A/N: Just a little fic to get me out of my slump, and to practice my first person narrative and present tense skills.


My day starts out as it normally does. I wake up, throw back my blanket, throw open my bed curtains, yawn. Blearily stand up, fumble around for my slippers, stumble towards the window, throw back those curtains, let in the sun. Get yelled at by my dormmates, though it's the only way to wake them up. Gather my clothes for the day, gather my showering equipment, get to the bathroom first. Use up most of the hot water, cheerily return to my room in my robes, do my hair and make-up. Wave to my dormmates as they head off to take cold showers, walk down to the common room, wait for Hermione (and sometimes Ron and Harry) so we can go to breakfast.

Breakfast also proceeds as normal. Hermione and I get there early, get the best pick of seats, and best pick of the food. She has cereal and toast; I have oatmeal with maple syrup, brown sugar, and assorted dried fruits. Make small talk with the other Gryffindors as they wander in, make sure Ron and Harry get food in their stomachs and not on their robes, wave goodbye to my brother and best friend and crush as I walk with my dormmates to class.

Class is normal, passing time is normal, next class is normal, lunch is normal, everything is normal. Even Divination is normal! Even Luna is normal (well, for her)! Is it bad that I don't want complete normalcy today? Normalcy is lame, tame, boring. I want something exciting to happen, and not to Harry and Ron and Hermione. I want it to happen to me.

I get my wish. I am walking with Luna to our last class of the day – Charms. We are debating about the whereabouts of the Ylllugaisno Lurchskin Pigswallow (I don't believe in them, but I humor her). She thinks they are located in the Andes Mountains, I swear that they are in Botswana. I'm so wrapped in the argument that I run into someone. I drop my bag, and my things spill everywhere. I tell Luna to go on to class, and to please tell Flitwick that I will be late. She scurries off, head bobbing, in her own little world.

I start to gather my things and scoop them into my bag. It takes a few minutes, but finally I stand up. The person I ran into is standing there, staring at me. It is Blaise Zabini. The git, couldn't even help me! I snort. Of course not, he's 'Pureblood playboy Blaise', and I'm just 'blood-traitor only-girl Weasley'. There's no way he'd 'stoop' to helping me.

I try to maneuver around him so that I won't be even later to class, but he keeps blocking my path. It is rather irritating. After the tenth block, I sigh.

"What, Zabini?" I huff, crossing my arms. He is getting on my nerves.

"You look different today," he says simply before he proceeds on his way. I am left dumbstruck. What does he mean by that? And why was he even talking to me? I head off to Charms, mind racing. Today is finally interesting.