Title: Just Another Soulless Husband

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Chapter 1: Prologue

There's nothing worse than losing your husband, wrong. There's nothing worse than losing your husband to hell, having to watch it and not be able to do anything about it. Nothing is worse than having to stand there while your brother in law is almost beaten to death. There is nothing worse than the pain I felt, nothing worse than the pain I wanted to feel, but there was nothing I could do, he was gone, gone forever and nothing was bringing him back, not this time, no matter how much I tried, how much I wanted to, and I couldn't, because I promised. I promised him I'd move on, get re-married have children, be happy and live the 'apple pie life'. He wanted to me to be happy, but how could I be happy when the love of my life is suffering in hell. How could I be happy when every night for 6 months all I dreamt about was hell, my husband in hell, and the worst things imaginable that could happen to him in hell?

It had been a year but I still could remember that day like it was yesterday. Sam took over for just a couple of seconds, he looked at me with his scared green eyes and told me he loved me for the last time before jumping into the pit taking his half brother Adam with him who was possessed by Michael. Dean fell onto his knees beside me, watching everything I had. We were both hurting; both lost someone very close to us.

I remember the day Sam asked me to marry him. It was after our mission to go after the colt, after Ellen and Jo died. It was a sad and depressing day but it ended with a smile because I was getting married to the greatest man in the world. I remember that night clearly.

"I'm going to bed." I announced giving everyone a small smile watching as the picture we took earlier that week burned away in the fire, it was probably the only picture I had of Ellen, Jo and I together. I gave Bobby a quick kiss on the cheek and began walking up the stairs giving the fire a final glance tears falling freely down my cheeks. I walked into the room I shared with Sam and began undressing. I walked around in my underwear going over to the bag to pull out my pajamas. I heard the door open then closed. I pulled out my pajamas along with some underwear began walking to the bathroom enclosed in the room.

"Are you okay?" Sam's voice asked as he walked towards me.

"I'm fine." I replied not wanting to talk.

"Ronnie you don't have to…"

"I said I'm fine Sam." I snapped not meaning to.

"Fine." He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head. I stood in his embrace for a couple more seconds before pulling away to go take my shower. I gave Sam a sweet simple kiss on the lips before pulling away and walking to the bathroom for my shower. My shower was quick, I really just wanted to go to sleep and forget of today's events. I exited the bathtub and got dressed. I opened the bathroom doors to find about 4 candles lit in the room and the lights turned off.

"Sam, what's going on?" Sam walked towards me with a smile, he was still fully dressed.

"I love you," Sam started and I eyed him suspiciously. He looked kind of nervous but happy. I was really confused.

"Marry me." Smack!

"Ron, what the.." I laughed softly as he held the spot that I smacked. Yes, I smacked him, I didn't know what came over me it was like a reflex. I felt bad for smacking him, but I was shocked, a little confused and even a little scared.

"I'm sorry! Yes, yes of course I'll marry you." I told him as I jumped into his arms. He kissed me and then let me go to get down on one knee. He began digging around in his pocket and when he finally found what he was looking for he pulled it out. A dark purple velvety box was held in the middle of his hand.

"I've had this for a while I was just waiting for the perfect time." Sam explained opening the small box. Inside was a simple ring, princess style cut, medium sized diamond right in the middle of a white gold band. He slid the ring on my left hand ring finger.

"It's beautiful Sam, I love it." I told him as a single tear slid down my cheek. He wiped it away and placed his lips over mine the pain of losing my family almost forgotten.

It had been a year, but it still hurt. I couldn't move on, I didn't want to move on. Sam was my best friend and love of my life. I miss him so much, the way he touched me, his pout, his lips, his smile, his arms, his body, his laugh, everything. Our wedding was simple, we were in a town where everyone was getting killed, it was full of demons, and there was a prophet, well we thought she was a prophet, she ended up being the whore of Babylon. We were married in the town and ended up being the 9th marriage that month. I don't know why we did it but it just happened and I was happy. Dean was Sam's best man and our witness. That was another amazing memory, one I will never forget.

"Hey Ron, come here."

"What is it Dean?"

"I need your help with something."

"Dean come on, Sam's waiting for me in the room, and I really don't feel like it."

"Just come on please." He grabbed my hand and led me towards the church. I let him pull me down the street towards the small church where I noticed the lights were on.

"Dean, what's going on?" I questioned. He didn't reply he just pulled me along. He opened the doors and I saw people sitting down and the priest standing in the front.

"Did you really bring me down here for Mass? Seriously?" I asked glaring at Dean. He smiled and looked up to where the priest was, I followed his gaze to see Sam standing there then music started and everyone stood. Dean held out his arm and I took it. Someone handed me flowers and I held them high on my chest as Dean and I began walking down the aisle. I stared at Sam who stood there smiling like a buffoon. When I made it to Sam, he took my hands in his and we faced the priest.

"I look like a mess you dork."

"You look beautiful." Sam spoke. I really didn't, I was wearing dirty ripped jeans, black combat boots and a brown and beige plaid shirt. Sam was wearing a dark blue button down shirt and blue jeans and Dean, his usual black tee and green button down, don't ask me why we were all wearing button downs but we were. Sam gave my hands a light squeeze as the priest began.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here tonight to gather these two young adults…"

Was it possible to get over your first love? Was it truly possible? As a hunter you never have many relationships, unless you're a slut, like most female hunters that sleep with different guys in every town. Okay so, I kind of just described Dean but yeah that wasn't me. Even though I was a hunter, I wanted to save myself for marriage, I believed even with this job and this life I deserved to be happy and get married, my parents did, so who couldn't I? That was possibly the only thing to look forward to. I remember meeting Sam for the first time. It was literally like love at first sight, well more like love at first fight.

"Hey Jo, I'm home!" I said in a giddy voice. It wasn't "home", not really, but a second home that I loved with people who took care of me when I needed them too. Ellen and Jo, heck even Ash were my family. It had been a while since I passed by the Road House. I closed the door and walked in to the well lit bar.

"Jo?" I asked walking past the pool tables to see a tall man with shaggy hair slamming Jo's head to the bar. He held her and turned around to face me with a smile.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I yelled pulling out my gun and pointing it at him. He laughed and looked up at me his eyes black as coal, demon.

"What do you want with her?"

"Oh baby, she's just bait and I guess you can be too." He began walking towards me cautiously, my gun still pointed at him.

"You know baby, that won't do anything to me, but it will hurt the person I am currently occupying, I don't think Sam would like that much." The gun suddenly flew out of my hands and to the other side of the room and then he advanced on me, his hand around my neck squeezing and before I knew it everything went black. I woke up tied to a chair; I looked up to see Jo tied up in front of me, the demon holding a knife to her face.

"Get away from her!" I yelled and he turned to face me with a smile.

"Looks like sleeping beauty is up. I think I liked it better when you didn't speak." He told me and backhanded me across the face. I could taste the blood from my lip in my mouth and dribbling down my chin. He turned back to Jo, his knife on her throat.

"Leave her alone asshole!" He turned to face me again and this time the look on his face frightened me.

"You know Veronica, I was going to leave you for last but now, I think I'll get to you first, let Jo watch everything." He smirked and punched me in the face twice before grabbing my hair and yanking it back so that my face was looking up directly at him. He placed the knife at my neck and cut down my collar bone but then someone barged into the room holding a gun. The demon removes his knife from my neck; let's go of my hair and turns to face him. The demon begins explaining that he can't control himself and tells him to kill him, but the shorter man refuses and instead turns around and chucks holy water at him proving that in fact he was possessed. The demon hissed then ran and jumped out the window. The shorter man runs after him, leaving us the still tied up.

"Jo? Jo are you okay?" Jo nodded, but I could tell she was in pain and probably had a concussion from the way she was nodding off.

"Hey, stay awake, let's talk."


"How have you been?" I asked as I began to try and get out of the rope around my wrists.

"Been better," she replied and I gave her a small smile agreeing. I finally was able to get out of the ropes and I helped out of hers.

"You stay here; I'm going to go see if I can help out." I picked up my gun from the floor and ran out towards the same location the demon and the shorter man ran off to. I walk down to the dock and there's no one around. But then I hear a light ringing sound, like a cell phone. I looked down and saw a wet man at the bottom of the dock coming out of the water. I ran down to him and when I saw it wasn't the demon I helped him up.

"You okay?" I asked as I helped him up holding him for support.

"Peachy." He mumbled. I helped him back to the bar and Jo began to patch him up and by the looks of it she wasn't doing a good job so I took over.

"So I never got your name." I spoke as I finished up what Jo had begun.

"Dean." He told me with a small smirk that was then replaced by a wince.

"And you."

"Veronica Cooper." I told him finishing up his last stitch before pouring whiskey on it and taking a swing for myself. I offered him the bottle and he took a swing as well.

"So that guy…you know him?"

"That's my brother." He replied as I taped up the patch on his shoulder. "He's going after hunters and the closest one I know is in South Dakota." I get up and Jo starts gathering her things saying she is going.

"No, Jo, you're staying here." I told her.

"And so are you." Dean told me. I gave him a look of disbelief. "This is my fight, I'm not getting either one of your blood on my hands." He explained.

"All do respect, he touched me and assaulted Jo, this is my fight as much as it yours. So I am coming whether you like it or not." Dean sighed knowing there was no arguing with this girl.

"See you later Jo, take care of that head of yours." I gave her a wink and walked off with Dean. We got into our respective cars and drove off. When we arrive at Bobby's house, we entered the house to find the demon already tied to a chair under a devils trap. Bobby begins the exorcism, but the demon just laughs and appears to be unharmed. The demon begins to say his own incantation, the fire flickers brightly. I notice something on the demons right arm.

"It's a binding spell. It's like a lock keeping the demon inside his body." I told them remembering what the symbol was. He continues his incantation and then the ceiling cracks breaking the devil's trap. Bobby, Dean and I are suddenly tossed back into opposite ends of the room. The side of my head hits the wall and I feel blood run down the side of my face. The demon walks over to Dean and punches several times in the face but as the demon is about to throw his final punch at Dean, Bobby comes up behind him and grabs him arm placing a metal rod, burning the binding link off the demon's arm. The demon immediately leaves the body. So once everyone recovers and Bobby gives the boys and me a charm that fends off possession, we leave Bobby's house and head for our cars.

"So now that everything is back to normal…" I walk over to Sam, the one the demon was possessing and punched him square in the face. He stumbled back a couple of steps and I heard Dean hiss then I looked over to see a smile on his face. I gave Dean a wink before turning around and walking to my car. As I sat in my car all I could think about was Sam's eyes. His real eyes, those green orbs that held an innocence and love that I wanted. I was attracted to him but I didn't understand why. I'd only know him for about 5 minutes and yet I couldn't help myself.

And that was it. The moment I fell for Sam Winchester, very unexplainable moment in my life that left me in confusion. I ran into them a month later on a hunt, we worked together for about a week before we went our separate ways again. Then I ran into Dean, when Sam went missing again and I was there when he died for the first time and when he came back. I felt the pain of losing him that day, although nothing compared to watching him go to hell, knowing he was never coming back. It hurt, more than anything should hurt. It hurt so much.