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Percy's P.O.V

"Percy," I heard Skylar's voice on the other end, "I think you should get over to the location I'm going to text you, its a little freaky." Skylar spoke.

"Um okay if you say so," I replied and looked at my text messages. I found the location and pulled away from the cemetery, but I still felt that presence.

I started driving fast to the crime scene of Skylar and Thalia's. When I reached my destination, and got out of my car quickly I went under the tape and found Skylar, "So?" I questioned.

"Does this look familiar?" He asked. He showed me some pictures and my eyes widen at the sight. I grabbed my stomach and hunched over ready to throw away. I nodded quickly holding in my stomach.

"S-Saul took me to New York once and locked me up here for a week," I managed to speak out still feeling like to throw up. I felt Skylar patting my back, "W-Why now does he have to be brought up?" I questioned.

"Saul's alliance finally came out of hiding after Saul's execution and is looking for people like you. We just found a murdered body of a five year old girl." Skylar explained.

"After I start hearing voices in my car now this?" I muttered to myself violently. Skylar looked at me weirdly before going back downstairs. I looked up and slowly followed.

When I turned around and entered into the basement I felt like a five year old being pushed in here. I grabbed onto Skylar's sleeve for safety and looked over at Thalia, "That it?" I whispered.

"Yea, Patrica Peach, age five. She was raped, and I found some sediments. The pervert didn't use a condom before killing this poor girl." Skylar replied.

I walked cautiously over to Thalia, and saw the girl. I shook my head, and turned around to face the wall. When I blinked I saw a flashback of me when I was little almost dieing of starvation in here.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow, Percy. Don't go to school cause I'm taking you in for question about Saul and what you remember of him talking with his friends," Skylar explained patting me on the back. I nodded, "Now go back to Annabeth and my baby Scarlet." He added.

"Okay bye oldie." I snickered walking away form the basement I loved to call 'Portal to the Underworld'.

"I'm only twenty- eight!" I heard him shouted. I was laughing when I left. I looked both ways before crossing the street and into my car.

I got into my car opened my mirror to look at my eye. When I opened my mirror I saw a figure looking at me. I turned around and saw no one.

"I'm going crazy right now," I spoke starting up my car. I drove away from the scene and went straight for Skylar's house. I sighed.

Feeling relax? Percy I heard a faint voice. I looked around my car again before focusing on the road. I saw a car parked in front of me, and stomped on the break really quickly.

I skid to a stop and jerked forward. I felt my heart beating twenty thousand beats per minutes, "That was close, but why am I hearing a voice?" I whispered.

I started to drive for the private neighborhood off of Long Island. I drove a little faster feeling a abnormal presence with me and it was truly making me feel uncomfortable. I'm always watching you Percy

I blinked away the heart beats and made it to Skylar's drive way. I drove into the drive way quickly, and got out of the car to fast. I ran into the house with my spare key and ran in when I got the door opened.

"Oh, Percy you got here faster then usual." Annabeth commented. I looked down from the staircase and shrugged while being a little freaked out from what I experienced.

"Um yea," I whispered. I went down the stairs and over to the girls still a little freaked out, "Um Annabeth is it normal for someone with ADHD to go crazy time to time?" I asked.

"Of course," She replied pointing out shapes for Scarlet, "It is completely normal Percy, I thought you learned that already." she asked.

"Sorry just a little freaked out after Skylar called me over for a crime scene investigation." I replied sitting down beside Annabeth. I put my arm around her and smiled.

"Lets see whats on tv," I spoke. I went over to pick up the remote and when I did, I looked at the screen. The tv screen was still black and I saw Saul's figure in the background. I turned around and saw no one.

"You okay?" I heard Annabeth called. I looked at her and nodded, "Good, you seem distracted." She said kissing me on the cheek.

"Uh yea sorry," I said turning on the tv. When the tv turned on it was Titanic. I looked at both Scarlet and Annabeth, who in return looked away smiling. I laughed, "You're such a sucker for romantic movies." I said.

"Well cause my romeo never does anything romantic anymore." She replied smirking at me.

"I hope this will repay for my absence of the romantic department," I said smiling. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply and passionately. She kissed me back and I felt it starting to get hot and wet.

"Eww! I'm so telling Daddy, Annabeth!" I heard Scarlet scream. We both pulled apart blushing, but I was laughing at how embarrass Annabeth still gets.

"Sorry Scarlet," Annabeth blushed. I laughed and changed the channel to a marine life show while having my arm around Annabeth and pulling her closer to my body.

My own son, betrayed me. I'll be with you until the day you die, Perseus.

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