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Chapter 56

Truth Be Told

Dave had been leery about actually going to the Hudmel House Party Extravaganza, but Rachel had made him. She could be really persuasive when she threatened to drive your car into a tree. He walked in to the party in its beginning stages, with some video games in one corner and loud music playing down the hall in the now emptied dining room.

'That's what you get

When you let your heart win

I can't trust myself with anything but this,' sang Santana, happily.

Rachel ran passed him to where Finn sat playing against Puck on the television, and sat down next to him. Dave decided to see what all was going on in the kitchen, because all he heard was blenders… three blenders to be exact. Mercedes, Azimio, and Sam were apparently having some sort of smoothie off… he did really care to question it as Brittany, Artie, and Jameson cheered. He saw Kurt headed towards him and decided to turn around but Kurt was already standing there… smiling? Dave was more than a little confused.

"Hey," said Kurt, Dave was really wondering if Kurt was bi-polar, yesterday Kurt had left rather than talk to him after their kitchen talk.

"Sorry about yesterday, I…" he cut Dave off.

"I was wondering if we could talk more privately," said Kurt with a small sigh, "I really think we have too."

"Kurt, maybe some other… or now," said Dave as Kurt grabbed his hand and yanked him up the stair case.

Dave blinked as he was pulled into what he presumed was Kurt's room, he couldn't recall ever being in here before, and he suddenly began to feel nerves as he stayed by the door just in case he said or did something stupid, this was not the place he'd want to loosed control. Especially as Kurt sat on his bed and indicated to the spot next to him. Dave took a deep breath and walked over and sat down slowly, he tried picturing as if people were surrounding them, he didn't want to picture the surroundings now.

"First off, we need to talk about the fact we almost kissed in New York," said Kurt, Dave groaned.

"No, we don't. I understand okay…" Dave's eyes widened as Kurt placed a hand over his mouth so he could continue talking.

"No you don't. I did that because I was freaking out over the situation. At first.. all I could think was 'What if?' Which fell into like, a thousand sub-categories of possibilities. Then I thought about graduation… and I figured it might be easier on both of us if we didn't….. but then I talked to Finn… and I love my brother dearly, but his good ideas are rare… so when they show up, it's best to listen," ranted Kurt, removing his hand from Dave's mouth, Dave wasn't sure where this was going, it sounded like the stuff he already knew.

"Kurt, it's fine, okay… I know that you have this huge future planned and…"

"I'm rushing, and I know this now… but I was thinking last night… if I rush passed high school and out to the world… I'm going to bypass things I shouldn't.. important things," smiled Kurt, Dave was piecing together what he said slowly.

"Kurt… what are you…"

"I like you.. a lot.. and… I don't want to bypass you," said Kurt, Dave saw his nerves, but he was too focused on what Kurt had just said to process he should maybe respond this time.

"I.. ohm.. I," Dave smiled, but before he could get a coherent response out, Kurt had pulled his lips against his.

It all rushed to Dave at once, as his hands snaked around Kurt's waist, on hand resting on his hip. Kurt's hands had slid near his neck and head. Kurt's lips were fiery and consuming against his, like he was trying to make sure Dave was still there. Dave felt his eyes flutter slightly before he closed them, kissing back just as strongly; this seemed so surreal, so… amazing. He bit Kurt's lip gently, wondering what it would do; it gained a slight gasp as Kurt slightly pulled away.

"I was going to say I feel the same… but you attacked me," chuckled Dave, as Kurt's forehead rested on his, he kissed Kurt's lips gently.

"So? What now?" asked Kurt, Dave noticed his playful smile.

"Ohm… did you… want to go to dinner som…" Dave was probably going to have to get used to behind cut off, but if it was with random make-outs, he was fine with that.

"Hey Kurt, have you seen…." Both pulled apart to see Finn standing in the doorway, "Oh my god…. Are you guys? Together now… what?"

"Ohm, yeah," said Dave, realizing his hands hadn't moved from Kurt's waist.

"I should have locked the door," muttered Kurt, Dave assumed mostly to himself.

"Seriously? No joke?" asked Finn, Dave nodded and Kurt smiled, "OH MY GOD!"

Kurt clung to Dave as Finn practically tackled them on the bed in an awkward group hug. All Dave could do was laugh at the whole thing, but despite just wanting to be with Kurt right now, he supposed having Finn on their side was probably a major plus…


Dave pulled into the school parking lot with Rachel next to him. Summer was officially over starting today, and it was officially senior year. It had been an extremely busy summer for everyone. Kurt and Dave may be official now, but they'd only seen each other a handful of times during the summer… do to work… the Hudmel's going to Graceland… which had resulted in some hilarious pictures on facebook… and not the mention the fact Dave and Rachel had just gotten back from a Berry family trip to Brazil… Result being Rachel blogging about nude beaches and Dave sending a lot of pictures of girls to Santana.

"Hey sweety," Dave smirked, he'd never get tired of hearing that from Kurt's lips.

"Hey baby," beamed Dave, as Kurt's hand clasped around his and they leaned into a kiss.

"Hey lovebirds, your scaring freshman," came Puck from Mike's car.

"I beg to differ, I think there giving them a thrill," came a familiar voice from where Azimio climbed out of his jeep, they looked as Blaine got out of the car.

"Oh my god," laughed Santana, "It's official.. we are souly responsible for the majority of the outed gay population of Lima."

"You transferred?" asked Rachel, breaking away from kissing Finn.

"Oh yeah, I'm done with those horrible uniforms," beamed Blaine, wrapping his arms around Rachel and Finn's shoulders, "Viva la fashion."

"Well, this looks to be an interesting year," smiled Kurt, leaning against Dave, as their friends headed towards the school.

"Oh yeah…" beamed Dave, "In nine months we graduate."

"Hmm… I can think of a lot of things to do in nine months," smirked Kurt, Dave kissed him, he wasn't going to get tired of that either.

THE END…. Actually…. Not,

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