his master yelled and hacked at the floor. Warlock couldn't figure out why the prat was trying to damage his own floor.

Then he heard, "Bwrawr!"

"Arthur?" Merlin said, trying to get the prince's attention.

Arthur, however, ignored his manservant and continued hacking in vain.

"Arthur!" Merlin shouted.

Finally, the prat responded. "What!" he snapped, still madly swinging his sword to the floor as the alarm continued to wail.

"Stop damaging your sword," Merlin chided. "And stop denting the floor for that matter. You're making it harder to clean."


"Not until it's dead!"

"Did you try entering the code?" Merlin asked wearily.


In surprise, Arthur desisted in swinging. "Code? What code?"


"The code I gave you last night."

When Arthur only gave a blank stare, Merlin strode across the room. ("Bwrawr! Bwrawr! Bwrawr!") The manservant swooped down and pressed several of the weird bumps.

"Bwra—" It stopped abruptly.

"I told you how to turn it off last night!" Merlin reproached.

"No," Arthur countered, "you didn't. You didn't even mention putting that thing—that abomination—in my chambers."

"You sure?"

"Positive. Where did you get that horrible thing anyway?"

Merlin shrugged and muttered noncommittally.


"What? It woke you up when it was supposed to, didn't it?"

"It wasn't supposed to wake me up. You were! How did you get a hold of it? You haven't been consorting with sorcerers?"

Merlin shook his head hastily.

Arthur didn't seem convinced. "Merlin, find the deepest, darkest hole you can and get rid of it. And if I ever see it again, I will push you out a window."

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