[[DISCLAIMER:: This story has been based off of CP Coulter's Dalton. Anything characters or settings that have to do with Dalton, belong to CP. I did not steal them from her!]]


Several girls gathered around a small fire outside the gates of Stimpson Academy, forming a semi-circle, each one of them holding a red rose with a block ribbon tied around the stem. The only noises that could be heard were the sounds of the crackling fire and the trees blowing in the wind.

The oldest of the girls stepped forward and looked each of the girls in the eye before turning to the school. "We the girls of Stimpson Academy have gathered here tonight," The girl spoke quietly yet clearly. She kept her back towards the girls, knowing each one of them was giving her their full attention.

"Stimpson has closed and we all know why. But tonight we are here to make a pact, to honor…" She turned and looked at the other girls tears in her eyes. "Well you all know." She stepped closer to the fire, her black hair falling forward, causing the fire to cast shadows on her face. Glancing up at the other girls she held her rose above the dancing flames.

"I Sasha Langston swear to never speak of this night nor what has happened at this school. If I do…then let it be the death of me." Sasha dropped the rose into the fire before stepping back to watch the fire consume the flower.

The other girls stared at Sasha as if she were crazy. One of them stepped forward, biting her lip as she looked down at the ground. "S..Sasha…You can't be serious about the last part?"

Sasha looked at the girl and shrugged a bit "Possibly..Let's just get this over with. I'm getting cold." She turned to look at the girl standing next to her, who just nodded and followed Sasha's actions.

After about a hour or so all of the girls had thrown their flowers in to the fire and they had made the pact. They were now just sitting on the ground around the fire, staring at the empty campus. Each one of the girls sitting around the fire had a history with Stimpson, each one had been at Stimpson since at least elementary school. And to see it close was like seeing a family member die.

Eventually as the fire started to die down, the girls started to make their way back to their cars and then back to their respective homes.

~~~~~~~~~Two Weeks Later~~~~~~~

"Why the Hell.."

"Do we have to make room for Hanover?"

Two identical blonde haired blue eyed twins boys stood in the common room of Windsor with nerf guns hanging at their sides. They had been about to engage in a nerf war with a few of the other Windsor boys when the Windsor prefect, Charles, stopped them to make the announcement that half of the Hanover boys would be moving in with them. It was then the two twins got angry.

"I wasn't told. All I was told was that we needed to make room for half of the Hanover boys and that.." Charles massages the bridge of his noes as he tried to figure out how to explain the situation to not only the twins but to everyone in Windsor. "Well that we really need to pull our acts together. We need to be a bit..well less childish."

The prefect turned his gaxe at the two twins, who only gave him a mock look of hurt.

"Oh Chaze, we wouldn't have it any other way"

"Of it has to be. Then let it Be"

Bot twins let out a dramatic sigh before plopping down on an unused couch. Everyone in the room chuckled before looking at the Windsor prefect.

"We really need to get this place cleaned up and read before Hanover. They're probably already packing up. SO move..NOW!" Everyone jumped up from where they were sitting and started to clean.

Not long after the Windsor boys had started, Hanover appeared and started to pour in. And by the time all of the boys from Hanover that were going to transfer to Windsor, Windosr house was nearly bursting at the seams. It was hard to move and no one was able to hear themselves think.

Needing some air, Dwight Hutson decided to take a walk around the campus, making sure nothing was out of sorts, that there wasn't any kind of supernatural activity that caused the Hanover boys to leave. As he approached the house his eyes widened at the sight before him. He whipped out his phone and quickly texted all of the boys of Windsor.

'WE're being invaded!'

He thenturned back around and mad a mad dash back towards wWindsor. When he dot back he was doubled over and out of breath. The twins were already outside, armed with their handy nerf guns, along with several other curious and confused Windsor boys.

Once Dwight caugh his breath he straighted up and pointed back towards the direction of Hanover.

"They…We…Invasion." He couldn't exactly form coherent words as he was too shocked.

A boy with dark brown hair stepped forward, a frown on his face. "Dwight you're not exactly maing sense" He crossed his arms as he shifted his weight to his left foot.

Dwight ran a hand through his messy black hair, looking back and forth the direction he had come and at the boys in front of him. Gulping he turned and looked at the boy in front of him. "We are being invaded he said as calmly as he could.

The boy in front of Dwight drew his eyebrows together in confusion. "Dwight you texted that to everyone and that doesn't exactly explain things."

Huffing Dwight stepped forward, grabbing the boy by the shoulders he started to shake the other boy. "KURT WE HAVE BEEN INVADED!"

The boy named Kurt rolled his eyes and pushed his bangs to the sided. "Yes Dwight, we get that. But by what?"

"By..by girls." Dwight whispered as he glanced back at the way he came. There was a collective gasp from the group gathered around Dwight. The two twins spoke up, mischievous grins on their faces.

"Talking Flowers?"

"Are you sure?"

Dwight looked at the twins with wide eyes as he nodded and gulped. "Yes Tweedles, as sure as I'll ever be."

The Tweedles looked at each other before they made a mad dash for Hanover. By the time they arrived at the mansion like house, the identical twins had to stop to catch their breaths before gazing at the sight and sound before them. Rubbing their eyes and blinking they couldn't believe what they were seeing. Turning they punched each other to make sure they weren't dreaming before they turned to face the sight before them once more. Their mouths fell open as the girls that were moving into Hanover, were moving with a certain elegance that was only seen in movies.

They watched silently as the girls pulled one another close to each other, their bodies moved as if there weren't any bones in them. They turned over and over, their feet moved in sync as they spun, becoming merely blurs. This continued until the song was over and the Tweedles were left flabbergasted.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Came a voice from right next to the two stunned boys, causing them to jump. Turning to look at the speaker they blinked and shook their heads thinking they were looking at 'Alice' but in girl form. The girl standing next to them had the same bright blue eyes as him and her hair a shade lighter than his. The only difference was her hair came down to her back in beautiful ringlets and her eyes looked as innocent as a three year old. She donned the Dalton blazer with a crisp uniform blouse and the Dalton tie along with a grey pleated skirt.

The twins looked her over, blinking rapidly, gapping as they did so. The girl chuckled and turned to look at them. "Is something wrong?" She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear with her hand before bending over and picking up the box that was at her feet. "You really shouldn't just stand there with your mouths open. It's unbecoming of you both." The girl straightened up and smiled at the boys before making her way to Hanover house. Both Twins watched stunned at her words. As they continued to watch her, they didn't hear or see the other Windsor boys come up behind and next to them.

"See, see! We've been invaded!" Dwight shouted as he pointed and turned to the other boys, his eyes wide. "It's horrible, they're…well it's just horrible."

All the boys that had gathered around the Tweedles stared at the girls with wide eyes, not exactly believing what they saw. They then looked at Dwight and laughed shaking their heads. "Dwight that's not horrible, that's…that's amazing." One of them said before heading off towards Hanover to help the girls. Dwight rolled his eyes, mumbling something about curses and witchcraft as he headed back towards Windsor.

Nex Time on Worlds Collide::

The Stimpson Girls are given a proper welcome to Dalton. And what the Dalton Boys aren't expecting is that the girl's now just how to return the greeting.