Dearest Family & Friends

When you read this message then it must have past a few days. I've left this place for the hope of avoiding all of this abuse. I have come to realize that after all the things that had been going on each day, is that I need to try living a normal life. I hope that all of you will understand all this, and won't come after me. I would like my left belongings to my father, who had been careless and had been drunk. Even though I have not come to realize he does not want to have a son like me. I need all of you to understand that I need my life back. I have been abused, raped, and was present in a murder. My normal childhood has been hell. Please understand that I am leaving, and you will never find me again.



The young child sitting in front of the computer screen stared blankly at the monitor. Their face showed many dark colored bruises meaning they had been abused for several years, or even more.

The only sound being heard in that silent and dark room was from downstairs. The child's father having drinks with his friends, and several sluts they found on the streets looking to party. The father was getting drunk while the mother was away on a business trip in New York, and she predicted it would be a while.

"You sick man," The child had whispered to his/herself. It was never meant to be this way. The child was suppose to live a normal life, with a caring mother and father, but the real father had died in a recent car crash.

The young child, no more then seven, had finally gotten up from the chair, and headed for the window with a backpack strapped to their back.

Jumping from the one story building, the child ran where their feet could take them. The young child didn't look back at that house he called 'home sweet home'

No where to go, and yet not knowing anything about life due to their disorder. This kid isn't so normal, and yet they want a normal life. Wanting to start all over, but don't have a place to stay.

This child we talk about is the kid named Perseus Jackson.

Percy P.O.V

Been a year already since I left that abusive house, and yet to find a place to stay. I thought to myself holding onto the straps of my backpack.

I sighed, and looked up at people, who only looked down upon me. No one wanted to save me from what I've been through. I hate this world so much.

"Hey there little boy," A man spoke. I looked up to meet eyes with an older man in his mid thirties, "where is your parents?" he asked.

I stayed silent, and looked down. I thought that would make him go away, but it just made him push more questions onto my poor little brain, "A mute?"

I only looked away more until he grabbed my arm and helped me up. I was about to kick him when he gave me a warm smile, "Don't be afraid. I'm going to help you out, and once you're back on your feet, you could tell me about yourself." He said.

My eyes widen when he spoke of a home. I didn't want to disagree, but I don't want to agree either. What if he was going to be abuse me? I was quivering when he was leading me back to his house.

"I'm Frederick Chase, and I have a daughter about your age. Her name is Annabeth Chase, maybe you two will get a long quite well," He chuckled while still leading me to his house.

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