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Follow me to a place where incredible feats

Are routine every hour or so

Where enchantment runs rampant

Gets wild in the streets

Open Sesame and here we go

Fire Nation Nights

Like Fire Nation days

They tease and excite

Take off and take flight

They shock and amaze

Fire Nation Nights

Like Fire Nation days

More often than not

Are hotter than hot

In a lot of good ways

Pack your shield, pack your sword

You won't ever get bored

Though get beaten or gored you might

C'mon down stop on by

Hop a bison and fly

To another Fire Nation Night.

Fire Nation Nights.

Two sand gliders sailed across the Si Wong desert late in the night. Driving these gliders were men in light brown clothing and rags and had white visors with rectangular slits over their eyes. The gliders moved across the sand to the Si Wong Rock, the giant mesa that inhabited the center of the dunes of the desert.

The gliders stopped as soon as they reached the giant rock and their riders jumped down onto the sand, their arms laden with treasure. One of the men tossed down a small chest that landed with a loud thump.

"This night has been rewarding!" One of the sandbenders said, looking down on the treasure he was holding. The other next to him laughed.

"We have never stolen so much!" He started to examine a gold piece in his hands. Neither of the thieves noticed a small hand stealing a golden cup and some other priceless treasure out of one of their pockets.

"Is this a haul or what?" said the leader of the sandbender gang, Gashuin. He picked up the small chest. Grinning greedily, he opened it but his greedy smile changed into a frown when he saw that it was mostly filled with scrolls.

"Scrolls?" he growled, "What a load of garbage!" He dropped the chest and it landed on its side, causing some of the scrolls to fall out. One of them rolled open, revealing a waterbending scroll. Gashuin picked it up with curiosity and examined it. His greedy grin reappeared on his face.

"We could make a profit from this." He said, placing the scroll into his sash for safekeeping.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something small rummaging through the pile of treasure the sandbenders raided. He walked over to it and saw that it was a lemur. It was holding a gold necklace. It hissed at him.

"You stupid monkey!" Gashuin growled. He made a grab for the lemur. It started to run away but it didn't get far as the sandbender grabbed it by the scruff of its neck and held it up. Before he could do anything to the struggling lemur, a voice called out.

"Put him down, sandbender!"

The thieves all looked around for the owner of the voice. A dark figure appeared in front of Gashuin. The figure had a blue demonic mask covering his face and some dual dao swords strapped to his back. The lemur freed itself from the sandbender's grip and flew (the sandbenders gasped when they saw that the lemur could fly) to the masked figure, landing on his shoulder.

"Who are you?" Gashuin asked with a scowl.

"You can call me the Blue Spirit." answered the masked figure.

"Get them!" Gashuin called. The sandbenders started rushing toward the Blue Spirit. They all hit him with sand blasts that exploded into a cloud of sand when the attacks and the Blue Spirit all collided. When the dust settled, the Blue Spirit was nowhere to be found.

The sandbenders looked around and at one another with confused looks on their faces and wondering where he had gone. A little bit away from them, the Blue Spirit silently appeared out of the ground without the sandbenders noticing and quietly began collecting the treasure the sandbenders had stolen. He stashed it all in a large bag and heaved it over his shoulder.

"There he is!"

The Blue Spirit looked up at the sandbenders starting to advance toward him. He dropped the bag and pulled out his swords. Some of the sandbenders scoffed and one of them shook his head, chuckling. They bent multiple waves of sand at the Blue Spirit but before the sand could even touch him, a large wave of sand passed in front of him, blocking the sand waves.

The sandbenders looked at each other again, confused. They were suddenly flying off the ground when a large sand wave knocked them back. They hit the sand and most of them lost consciousness. The ones that were still conscious, including Gashuin got to their feet but not quick enough to stop the Blue Spirit from picking up the bag filled with treasure again and running off with it behind the Si Wong Rock, the sandbenders still standing chased after him. Just when they reached the corner of the rock, however, something large and red flew over them; it was a Fire Nation war balloon. Occupying the balloon were the Blue Spirit, the lemur, and a young girl in green clothes.

"Take them out!" Gashuin yelled and he and the other sandbenders bended sand at the balloon to try and knock it out of the sky.

"Where's Snoozles with back up?" asked the girl in green, Toph.

As if to answer her question, a terrified yelling was heard.

Sokka was running down the rock, chased by buzzard wasps.

"A LITTLE HELP HERE GUYS!" he yelled out to Toph and the Blue Spirit as he made his way down.

The sandbenders diverted their attention from the war balloon to the oncoming buzzard wasps. Most of the flying predators chased Sokka down the rock while some of them flew toward the balloon. The Blue Spirit sent a wave of fire at them and they back off immediately. The sandbenders began to fight off the buzzard wasps instead of trying to take the war balloon out of the sky. Sokka chased after the war balloon.

"WAY FOR ME!" he shouted.

"Can we make him run all the way to the Fire Nation?" asked Toph with a smirk on her face.

The Blue Spirit rolled his eyes and threw a long coil of rope out of the basket. Sokka chased after the rope for a few seconds before finally grabbing it. He was dragged across the rough sand before climbing up the rope.

"Would it kill you to stop the darn balloon?" he growled.

"Would it kill you to SHUT UP AND HURRY IT UP ALREADY?" answered Toph.

Grumbling, Sokka made his way up the rope. Before he was half way up, Gashuin grabbed the rope and started to quickly climb up after Sokka.

The Blue Spirit saw the sandbender and yelled, "Hurry up!"

Sokka not noticing Gashuin, replied, "Keep your pants on, I'm climbing as fast as I can!"

The lemur jumped out of the basket and swooped down at Gashuin. It cuffed him on the side of his head with his arm/wing and he slid down the rope slightly and was starting to get dragged along the sand by his knees. The lemur landed on the rope just above Gashuin's hands and started chewing on it to cut it. Before the rope was cut, the lemur noticed the scroll in Gashuin's sash. It quickly climbed down the rope, grabbed the scroll, and climbed back up the rope.

"Hey! That's mine!" Gashuin shouted. He made a grab for the lemur but he lost his grip on the rope and fell to the ground. He rolls a couple times across the sand before stopping on his front. He looked up at the retreating war balloon and scowled.

Sokka finished climbing up the rope and climbed into the basket with the help of the Blue Spirit.

"Good haul, huh guys?" he asked when he landed in the basket.

The Blue Spirit took off his mask, revealing a pale faced, shaggy haired teenaged boy with a large comet shaped scar over the left side of his face.

Zuko saw Momo jumping into the basket with the scroll. He took it from the lemur and opened it. His eyes widened when he saw what kind of scroll it was and smiled.

"Good haul." agreed Zuko

How do you guys like the idea of Gashuin being Abis Mal? And if you don't remember who that is, he's one of the sandbenders that stole Appa