The first in my pairings collection... My favorite Sonic pairing, SonBlaze X3 Takes place during Sonic Rush Adventure, after the stupid robot pirates have been defeated. Blaze is probably OOC, cuz I've never written as her before... Well, enjoy! Oh, and before u read... If anything in here seems like an innuendo... It's not. Now enjoy.

Blaze was in a world of peace. The lull of waves in the background, the gentle wafting breeze of the island caressing her fur... All around her, spheres of fire floated, bobbing left and right, up and down... The orbs of fire never touched her though, and never once fell out of line. They were all under her control...

Concentrate... Concentrate... Feel the power building within you... Whatever you do, don't lose your focus. Do not get distracted. Don't let anything break your concentra-

"Yo, Princess!" The silent bubble of focus Blaze had built around herself popped, and she leapt back with a start, watching as clumps of burning debris -the flaming carcasses of what had been balloons -rained down around her. "Oops... Crap." The same voice that had pulled her from her practices muttered again. Blaze sighed, diminishing the flames as best she could. Those that fell on the sand would just burn out, but if any of them landed on the grass or in a tree...

"Sorry about that..." The voice laughed again. Blaze turned to yell at the intruder for their interruption; had all her royal-fury ready to fire, when she saw who the distraction was, and sighed in exasperation.

"Oh. It's you again." She rolled her eyes, her attention returning to a balloon as it floated down toward an unsuspecting palm frond. She could almost hear him grinning.

"You don't sound happy to see me." He teased, walking closer, his shoes making the grains of sand grind against each other, which in turn made her ears twitch. She scowled, putting out another balloon with her pyrokinetics.

"You wouldn't be too happy if I interrupted you while you were practicing something important." She muttered, though she could feel a smile crawling into her voice. She couldn't help it. It was hard to stay mad at him. A breeze wafted overhead, carrying the rest of her balloon-flock toward the waters, ensuring there would be no forest-inferno on her hands. Content, she turned to face him, arms crossed over her chest. The blue hedgehog grinned, mimicking her pose and then putting on a mock-stern look.

"Well, if you ever interrupt me while I'm setting party favors on fire, I'll be sure to let you off the hook. Deal?" Sonic grinned slyly, and Blaze rolled her eyes, picking up the remnants of her practice. Sonic reached for one, and drew his hand back with a yelp he tried to suppress. Blaze chuckled, taking it from him and adding it to her pile.

The balmy island breeze ruffled through Blaze's hair as the two walked next to the water, both careful to stay out of the waves' reach. There was a silence between them that made Blaze feel uncomfortable It had been a month since Sonic and Tails had showed up here. Their plane, the Tornado, which had crashed in the middle of a storm, had been repaired awhile ago. As was typical for Sonic, who she'd come to know as the hero of his own world, he refused to leave until the problems here were taken care of -but, the pirates that had plagued their -her and Marine's, that was- home were long gone, and all of the Sol Emeralds retrieved. The only thing keeping them here now, she realized, was the fact that they still hadn't located the last Chaos Emerald...

Soon though, they'll find it. And then... What? She frowned, nearly slipping in the sand as she tumbled through her thoughts. They'll go. An odd feeling came over the cat, leaving her feeling perplexed. It was not a feeling she was familiar with, and she didn't like it. What was this strange ache in her chest?

From the pile in her arms, one of her practice balloons fell, and she sighed, stooping over to grab it -and spilling several more in the process. As she picked up the scattered toys, she became suddenly very aware of the fact that Sonic was watching her, snickering. The closer she felt him watching, the less she felt like a princess, and the more she felt like a fool. As soon as she'd gathered them all and gotten back to her feet, a gust of ocean breeze picked up another one and knocked it down. A seagull hovering above screeched with what she swore was laughter, and she scowled at it.

"So," Sonic began suddenly, snatching the piece of rubber and tossing it back onto the pile. Blaze blinked, surprised by the break in silence. Sonic, it seemed, was an expert at breaking things -robots, concentration, even awkwardness. "I hope you don't mind my asking, but what exactly were you doing back there, anyway?" Blaze snorted, shifting her hold on her pile.

"It doesn't matter. I don't want to bore you." The hedgehog stepped in front of her. Irritated, she opened her mouth to tell him to step aside, but was distracted as he began pulling her pile into his own arms. His hand brushed against hers as he took the load, and she felt her face glow with an unfamiliar heat -one that did not come from her flames. Sonic peered at her and grinned his usual grin, emerald eyes flashing.

"Go ahead, your Highness. Enlighten me." He teased, and again the princess felt her cheeks flush with color. She couldn't understand this odd sensation that the hedgehog brought her, this lack of control with her feelings. Why did her face always feel so hot when they spoke? She was usually so stoic, cool and collected. She was not some blushing maiden like those from the foolish fairy tales she'd been told as a child! So why did he have the power to make her feel like one?

Glancing at him, she saw his eyebrows rise expectantly, and she sighed.

"I was practicing my pyrokinetics." She explained, her voice proud and dignified as she did so. Sonic blinked.

"Your... Pyro-kih-what-ics?" He stumbled over each syllable, and the cat rolled her eyes, trying hard to conceal her smile.

"Pyro-kinetics. My fire." She gave him a 'D'oh' look, and he grinned sheepishly. "I set fire around the balloons. The heat makes them stay floating." She smiled slightly. "Sometimes, when I have free time, I'll come out here and let the balloons float around for awhile. They look quite beautiful- that is, when they aren't smoldering on the ground." Her tone had a hint of accusation in it, but it was all in good fun, and they both knew it. Sonic laughed.

"Oh, come on... I think charred rubber looks quite lovely, in the right light." He teased, tossing a scrap at her. She batted it away, chuckling. "But, I guess you're right. After all... There are plenty of things that are much prettier to look at." Sonic smiled, his emerald gaze settling on Blaze, and again her face seared red. To distract herself, she scuffed the sand with her boots.

Though she dared not admit it, since her second encounter with Sonic the hedgehog, her thoughts and feelings revolving around him had begun to change. Her ally, for whom she'd held the greatest respect, had begun to alter into someone who she considered her friend, someone she enjoyed spending time with. Someone she looked forward to spending time with. She dreaded the thought of Sonic leaving, to tell the truth. Her head was full of useless fantasies, dreams she had concocted involving a certain hedgehog... And when he left, they would all go to waste, rotting within her mind...

"Y'know, Blaze... Back in my world, we have a holiday that we celebrate around this time of year." Sonic spoke suddenly, tugging the cat back into reality. She peered up at him, aware that he'd stopped moving and deposited his load on a nearby rock. She frowned, trying to suppress the redness in her cheeks.

"What holiday would that be?" She asked cautiously. The hedgehog grinned.

"We call it Valentine's Day. You ever heard of it?" Blaze smiled slightly, her gaze tracing the rifts in the sand. She had heard of it, from travelers now and then, but she'd never actually celebrated it.

"Once or twice... Why?" She peered up, suddenly shy. She wasn't quite sure where Sonic intended to go with this conversation, and she was feeling uncharacteristically curious. She heard Sonic shrug.

"Just wondering." He grinned. "Do you know how we celebrate it, back in Mobius?" Blaze felt something touch her hand, and she looked down, watching as his fingers fell perfectly between hers, closing around her paw. Her whole arm tingled, and she turned her gaze on Sonic, their eyes locking.

"No..." She began, slowly, her mind racing as her frequent fairy tales and daydreams began playing in her head. "Would you care to enlighten me?" She wished she could have said the last part with a bit more dignity, but instead it came out sounding shy and nervous. Sonic didn't seem to notice, though. He grinned.

"Alright then." The hedgehog leaned in, and Blaze's mind erupted with wonder as his lips brushed gently against hers. Eyes wide with amazement, she stood there in shock for a moment, before melting into him, her lips moving against his. She felt her tail coil around the hedgehog's waist, her hand linked perfectly with his as they stood there, intertwined upon the beach, with no one but the ocean as their witness.

Sonic pulled away, suddenly, and Blaze's eyes slid open. She saw two green eyes gazing back, and a wide, goofy grin splitting across his face.

"Happy Valentine's day, Blaze." Blaze felt a squeeze on her hand, and she squeezed right back, unwilling to let go for anything. There was a smile on her face, which was now a gentle pink instead of searing red, and she pecked the hedgehog's cheek gently.

"Happy Valentine's day, Sonic."

And so, hand in hand, tail coiled around tail, the two walked the rest of the way down the beach together, intertwined.

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