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"Animal" - Ke$ha

So if it's just tonight / The animal inside / Let it live and die…Now just come and love me like we're gonna die

I grew up hearing the lame ass legends of the tribe my whole life: blah blah third wife, blah blah wolves, blah blah imprinting. Every single bonfire I went to, the elders had to come and tell us the stories again, and again, and again!

I could fucking recite those fairy tales I heard them so much. So why didn't anyone tell me this bullshit was real?

I suppose I should start from the beginning: I'm Paul Meraz, and I'm a fucking werewolf. And no, it's not all fun and games like what I've seen on TV with the wolves wrecking havoc on cities, no! Instead, I have to waste my time and protect a town I really don't care about from fucking shitty ass vampires!

What the hell? Seriously.

It all started when school was back in session after winter break. I had been feeling sick the past few days, but desperate to get out of the house, I went to school. Everyone there was buzzing about the new freshman girl who had moved here from Utah. I honestly didn't care: I'm a senior, and she's a freshman. That meant I was way out of her league and I'd get crap from my friends if I remotely showed an ounce of interest towards her nasty ass.

I saw her for the first time during lunch. She sat by herself at the table in the far right corner, brave enough to eat the so-called chili that the cafeteria ladies concocted. She was rather tall for her age, fourteen I'd later learn. Her dark brown hair was in a simple ponytail letting me view the contours of her flawless face: her beautiful hazel eyes, her luscious lips, and her cute dimple on her chin. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a football jersey, the Green Bay Packers to be exact. It was obvious this girl was a tomboy: she liked football, wore no make up, and I could faintly hear real music blasting out her black head phones, not some stupid Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. It was refreshing to see someone who wasn't so into the normal high school girl scene.

I had to talk to her.

"Dude," my friend Greg said, nudging my shoulder, "hurry up, the line's moving."

I looked forward and moved up in the lunch line, getting chili, just like the new girl. Maybe if she sees that we have one thing in common, then she'll want to see if we're alike in any other ways.

What the fuck? Why the fuck am I, Paul fucking Meraz, interested in some lame-o freshman? I can get anyone in the whole school I want! My girlfriend doesn't even know that I slept with her sister last night; she actually thinks I'm loyal to her. Dumb ass.

I looked back at the new girl. My girlfriend, Jessie, just walked by her and the new girl just rolled her eyes at her ridiculous saunter. Jessie moved her hips way too much and her eyes were glued to her cell phone, not even paying attention to where she was walking. God, I can't wait to break up with her.

"Dude!" Greg whined. "Why the hell are you staring at Daniela Chapman instead of moving your ass?"

"Fuck you," I countered and walked over to the register and paid for my food. Greg walked over to our usual table where the other guys I hang out with sat, but I went a different route and walked over to where my Daniela sat. Oh shit. Did I just refer to her as my Daniela?

Get a hold of yourself Paul, she's not yours…yet. The voice inside my head shocked me with that last part it added. Daniela would never be mine. She's a freshman, and therefore, not worth my time.

Nevertheless, I continued forward and set my tray down across from her.

She looked up at me with a puzzled look and took out one of her earphones. "Can I help you?" she asked, her voice not shrill and nasally like Jessie's. Daniela's voice actually seemed to be an octave deeper and had a little scratch to it, not like Jennifer Tilly, but a scratch that added character and didn't get annoying after a while.

"Uh," my mind drew a blank. Say something retard! the voice in my head shrieked. "Go Pack Go!"

Daniela scoffed and looked back at her food. "Okay," she said. "Some guy named Embers or something weird like that already tried that. And I'll tell you what I told him: I'm borrowing this shirt from my step-dad while my clothes are still packed in boxes."

I frowned. "So you're not a football fan?"

"I prefer rugby: much more violent."

My cocky grin that I use on girls to get them into the sack with me came on my face subconsciously and it was a while 'til I realized I was using it. I wiped it off and sat down in front of her, she was still looking confused at me.

"What 'cha listening to?" I asked as I swallowed a spoonful of the disgusting slop they call chili.

"Music," Daniela replied.

Well no shit! "What kind of music?"


"What band?"

Daniela rolled her eyes. "Dude," she said. "I know you're dating that whorish girl over there." She pointed over at Jessie who was puckering her lips, looking at her phone still. "And I'm not interested in sleeping with you so that I can just be the other woman."

I growled. Wait, did I just growl…like a dog? I cleared my throat and went on. "Look, Daniela, I'm gonna break up with Jessie when lunch is over. Then later tonight, I'll pick you up and we'll go to a movie together."

"I prefer to be called Danni."

Danni? Isn't that a guy's name? "Oh, okay. So Danni, I'm going to pick you up at eight and then you can decide what movie we'll see."

"I gotta be upfront with you dude," Danni said, putting her spoon down. "I'm not interested and you're like what? Thirty? I'm fourteen that's illegal hombre."

Do I really look thirty? I know I've been going through a growth spurt lately, but it should only have made me look taller, not older. "I'm eighteen."

"Still illegal." Danni then stood up and walked out of the cafeteria.

I clenched my fists and began to breathe hard. No one has ever resisted my charm before. Why the fuck is this bitch able to? Hunt her down! the voice yelled at me. What the hell is up with my conscious today?

Danni wasn't in any of my classes the rest of the day, meaning I would only be able to ever see her during lunch.

Once school was over, I walked over to my truck and jumped in when I heard a tapping on the passenger side window. Please be Danni! Please be Danni! I looked over and was disappointed to see Jessie there, batting her stupid eyelashes at me.

I unlocked the door and let her in.

"Don't tell me you forgot about me," she teased.

I honestly did. "My bad," I mumbled.

Jessie just gave an annoying giggle and leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder. As soon as she did, she shot up and looked over at me with a concerned face. "Are you okay? You're burning up."

"Just peachy." I started the truck and began to drive in the direction of Jessie's house so that I could immediately ditch her and then find out where my Danni lives. Damn! There I go again with the whole "my Danni" thing! Am I obsessed or something? My hands began to shake with apprehension, my new infatuation scaring me. I've been interested in girls before, but never to this degree.

I think I'm in love with her. No, that's not possible. I barely know her!

"Paul!" Jessie said irritated.

"Huh?' I asked, looking over at her. Her face was red with anger and she had her lips pursed in a tight line. "What do you want?"

"What do I want?" Jessie exasperated. "I've been talking to you for five minutes and you haven't even listened at all!"

"My bad."

"And you forgot what day it is!"

I looked over at her with confusion written all over my face. "Friday?"

"It's my birthday asshole!"

Oh crap. It was Jessie's birthday today. She had been telling me about it all week, but naturally, I just tuned her out, assuming she'd start talking about getting her nails done or some other girly thing.

"My bad," I muttered again.

Jessie rolled her eyes. "Are you cheating on me?" she asked out of the blue.

I looked over at her shocked. "No," I lied. Crystal and Nikki better have kept their mouths shut.

"Really? Because I saw you talking to that ugly lesbian-looking bitch. What's her name? Dawn, Dina, uh-"

"Her name's Daniela!" I roared pissed off that Jessie was bringing my Danni into this. As soon as she mentioned my angel, I felt the sudden urge to protect Danni, even if it was just defending her honor.

"Whatever, fucking keep your hands to yourself and stay clear of that bitch."

"I hate you," I whispered under my breath. "Bitch."

"Paul?" she asked, sounding a little worried. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you."

I shook my head. "Too late," I growled, "you already insulted my Danni."

"Your Danni? You barely know her and now you're all butt-hurt by me calling her a bitch? What the fuck Paul? You know what, we're over!"

I nodded. "I couldn't agree more."

Jessie scoffed heavily and then whipped her head to face me. "Pull over, I'm walking home."

I stomped down on the brake with all my strength. Jessie almost crashed into the dashboard, but she put out her hands and caught herself at the last minute. "Fuck you and that stupid bitch," she spat as she got out of my truck and slammed the door shut behind her.

I smiled to myself, knowing I had just rid myself of that lame-ass whore. Now I can go out with my Danni!

As soon as I got home, I ran up into my bedroom and called Greg to ask him where Danni lived. He would know since he helps out in the attendance office at school as a way to put down an extracurricular on his college résumé. He told me she lived at 195 Reese Ave, which was actually not too far away.

I took a shower and got dressed in a blue button-down shirt and black pants. I know I told Danni I'd only take her to a movie, but I wanted to look my best for her. And I also know she said no, but she needs to learn that no one turns down Paul Meraz, and also, we have a connection. I can feel it. She must too.

I drove over to her house and knocked on the door. A middle aged man answered and looked at me with disgust. "Can I help you?" he asked in an authoritive voice.

I nodded. "Yes sir, I'm here to pick up Danni for our date." I made sure to say sir and put on my best smile to try to win this man over seeing as how he's my future father-in-law….Holy shit! I did not just think that!

The man scowled in my direction. "How old are you sir?" he asked.

"Eighteen?" I answered with confusion. Shit, this guy didn't think I was thirty too, right?

The man shook his head. "No, sorry, you're not taking my daughter out." Then he slammed the door on my face.

Kill him! the voice in my head shrieked with fury. Make him pay! He can't tear us apart from Danni! She belongs to us! For a moment I briefly considered breaking the door down and dragging Danni out. I shook that thought from my head and then went back to the car and drove home, breathing hard the entire way. Fucking Danni's dad, trying to keep me away from MY Danni? What the fuck?

I made it to my house and out of the car when I dropped to my knees, my anger over powering me. I growled and shook with fury and then I felt different. I felt taller, bigger, and stronger. It felt good to feel this kind of power. It was as if I could do anything physical, perform any feat. Maybe I could even win over Danni!

I tried to stand up, but couldn't. I looked down at my feet and only saw paws, which was when I howled with fear.

"Relax Paul," I heard a man's voice say.

"Who the fuck are you?" I screamed. "What the fuck's happening to me?"

"I'm Sam," the voice said. "I'm your alpha and you're a werewolf. And from what I can see in your thoughts, you've imprinted. Odd, usually that happens after you phase."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

A black wolf came out of the forest by my house and walked up to me. I was about to growl, but the wolf gave me a knowing look that said I could trust him.

"That girl," the wolf said, "Dannie. She's your imprint."

I felt elated to know that she was something that belonged to me. "What's an imprint?" I wondered in my head.

"Your other half," Sam answered. "She's your soul-mate."

3 Years Later

That was the first time I phased and joined Sam. At first, it was just me and him hunting vampires, and then Jared joined, followed by Embry, Jacob, Quil, Leah and Seth, and Collin and Brady. We all did our duty to protect La Push from the fucking bloodsuckers and doing that I discovered something: I desired recognition for my deeds.

I mean sure, I had to keep our existence a secret because we all know that humans would blow the whole being a werewolf thing out of proportion and think we were monsters. However, I still wanted to feel like a hero, which is why I decided to become a policeman.

I went straight to the police academy after graduation and became an officer. I've been one for almost four years now and I love my work: protecting citizens and being able to receive praise for what I do.

And Sam was right about me imprinting. After I was forced to stay away from school for a week while I tried to get my phasing under control, I saw Danni again in the cafeteria. She was sitting all by herself at the table in the far right corner again. This time she was wearing a black t-shirt and regular blue jeans, not designer or skinny. This time I heard a softer song coming from the headphones.

I walked over to where she sat, my tray in hand. I got the pepperoni pizza, just like she did, except I got five pieces while she only had one.

"Hey," I said as I sat down.

She looked up at me and took out her earphones. This time when she looked at me with her hazel eyes, I felt a deeper connection to her, like the way I felt earlier was only a grain of sand compared to the whole beach I felt now. My world shifted and it seemed like everyone else in the room got fuzzy and weren't really discernable.

"'Sup?" she asked, jerking her head at me.

My jaw hung open and I couldn't bring myself to look away. I just wanted to touch her face, hold her in my arms and never let go…ever.

"Dude?" Danni waved her hand in front of my face. "You okay?"

I cleared my throat and shook my head to clear my thoughts. "Er, yeah. I'm just still a little under the weather. That's why I wasn't here last week."

Danni cocked her eyebrow. "You were sick?" she asked.

I nodded. Had she really noticed my absence? I felt my heart start to flutter as the thought of her missing me entered my mind.

"Oh," she smirked. "I thought you were in the bathroom or detention."

I felt my ego deflate. Apparently she didn't have the same feelings for me. Just kidnap her! Force her to love you! the voice inside me screamed. Sam told me that the wolf inside me was telling me what to do because it also felt the imprint pull and wouldn't rest until I claimed Danni. I had asked what he meant by claimed and evidently it means to bite her shoulder to show others that she belongs to me.

I stared at Danni's shoulder and felt my mouth salivating, just begging to claim her right now.

"Dyke," a guy coughed behind Danni as he walked to his group of friends.

Danni rolled her eyes. "I guess you're a lesbian now if you like sports and hate make up," she shrugged, turning back to her food.

My fists clenched with anger. "Have people been saying that you're a lesbian?" I asked, speaking between clenched teeth. She can't be a lesbian! She loves me, and last time I checked, I have a penis!

Danni nodded. "Yea, I keep saying I'm not, but these dumb asses don't like to listen."

My hands were shaking now and I felt the urge to murder that guy who called MY Danni a dyke! I calmed myself. No, I couldn't risk getting caught and having to go to prison where I'll be forced to stay away from my love.

Instead, I decided another tactic.

I got out of my seat and grabbed onto Danni's arm, yanking her up. I then climbed on the table and dragged my sweetheart up there with me. She looked at me with a shocked expression and tried tugging her arm out of my grasp, but I wouldn't let go.

"HEY ASSHOLES!" I yelled out at the top of my lungs. The windows vibrated a little bit and the students and cafeteria ladies looked at me. One guy was sitting with his back to me, so I leaned down real quick, grabbing the green apple off my tray and chucked it at him, watching it splatter all over his back. He whipped his head around now to see what I had to say.

I cleared my throat. "Anyone who dares fucks with Danni," I roared, "will have their asses kicked by me!"

The entire cafeteria was silent and Danni was beet red with embarrassment. She finally managed to yank her arm away from me and run out of the cafeteria.

And that was the last time she ever talked to me. The rest of senior year I tried to talk to her, but she ignored me and just looked the other way, listening to her music. One day I actually caught her outside by herself and got on my knees and begged her to stop avoiding me. She just told me that no one in school would hang with her because of what I did. "You made a loner!" she shrieked and then stormed off, leaving me heartbroken and alone.

After that, I gave her some space. I stopped calling and showing up at her doorsteps. The wolf inside begged me to just steal her away, but I couldn't do it…yet. I had to clean my house, which is actually nice now that my dad got remarried and let me have it while he and whatever-her-name-is moved to Florida.

In order to remain closer, every night I sneak over to my angel's house and climb up to the second story window on the left side where Danni's room is. She keeps her window open and sleeps with her bedroom door locked, silly girl. I used to just watch her sleep at first, sitting on the floor. But now that I've learned what a heavy sleeper she is, I crawl in under the covers and hold her to me all throughout the night. Her dad gets up an hour before she does, so when his alarm goes off at six, that's my cue to leave.

I've been doing that everyday and now I'm on my way to do it again. I drove my police cruiser over and parked against the sidewalk across the street and ran over to the side of the house and jumped, crawling inside.

Danni was seventeen now, and a senior at the high school. She managed to make a friend and she still dresses like a tomboy. She hasn't changed a lot. To me, Danni's still the new girl who stole my heart at first sight.

I crawled under the covers, still in my police uniform, and pulled my baby to me, wrapping my arms around her and slowly drifting off to sleep.