Chapter 1
Finn's Plan

Dave took a deep breath as he walked down the halls of McKinley, mentally yelling at his mother about deciding to wash his coat on a Monday... he felt naked. Usually he didn't when he'd forget his Letterman, but today... today was the day he wished he had it. His mind was racing and everything seemed to move slower, it was stupid, but it had to be done. He Dave Karofsky was joining Glee. He'd made this decision last night, after three weeks since the half-time show... Dave had felt... he'd felt at home when he was performing and now... damn those Gleeks, he couldn't get it out of his damn head. Every time the radio came on he'd mentally picture possible moves for it, or hell even who in Glee should sing it... it was... it was sick... and..and painful.. Because every so often, he'd be the one singing.

"Hey Dave!" he heard Finn yell, damn he'd forgotten Hudson had been on his case about this too, "How's it going?"

"Same... did you want something Finn?" asked Dave as he walked to his locker... quicker than normal even.

"Nothin... just.. seeing what's new?" asked Finn, overly casual.

"Damn it," said Dave, his mind was racing, "Finn... I..."

"What?" asked Finn, his beaming smile making Dave abort the mission.

"Never mind, creeper," said Dave, grabbing his books and heading to class.

Spanish. Dave glared at his desk, he'd forgotten that Mr. Schuster was the teacher again, he'd came in angrily and sat down behind Azimio, who raised his brow, Dave shook his head. He was not in the mood to hear Azimio berate him with questions at that moment. He idly dazed off in class, thinking about his life. Here he was, in Spanish, bored, thinking of glee.. yup... it was official.. he was a loser with a capital 'L' … he let his mind wonder some more, hoping to get off the Glee train.. only to end up on the station of Kurt Hummel. He glared at his paper as if it had just insulted him. When the bell rang he was the last to get up, still musing over his current life situation.

"Dave," said Mr. Schue, causing him to jump slightly, "Is there something the matter?"

"Hmm... no.. just.. thinking," said Dave quickly gathering his unopened book.


'How Strange...' Dace mused to himself, because by lunch time, he'd noticed every Glee member had managed to literally bring up Glee very loudly as he went by them... and he'd gathered too much information from it. First... sectionals or something was coming up... Secondly... Puck and Sam had talked loud enough for anyone to hear that Kurt's new school was the rival... and thirdly... Finn hadn't sounded casual at all when for some odd reason he had randomly decided Azimio would be his new Half-Time talk buddy... Dave knew Azimio hadn't been even hinting at the conversation, simply by the look of pure horror on his face when Finn had joined them.

"So, you know we we're pretty bad ass, right?" asked Puck, sitting next to Finn.

"... since when did they start sitting here, again?" asked Strando.

"I have no idea... but it freaks me out," whispered Azimio back, Puck and Finn joined by Mike and Sam now.

"Dudes, if we we're even half as bad ass as that at Sectionals, we'd own both Dalton and Adrenaline," said Artie, coming with them.

"I'm getting scared," whispered Jameson.

"What are Sectionals?" asked Dave, completely unaware of the whispered jokes his friends had been sharing.

"Ohm.." Finn blinked than smiled, "It's our competitions. You know for Glee club… well first there's Invitational's."

"Easy," scoffed Puck.

"Those are pretty much where they watch you and see if you even good enough to compete. Then there's Sectionals. Followed by Regional's… then Nationals, which is in New York this year," finished Artie.

"We better win, I mean, seriously... we barely had enough to qualify this year," said Puck in an undertone.

"Why are we still talking about this?" asked Azimio, with a groan, "None of are joining, can't you song birds get that through your thick skulls. We're not a bunch of queers."

Dave looked at the table quickly, not bothering to partake in the small argument that had just begun. He didn't want to look up, because he knew if he did... one of them... one of them would say something about Kurt, because he heard Azimio bring him up just then... Something about how they should go where he went... get rid of them all. Dave's stomach lurched... he wanted to be in Glee, but there was no way he'd be able too... maybe if this hadn't just happened, he could have joined without shit... but from the sound, Titans vs. New Directions was back on. He looked up as the Glee guys started to leave, Damn, Finn saw it... he saw him look... damn it!

"Can you believe them!" yelled Azimio, "We're forced to do one number with them and BAM, they think we're gonna start prancing around with them on stage."

"I had fun," said Jameson, who then suddenly became dead quiet, Dave looked at him... yeah Jameson had, he'd even started enjoying it when Puck and Berry had sung.

"I'm joining," the words left Dave's lips before he could stop them, the guys started chuckling.

"Good one, Karofsky," said Strando.

"Nice one, man... you seriously had me going," Azimio chuckled.

"... Really?" asked Jameson, brow raised, causing the others to laugh even harder.

"Yeah... really," said Dave, he was serious now, Jameson beamed and stood.

"Hey, Hudson!" yelled Jameson, the football players had stopped laughing now, Azimio looked confused.

"What?" yelled Finn, obviously annoyed.

"What time does practice start?" asked Jameson.

"... ohm... after school," Finn looked confused for a second but them beamed, "See ya, then?"

"Yeah.. we'll see ya," said Jameson.

"I can't believe you joining the Glee fags," said Strando, "I can't eat with you man."

"Yeah, Dave was only kidding... you're..." Azimio was cut off.

"Come on man, let's go eat over there," said Dave to Jameson, indicating to an empty table.


Dave walked down the halls, his body was shaking slightly... this wasn't going to work. They didn't want him there... Jameson they had no beef with... but he... Dave Karofsky... he'd cause a rage, just like before. He thought about bailing, but Jameson was already there beside him. He looked positively glowing, Dave smirked, and at least Jameson would be happy and probably calm down.. and stop raiding his kitchen every weekend... but that was unlikely.

"Thanks man," said Jameson, "I don't think I could have done it alone."

"No big... just stop eating all the chips in my house," smirked Dave, causing Jameson to laugh.

He grimaced as he heard arguing coming from the choir room, Jameson looked confused, but Dave knew it was about him. He picked up certain words as he walked closer, like 'homophobe', 'Neanderthal,' 'bigot'... and 'Kurt..' He knew it was about him now... and he turned to leave, just as Finn leaned out the door and Jameson froze.

"Hey you two," smiled Finn, he looked like he'd just come out of a battle, tired and worn.

"You can tell your glee friends I changed my mind, but Rendell wants to join... they don't have to worry," said Dave, storming off, aware his hand hurt when he'd punched a locker going into the locker room.

He walked around one of the walls in the showers; it was still dry... and slumped, his head pounding. Why was he so shocked by what they'd said... he knew it was too good to be true... Puck, Sam, Finn, and Artie we're just trying to get everyone but him in Glee. His mind wondered... wondered to his world he lived in inside his head. He liked that world. Fun... loving... perfect. In that world, he was free, he was happy... hell and now he sang in the damn Glee club in that world. Hell, if he added anything else to that world, he might snap and actually think reality was a damn nightmare or some shit. He looked out the up above the half stall and towards the lockers, those damn lockers... this was their entire fault... this stupid room... this hell hole... all of it.. Because of the damn locker room. He sniffed and blinked, the hell? When had he started sobbing... that's why his chest was hurting so much? He normally only did this in his car... late after school and before he got home... definitely not where someone could hear or see him... like now. Cause then he noticed that the shadow from the dim locker room had moved. Finn... damn it all.

"Dave?" Dave looked down, covering his face best he could, "Man..."

"Get lost Hudson," groaned Dave into his arm, this was the last thing he needed was Finn Hudson comforting him.

"Damn... I wish Kurt was here," he heard Finn mutter and couldn't help but think, 'yeah, me too...'

"Why? So he could see me look like shit," said Dave, angrily.

"What? No man... Kurt isn't like that... it's just... he always knows what to do to get me to calm down..." Finn sounded angry for a second and then trailed off, "Warm milk..."

"..." Dave looked at Finn, trying to picture him crying, it was a hard image to create... then, "Warm milk?"

"Shut up, it's delicious," glared Finn, and Dave almost started to cry out of laughter, "What?"

"Oh... you have definitely spent too much time with Hummel... this explains yesterday when you kicked the locker in an epic tanty."

"First off, that was not a tantrum... second Kurt's actually more resigned unless at home, and thirdly, I have most definitely not been spending much time with Kurt as I only see him two hours a night," said Finn, his face was red with what Dave knew as embarrassment.

"Sorry," said Dave, glaring at the tiles again, he felt Finn slide down next to him.

"Listen, I can talk to them... it's just not gonna be that easy for you," said Finn, "But I'll help..."

"Why would you help me Hudson, I made your brother leave," said Dave, it was weird saying it... but ultimately true.

"Cause I believe in second chances, and even though Kurt's not the forgiving type... so does he... hell... Me and Puck we're much worse... we tossed urine balloons at him... and then there was the whole lawn furniture incident... which I'm glad Burt didn't kill me over when I confessed to that... what I mean to say, New Directions is about second chances... I'll just need some time... please join?" said Finn, giving Dave a hopeful smile.

"Hudson, there not gonna..." Dave didn't want to say it; he really wishes they could forgive him.

"Don't worry... I have a plan... BUT I need you to participate in the plan... even if it means a great deal of sacrifice," said Finn, Dave raised an eyebrow, "Your gonna have to be Hazed Glee style..."


Finn walked into the house that night, feeling very confident. His mind was swimming, now normally he didn't like to over think too much, but he, Finn Hudson had a plan. He was going to fix McKinley. He was gonna unite the football and glee team, bring peace to the school, and, most importantly... Bring Kurt home. He watched his step-brother walk in behind him, tossing his bag on the couch and sitting down for a moment. Finn's brow rose, this was not normal Kurt behavior... in fact Kurt freaked over less than a misplaced bag. Finn looked around and then sat next to Kurt.

"Kurt, you okay, buddy?" asked Finn, come to think of it, "You didn't speak the entire car ride."

"It's nothing... just school," said Kurt, but Finn could see Kurt's normal composure slide a little before he sat up and shook his head, "So, the parents aren't going to be home tonight. What would you like for dinner, Finn?"

"Kurt?..." Finn always got annoyed when anyone changed the subject, "Do you need to talk?"

"I'm fine, do you want me to make something or are we ordering in?" asked Kurt with a smile, that even Finn could see passed.

"Ohm... how about spaghetti?" suggested Finn, cooking always seemed to calm Kurt.

"Okay," said Kurt, walking into the kitchen and tossing his Dalton jacket on the chair next to his bag.

"Hmm..." Finn's brow rose, that wasn't normal at all, usually Kurt treated that jacket with a little more affection than his normal coats... but lately, "Kurt... is something wrong at Dalton?"

"Why would you ask that?" asked Kurt, he seemed jumpy.

"You tossed the jacket down, you haven't raved about it lately, and you threw your bag on the floor," said Finn, "Something's wrong."

"Maybe, I'm just tired Finn," said Kurt with a glare as he filled a pot with water.

"... do you need warm milk?" asked Finn hopefully, he was glad when Kurt let out a small laugh.

"Thanks, but no thanks, Finn.." his laugh faded into a somewhat content smirk.

"Come on, tell your brother," beamed Finn, attempting to get Kurt to laugh and start talking.

"It started with Blaine..." Kurt was cut off.

"What did he do? I'll call Puck, Sam, and Mike... We'll take pretty boy down," said Finn, his seriousness made Kurt nearly burst into laughter.

"No... Nothing happened... it's just... I feel.. I feel like I'm being suffocated, like every time I speak... there's a pillow covering my mouth... and even though they have a no bullying policy... it seems... worse than McKinley. Sure they don't slushie you, shove you into things, dumpster toss you... but it's like they shun you in a way. It seems that every time I come up with an idea or do something that's not 'tradition' they give me this reproachful look and pretend I'm not there," said Kurt his face red, but fighting back tears, "I... I miss home."

"Then come back, I'm sure Burt and my mom wont object," said Finn, with a hopeful smile.

"That's the problem, I miss it here, but I don't want to have to look over my shoulder," said Kurt as he absentmindedly began making sauce.

"What... what if I could guarantee that the bullying would stop, at least from Karofsky..." said Finn, putting his arm around Kurt.

"Finn, you may have been able to pull an amazing half-time show and win the championship... but you can't fix everything," said Kurt patting Finn's shoulder.

"But if I could," said Finn, "Would you come back?"

"... yes," smiled Kurt, "Now... would you let me cook in peace?"

"Yeah..." smirked Finn, messing up Kurt's hair, causing him to become rigid.

"FINN!" Finn booked it towards his room.


The choir room was silent that night, all looking a little agitated. They'd met early and Finn was ranting again, Dave and Jameson we're coming shortly, and no one was too thrilled about Dave being there. Rachel and Mercedes looked near homicidal at this point. Finn looked at his watch and sighed.

"Listen, if we can get Karofsky to apologize to Kurt. Kurt will come back," said Finn with a wide grin, "And we can only do that, if we can reach Karofsky."

"Finn's right," said Mr. Schue, "We made David change his mind about Glee; maybe we can get him to open up and apologize to Kurt... if we work together."

"Fine," said Rachel, and the others nodded, "How are we going to do this?"

"I told him, that he will be hazed Glee style, and he agreed... so you know what this means," smirked Finn, "Lets make him feel like a Gleek."

The door opened and Jameson walked in with a smile, and sat near Puck as if this was normal and not his second day in here. Dave walked in slowly behind him and closed the door, he looked poised to run if need be, but Finn walked up to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, smirking. Dave looked around the room; the Glee team was smiling, some in an almost demented way.

"Remember what we talked about yesterday... now... since Jameson sang yesterday... you have too today," said Finn.

"Consider this a test, we've seen you move... now let's hear your voice, David," said Mr. Schue, "Your voice, not just a random song. Something that says how you feel."

"Okay," sighed Dave, he hadn't expected this, and he knew the Gleeks we're waiting for a chance to corner him, but he wasn't gonna back down that easy, his mind swam with the song that he'd been singing every night lately, he walked over to the band, "Fine, I got it."

'Even though you're gone and far away,
I feel you all around.
I think about it every single day,
You got away somehow

He took a deep breath and continued singing, he felt more confident by the shocked looks on the Glee's faces.

I can't sleep,
It's hard to breath,
And i still feel you next to me,
Now, I can see.
The first one is the worst one,
When it comes to a broken heart,
Whoa, oh, oh.
Your first love, yeah, you're so young,
And you feel like a fallin' star,
Whoa, oh, oh.

He saw the Glee members starting to tap and move, some even smiled.

'Cause I'm fallin' in the city,
It's burnin' out tonight,
You should be there,
But you've bettered your life
Woah, oh, oh.
The first one is the worst one,
When it comes, when it comes to a broken heart.
Spinnin' like a movie in my head,
I've seen a thousand times,
I've learn to take it hard,
And fall instead.
I'm sittin' safe on the side lines.'

He wrapped it up, not wanting to sing the entire song, but he noticed the Gleeks had started joining in.

"David, that was amazing!" said Mr. Schue, Dave saw the honestly in his eyes and the smiles and nods from the Glee members.

"Your really good," beamed Rachel, who then shook her head out of it, "But... you're not in just yet."

"I figured," smirked Dave, as he saw New Directions exchange a look, he was going to be put through hell...