"The End" by Ellie Goulding

We've only ever kissed lying down
We've only ever touched
When there's no one else around
I can be elusive
If you want me to
I'm not being intrusive
I just wish I knew the truth

As to why
I wait for you
Longer than the average person would
And why
I think about you
More than I think one should

Our bodies fit together
Like a make-shift puzzle
And it's clear to see why you puzzle me
And you turn your frame
And you whisper my name
As though I am a burden

Cause I'm making up for lost time
And I'm making up for you
And I'm waking up from last night
And I'm waking up with you
So what's new?
So what's new?

I am at your house
So I belong to you for now
Trying to impress you
But lord I don't know how
I can be a statue
If you want me to
I'm not being difficult
I just need to know the truth

As to why
I'm wanting you
And I would take you if I could
And why I'm laying here
It's something I still haven't understood

Our hands rest together
Like pieces of paper
But they're always blank
When I hold your hand
And it gave you a fright
When I stayed the night
And you gave yourself to me

Cause I'm making up for lost time
And I'm making up for you
And I'm waking up from last night
And I'm waking up with you
So what's new?
So what's new?

It's not the end
It's not the end
So don't lets pretend

Cause I'm making up for lost time
And I'm making up for you
And I'm waking up from last night
And I'm making up for you
So what's new?
So what's new?
So what's new?

The werewolf charged towards me at full speed. No! This can't be the way I die! Not after everything I've been through!

I dropped down onto my knees, bringing my hands out in front of me in a pleading manner. "Please!" I cried. "Don't attack! I'm human! I'm human, I was just with a bloodsucker earlier, but I'm human! I swear!"

The werewolf seemed to ignore me. It growled my way and just coming closer and closer, kicking up dirt and twigs behind it as it sped up.

"It's me Danni! I'm Paul's mate! Please!" By now I had began to cry. There's only so much a girl can take before she finally snaps. I had finally reached my breaking point, tears pouring my cheeks. I just faced a crazy bloodsucker, a psycho human, and now a feral werewolf all under two hours.

The werewolf finally stopped a couple of feet in front of me, baring its jagged teeth and its hair standing up on its back. It snarled my way and then it dawned on me.

"Sam!" I shouted, actually pretty damn happy that he came to me. "It's you, right?"

The werewolf phased into its human form, and sure enough, Sam stood in front of me, that permanent scowl of his painted over his face. "Danni," he spat, literally. As soon as he said my name, he hawked a loogie into the grass at my feet. "Why did you insult Emily?"

Seriously? "Dude! Not now! I need help! I was kidnap by a vampire and then this human Mike tried to have his way-"

"I don't care about that right now!" Sam roared. "Normally I'd kill anyone who dared to insult Emily's scars, but seeing as how your Paul's little pet, I'll just kick you both out of the pack."

Ooh ouch, that totally hurt my feelings…not. "Sam! That's the thing! Paul's being kept hostage by the vampires! One was called Peter and the others were the Cullens! They're evil Sam! They're evil and they have Paul and they're gonna take my baby and-"

"The Cullens?" Sam interrupted…again. Where on Earth did this rude dude learn his manners?

"Yeah! There was Jasper, Edward, and some really lame chick Bella! They have Paul in their basement Sam! Please you gotta help me!" I got off the ground and patted the dirt off my legs in a pathetic attempt to hold onto a shard of my dignity.

Sam stood in silence for a moment. He would keep his cold eyes trained on me, scowling in my direction. "I guess we should help Paul, considering he's been a loyal pack member for years."

I nodded eagerly. "Yes!" I agreed. "Yes, Paul has been an excellent wolf for your pack. Please help him out."

"Then again," Sam smirked, "you insulted my mate, so I won't help out yours."

My jaw dropped and I felt faint. No, there's no fucking way this asshole is just going to let Paul die because of my crappy attitude! That can't be! "Sam, please," I begged.

Sam shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry Danni, but I told you that there were going to be consequences for being mean to Emily." He turned away and began to walk off.

I hurried up to him, cutting him off and standing directly in his pathway. "Then at least tell me how to kill a vampire!" I shouted. My fists were clenched tightly and my breath was all raspy.

"Fire," Sam simply stated. "Bloodsuckers are extremely flammable."

Ideas and plan flashed through my mind in an instant. I could light a vamp on fire, and then it'd die. Okay, but how do I light one up? I could set their house on fire, but they're so fast that they could easily run out. Plus, that'd leave Paul to burn down in the basement. And I can't have a crispy mate. I could just squirt them with lighter fluid and then throw a match on them. But they'd be super fast as soon as I drenched the fluid on them.

Then it hit me.

I remember this one time Henry took out a body spray container, AXE I believe, and held a lighter in front of it to create a flamethrower. It was hella cool! And it's also the answer to all my problems.

I turned on my heels, dashing through the forest in the direction of my house. I've been through this forest so much with Paul that I knew it fairly well by now. Eventually I reached my house and kicked the door open, using my foot that was encased in the cast. It was unlocked anyway, but the moment totally called for it.

I hurried upstairs into the bathroom where Paul kept some AXE spray and then down into the kitchen where we had one of those long lighters that turns on when you press a little button. With my weapons in hand, I snatched Paul's police car's keys off the counter –which he conveniently left- and scurried put to the patrol car. It started in an instant and I sped down the road towards Forks where I could kill those stupid bloodsuckers that had my mate locked up in a cage like a dog.

Maybe if both me and Paul survive this predicament, I can make dog jokes to him in reference to the cage. Haha, it'll be just like old times. Except maybe this time I should try to be a little bit nicer to him. I mean, he did nothing but shower me with love and attention, and I treated him like crap. If I get Paul back, then I swear on my life, I will treat him better.

I sped down the street, a little surprised that no one pulled me over or honked. Then again, I am in a cop car, so I guess that creates an excuse for my erratic driving skills. In a few short minutes, I pulled up in front of that familiar modern house that made me gag with how rich these freaks try to come off as. Yes, I get it: you have money.

I clutched the body spray and the lighter in my hands, holding them close to my chest. "Please God," I prayed, "watch over my ass." I turned the car off and leapt out, running up to the door and kicking it.

I didn't budge and instead I received a sharp pain running up all along my leg. I groaned and turned the doorknob, grimacing when the door gently swung open. Well, thanks to my loud-ass knock, I probably just alerted all the bloodsuckers in the house.

Slowly, I inched my way into the home, my eyes darting everywhere to make sure there was no bloodsucker in sight. So far, so good. Maybe they didn't hear me at all and I could make it to Paul and just help him escape without having to fight anyth-


I whipped around to see the female bloodsucker, Bella. Motherfucker! I got caught!

I raised my weapons in front of me, pointing the spray nozzle at her. I even lit the lighter already. "Come get some!" I shouted at her, daring the bitch to come at me.

Bella raised her hands up in front of her in surrender. Although, she didn't look too afraid of me. Did Sam lie to me? Probably…

"You don't have to fear us Danni. Me, Edward, Jasper, and Emmett don't agree with Peter's actions right now. His motives seem alright, but not the way he's going about them, so we're leaving the area for a while until he's done."

The Cullens are leaving? Well, that severely helps me out. Then I perked up. "Can you help me kill Peter and save Paul?" I asked, hope seeping into my bones. Maybe I can save Paul and live happily ever after with him after all.

Bella shook her head. "I couldn't kill another, even someone like Peter." Oh God, I hate this Mary Sue. "But I can tell you that Peter keeps the key to Paul's cage in his pants pocket." She then blurred out the window. I have no idea how to accurately describe it. She just vibrated really fast out of the house. Weird…

Still, I have no time to dwell on that. I have to save Paul!

I ran over to the basement door and flung it open with a bang. Taking two steps at a time, I hurried downstairs. There, in the metal cage in the other end of the basement, was Paul huddled over on himself. He had his knees up to his chest and his arms wrapped around his legs, looking absolutely pathetic.

I ran over to the cage, holding onto the bars with both hands and shaking it like crazy, hoping that I could get the door loose or something. If I could avoid having to face Peter, I'd do whatever I could.

Paul glanced up, his puffy eyes settling on me. He scanned over my body as I shook the cage, not really thinking coherently at the moment. Then he jerked back and rushed over to where I was. He shoved both muscular arms through the bars, wrapping them around my body, yanking me closer to the cage.

"Danni!" he sobbed, like legitimately sobbed with the tears and everything. "I'm so sorry that I couldn't save you! I'm so sorry!"

I stopped shaking the cage and pushed my arms through the bars to hold him as well, rubbing soothing circles on his broad back. "It's okay Paul. I'm gonna rescue you, okay? So just relax and let me get you out of here."

Paul pushed me back a little to look at my face. "Does this mean…you care for me?"

I sighed, hoping that we could have a sappy moment after I saved the day and all that jazz. "Yes Paul," I whispered. "I love you." I let go of him and went back to rattling the door. I saw the keyhole and briefly considered just jamming the lighter in there to break the lock or something.

"That won't work, you need the key," Paul said.

I groaned, realizing that I would have to fight Peter in order to free Paul.

"Did you maybe call Sam to get help from the pack?"

Oh yeah. My face turned red with embarrassment. "We're kicked out of the pack because I called Emily Scarface," I muttered. "But it totally wasn't my fault! She was worse!"

Paul let out a low growl. "So he sent you here by yourself?" he snarled. He began to tremble and he ground his teeth.

"That doesn't matter," I said, raising the body spray and lighter. "I have some weapons. I'm gonna light Peter on fire and the Cullens left. So yeah, I can handle one bloodsucker-"

"Can you?" a voice came from behind me.

Paul phased into his wolf form and began to claw at his cage, all to no effect. I turned around to see Peter at the foot of the basement stairs, standing in an opposing crouch. Well, here goes nothing.

I brought up the body spray and lighter, lighting the lighter. "Yeah," I spat, "I can handle a little cunt like you."

Peter gave out a little chuckle as he began to move closer to me. "A cunt? Really Danni? Such language for a young lady." He wagged his finger back in forth in a shaming way.

"Well I couldn't call you a dick because you were small as fuck!" I screamed, pretty damn proud of my insults in the face of danger.

Peter snarled and lunged.

I pressed down on the body spay nozzle, shooting out that manly fragrance that was sometimes a little over-bearing. It hit the flame and transformed into at least three feet of a giant flame, just shooting out in front of me.

Peter, surprised as fuck, hit the flame, letting out the least manly shriek I've ever heard in my life. He moved back, his upper body on fire with purple smoke floating up towards the ceiling. His arms flung back and forth at a rapid pace, flames clinging to them like a phoenix's wings. It was pretty amazing actually. Peter cried out in agony as he burned, his face on fire so he could smell or see the wooden stairs that could have led to his escape. He flung his body around the tiny basement in a blind frenzy, the hair on his head now completely burned off.

Then he stopped moving, stopped making any noise at all, and fell to the cement floor with a thud.

"Holy shit," I breathed. I did it. I, Daniela Marie Chapman, killed a bloodsucker. And it was so easy!

I rushed up to the burning corpse and shoved my hands into the pockets of its jeans really quick. The flames hadn't reached the lower body yet, so the jeans were still safe to touch. After the first pocket proved to be empty, I moved onto the next one, yelping with joy as my fingers clasped around the warm metal of the key.

I grasped the key and ran over to Paul's cage, shoving it into the hole.

"Check it Paul!" I cried out. "I saved you!"

Paul, still in his form, let out a snarl and a bark.

"Huh?" I asked. Then I felt the blow to the side of my body and I was sent flying through the air until I hit the wall. Everything went black.


I watched in horror as the bloodsucker who was supposed to be dead crawled over to my Danni at a fast pace. My mate had been trying to unlock the cage I was trapped in when the fucking leech flung her across the room, knocking her unconscious.

The leech glanced up at me, its face all charred and black from being lit on fire. Most of the flames now concentrated on his torso.

I quickly phased back into my human form, shoving my arm out of the cage to grab a hold of the key. I turned it, hearing the tumbles of the lock, and the door popped open. The leech looked up at me with a fearing in its eyes.

I glared down, a smirk playing on my lips. "You realize you're gonna die now, right?" I taunted. My limbs shook and I exploded into the wolf.

The leech cried out, but I soon silenced it as I ripped it apart limb from limb, effectively killing it. Finally, I was free to be with my Danni, just the three of us in our house, living happily together.

Oh shit! Danni!

I phased back into a human and scurried over to her limp body that was next to the wall. I turned her over, and engulfed her body in my arms, looking her up and down to make sure there was no serious damage. She appeared to be fine, just a bloody nose.

I held my mate closer to me, my inner wolf growling in content at having her close to us again. Take her home! he growled. Take her home and make sure she never leaves us again!

My grip tightened around my love. No, she's never leaving us again. I'll make sure of it.

I stood up and carried her out of the house, finding my cruiser in the driveway. I could feel the keys in my mate's pocket. I took them out and set her comfortably in the backseat, where she could lie down. My angel deserves a rest.

I got in on the driver's side, started the car, and sped off home. The whole time both my wolf and I looked forward to having Danni back with us.

Six Months Later

"Paul!" Danni called from upstairs. She had been feeling a little fatigued and wanted to lie in bed all day, which I wouldn't deny her.

"Coming!" I grabbed her cup of tea that I was in the kitchen to get her in the first place, and rushed up to the room. She was on the bed, her hands on her distended stomach that housed our boys. We were both happy to be having a boy, but even more happy when we found out it was twins. Well, I was more happy than Danni, who immediately asked the doctor what would happen if they tried to come out of the same house at the time.

When I entered the room, Danni smiled at me, making me and my inner wolf get all frisky. God, I am in love this girl.

"Paul, Sam called and wanted to know if you could do patrol around Forks today," she said, holding the cell phone in her hand. It was already off, meaning I'd have to call back with my answer.

Then again… "Nope," I said. "Asswipe doesn't want us in the pack, then he doesn't get our services."

Danni let out a laugh and my wolf howled in joy at pleasing her. Each and every day, Danni does these little things that make my wolf and I get all happy and jumpy on the inside. Dare I say it, but she's gotten a lot nicer. Not to say she wasn't nice before…well, she's become nice.

"Paul, I'm kinda cold, could you cuddle with me or something?" she asked, shivering to emphasize her discomfort.

I didn't even feel my body move or make my brain do any work. In a flash, I found myself in the bed with my Danni, holding her tightly to my body, nuzzling her and growling in content.

She smiled and kissed my forehead. "I love you Officer Meraz," she giggled.

"And I love you, Mrs. Meraz," I purred, holding my mate to my chest and planning on keeping her with me for the rest of time.

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