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Chapter 6: Because you Live

Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart

It's the end of the world in my mind

Then your voice pulls me back like a wakeup call

I've been looking for the answer, somewhere

I couldn't see that it was right there

But now I know what I didn't know

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help

Because you live

My world has twice as many stars in the sky

Veronica sat down on the bed with a smirk on her face. She heard a small flutter of wings and Castiel was back in the room dusting off his signature trench coat. Sam's car was destroyed and he was pissed. She couldn't help but chuckle, even though Sam was glaring at her with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked like an angry little boy and with that thought in her head, Veronica couldn't stop laughing. She looked up at Castiel, and wondered where that other angel came from, and why was he working against Castiel.

"He's gone." Castiel spoke.

"Who was that guy?" Sam asked pointing out the window, a furious look upon his face.

"He's a soldier of Raphael's, he must've followed me when I answered your call."

"Raphael, the arch angel?" Sam asked curiously.

"Whoa! I'm lost, what's going on here?" Veronica asked pulling her hair into a pony tail.

"I can explain later, but right now I gotta-"

"No, not later. Now." Dean said stopping him and Castiel's facial expression changed quickly. Castiel began to explain that Raphael wants to rule Heaven, and he and the other Angels are against him. He also informs them that if Raphael wins, he will jump start the Apocalypse, again. Castiel begins to prepare a ritual as he continues speaking to the trio, he admits that he was ashamed to tell them what was happening because he expected more from his brothers. As he's finishing his ritual, he grabs Dean's hand and cuts his hand. He uses the blood for the ritual. Once the ritual is completed, Castiel is able to get the location of Balthazar.

Castiel teleports the Winchester to a large manor. Dean makes a comment about the large manor and then they walk towards the house. Once inside they split up to look for Balthazar. Light music could be heard from somewhere in the house. Sam, Veronica and Dean stood on the first level while Castiel went upstairs. A couple of minutes later thunder and lightning began ringing in the house and Sam and Dean looked at each other. Sam pulled out a container of holy oil from his pocket while Dean worked on removing the wrap from his hand. Sam tossed Veronica the holy oil container and she began to look for a place by the staircase to make a circle. Meanwhile, Sam runs outside holding an Angel blade while Dean works on drawing a blood sigil on the door.

"I have one of those too." Sam smirked holding up his Angel blade for the Angels to see. In a sudden flash one of the Angels is behind Sam grabbing him from around the neck.

"Hey!" Dean yelled opening the door and revealing the sigil. His bloody hand quickly came over it and light exploded sending the Angels off to where ever it is they go, and then Veronica comes out from inside the house right beside Dean. "Let's go, I think there's some action going on inside," Veronica explains and the trio walk back in to the house to see Castiel and another man holding something in front of him. Castiel stood up from the ground and turns his head to see the brothers. He is about to say something to Balthazar but instead he makes his goodbye speech and is about to be on his way, that is until Veronica steps up with a lighter and drops it on the ground where her almost perfect circle is and the floor ignites in flames.

"Holy fire! Release me now."

"First you give the kid his soul back," Veronica started angrily.

"Am I now?" Then Dean called for Sam who comes out of the other side, behind Dean and shows him the container of holy oil. Balthazar looks at Castiel clearly angry and then back and Dean and Veronica. "Castiel, I stood for you in Heaven, are you going to let them—"

"Release the soul Balthazar." Castiel replied. "Very well." Comes the reply from the Angel. Balthazar bows his head slightly and brings his hands up in prayer position in front of his face. He inhales deeply then exhales just as heavily. "Done. The boy's soul is his own."

"Why are you buying up souls anyways?" Dean questions Balthazar curiously.

"In this economy, it's probably the only thing worth buying. Do you have any idea what souls are worth? What power they hold? Now… release me."

"Suck it ass clown nobody—"

"Cas!" Veronica yelled as his hand dropped extinguishing the flames. "My debt to you is clear." Castiel replied. Balthazar nods and with that a flutter of wings and he is gone.

"What the hell Cas?" Dean yelled and then another flutter of wings and Castiel was gone leaving 3 very confused hunters staring at each other.


"Do you guys want anything?" Veronica asked as she climbs out of the impala, the two boys following to stretch their legs. Sam shakes his head and Dean smirks, "Pie." Veronica scoffs and walks off with her wallet in her hand. Dean had parked in the parking lot of a gas station because Veronica needed to use the bathroom. Veronica walked in to the gas station and headed straight for the bathroom. Once done, she went to grab what was needed. A few minutes later she walks up to the register, pie, water, a couple of bags of chips, nachos, and a random bagged pickle in hand. While the attendant is ringing her up, she's looking around the counter for some gum. Grabbing a pack of spearmint, a snickers bar and a pack of twirlers she tosses that on the counter as well. Who knows how long they would be on the road so might as well be prepared.

"$14.96 is your total." She looked in to her wallet and pulls out $15 and grabs her bags to leave, not worried about the .04 cents. As she walked back to the car she watched the brothers who were talking suddenly stop. Sam gets in the car while Dean turns around and sighs.

"Hey, everything okay?" Veronica asked once she's close enough.

"Everything is perfect." Dean replied and opens the driver door to get in. Veronica shrugs and gets in the back seat. She just sat back knowing they had just had a brotherly talk which usually ends up one of three ways, tragic, heartwarming or angrily. And she could sense this was an angry and/or non-agreeing argument. Grabbing the bag of treats, she grabbed Dean's pie and handed it to him, he smiled at her through the rear view mirror. She grabbed a water and handed it to Sam along with a bag of twirlers, he also smiles at her, but his smile doesn't quite reach his eyes.


"How was the trip to Scotland boys?" Veronica asked in a slight Scottish accent as the Winchesters walked into Bobby's house, Bobby following behind. He had gone to pick them up from the airport while she finished up cleaning and started cooking. The boys had gone to Scotland as a favor for Bobby who was trying to get his soul back and Veronica stayed behind because one she was not a fan of airplanes or long rides on airplanes, and two there was really no need for the three of them to go and also she wanted to back up Bobby and help him clean up the after math.

"It was uh, pretty hot," Sam replied not really knowing what to say. Veronica smiled and began walking towards him.

"So hot, the men wore skirts," Dean chuckled as he collapsed on to the couch. Veronica stood in front of her husband and smiled up at him. She missed, God has she missed him, and he was only gone for about 4 days. She looked behind her at Dean and saw that he looked tired, probably jet lagged. She looked back at Sam and he didn't look tired at all, he actually never did, and his face unreadable.

"Dinner's ready if you guys want to eat." She laughed when Dean quickly got up from the couch and headed for the kitchen. Bobby also shook his head and laughed as he followed the younger hunter. Veronica smiled back up at Sam who looked down at her with lust in his eyes. He smirked and then leaned down to kiss her. Veronica wrapped her arms around his shoulders and stood on her tip toes. Sam's hand held her waist, while the other cradled the back of her neck pulling as closely as he could to him. She wanted him, she needed him and she knew she couldn't resist any longer. Sam was already at his breaking point, this was the longest he has gone without sex since he'd returned from hell.

"Let's go eat dinner," Veronica said as she slowly pulled away from his lips. Sam nodded and rubbed his stomach in response. The duo walked into the kitchen hand in hand and found the two elder hunters already eating. Veronica raised and eye brow at the two and then walked over to make a plate for her and Sam. She had made Lasagna and garlic bread to go along with it, and as a special treat she also made pecan pie. Sam walked over to the fridge and grabbed 4 beers and then walked over to the table where Bobby and Dean were already eating. They nodded their thanks and continued eating.

"So I'm guessing you guys haven't had a home cooked meal in a while, or you're just really, really hungry," Veronica commented with a smirk as she sat down next to Sam and handed him his plate. The four ate in silence enjoying the home cooked meal and each other's presence. It had been a while since they all sat down for a nice family dinner and Veronica was happy, really happy.

"That was really great Ron, thanks." Bobby said as he stood up to put his plate in to the sink. Dean finished a couple of second later and grabbed another plate to have himself a piece of pie. Cutting himself a large piece, he turned around with a grin and walked in to the den where Bobby sat watching TV and nursing a beer. Veronica finished her plate and got up to start on the dishes. A couple of minutes later she heard Sam stand and not two second later she felt hands at her hips and lips on her neck. She smiled and leaned back into his touch. Sam's hands started traveling down and forward in to her most treasured area. One hand was splayed over her abs, while the other reached forward and down and into her underwear. His skillful fingers reached its destination, one finger sliding down her crease and then back up over her sensitive nub.

"Sam," she moaned. "Bobby and Dean are in the next room. Stop." Sam bit her ear softly.

"Do you really want me to stop?" Sam said huskily in to her ear. "No," she replied breathlessly. "But please, not here." Sam nods and gives her one final kiss to her neck before pulling his hand from her shorts. He grins and slips his middle finger in to his mouth as he starts walking backwards and out of the kitchen. Veronica blushes and smiles lightly tossing a rag at him. Veronica turned back around to finish the dishes and try to control her legs from shaking. Once she was done she turned around to walk out of the kitchen as Dean is walking in.

"The pie, was awesome! Thanks Nurse Candy."

"No problem Dr. Sexy," Veronica replied with a smile and walked past him.

"Hey, try not to be too loud, there are other people in the house," Dean said suddenly with a smirk. Veronica blushed a bit deeper and flipped him off with a smile before giving him her signature salute. "Goodnight Bobby," Veronica said as she walked through the den to get up the stairs. Once upstairs, she found herself getting nervous. She opened the door to her and Sam's room to find it empty, but then she heard the shower. She smirked to herself and began undressing.

Sam stood under the shower head letting the hot water wash over him. He closed his eyes and smiled when he felt arms wrap around his waist and kisses to his back. "Hey," she whispered as he turned around. He smiled down at her and leaned down to kiss his wife, his left hand snuck down in between them to finish what he had started earlier in the kitchen. She was ready for him and he couldn't help but grin at that. He pushed her in to the wall away from the falling water and then picked her up wrapping her legs around his waist. She could feel his erection between her legs and she moaned. She wanted this, she wanted it so bad it hurt.

She missed her husband, she couldn't express enough how much she missed him. His lips attacked hers hungrily and then she felt him reach between them to place himself at her entrance. Slowly he pushed in and Veronica moaned biting her lip, she had forgotten how much it hurt, because it had been a really long time. Sam didn't move for a couple of seconds savoring her tightness. Then suddenly he began moving, in and out, thrusting at a not so gentle pace. Veronica wrapped her legs harder around him and her arms tightened around his shoulders, her nails gripping at his back. Sam groaned and continued picking up the pace.

"Fuck." Sam groaned thrusting in to her harder. Veronica yelled out in pleasure. It had been too long, way too long. Her hips rolled to try and meet his rough thrusts. Sam's lips found hers again, swallowing her moans.

"Sam!" She cried out as she came and Sam bit at her neck as he continued to thrust into her. He came seconds after her, biting down on to her shoulder. Sam kissed her and slowly set down on her feet.

"That long huh?" Sam questioned with a smirk. Veronica laughed and reached up to kiss him again.

"I don't think I've had my fill yet, we've got a year of love making to make up for," Veronica explained and turned off the shower. She stepped out of the shower and Sam followed her with a smirk, he knew that she would be worth the wait. They didn't even bother to dry off. Sam's lips were on hers again, pushing her back on the bed. He climbed over her and kissed her, then kissed her chin as he travelled down her body. He kissed down in between her breast and down to her belly button where he lightly bit the sensitive flesh. Veronica's hands gripped his hair as he continued his journey down her body. He spread her legs and bent them at the knee. He breathed against her nub and she moaned. He traced his middle finger down her opening and slowly slipped his finger inside her. He pumped his finger a few times before adding a second one. His lips wrapped around her nub and Veronica tossed her head back in pleasure.

"Sammm…" she moaned. She felt him remove his finger and looked down to see him licking his fingers with a grin. God, he had to stop doing that, it turned her on so much. She groaned and looked down at him disappointed, she hadn't come yet, and she was so close. What was he doing? She bit her lip and sat up as he came up to kiss her. The taste of her arousal lightly on his tongue. She moaned in to his mouth wanting never to be away from this man. She pulled him close, her mouth never leaving his. Sam's hand snuck in between them to rub circles over her sensitive nub. "Don't stop," Veronica moaned and Sam smirked slowly stopping and then pulling his hand away. "Sammmm," she groaned frustrated. She pushed him back on the bed and straddled his lap. Sam sat up on his arms looking at her.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you to not start something you couldn't finish," she whispered against his lips as she grabbed hold of him and started stroking him softly and teasingly. Her lips were close to his, but barely touching.

"No, but I'm pretty sure Dean has," he replied with a groan. She squeezed him lightly then picked up the pace for a little before slowing down again. Sam eyes locked to hers and watched her face as she stopped stroking him. "Can we not mention Dean in bed?" Her lips then lightly touched his and she pushed him completely on to his back. Leaning up and reaching between them, she found him and placed him at her entrance. Slowly, so slow it almost hurt, she lowered herself on to him.

She was only half way when she stopped, she watched Sam's face and then slid down the rest of the way just as slowly. Sam groaned and placed his hands on her hips. Veronica rocked her hips enjoying the feeling of her husband inside of her. After a couple of minutes, Veronica began pushing herself off and on Sam, while Sam met her thrust for thrust. His hands gripped her hips forcing the pace between them to go faster. Veronica was biting her lip to try and keep from yelling out, but it was almost impossible. "Oh Sam! Sam.. ahhh," she cried out as she came, the intensity of her orgasm rocking through her entire body. She finally collapsed on to Sam, who kissed her head. "Oh baby, we're not done just yet." What? Veronica was suddenly on her back, Sam on top of her thrusting into her once more, once again rough. How much of this could she take? Right now she wished Sam would be gentle, she was already so tired and sexually content. Sam continued to pump into her and Veronica continued to grip his back moaning, feeling her third orgasm sneaking up on her. She came again, and Sam followed soon after. He kissed her lips and pulled out of her gently.

"I love you," Veronica whispered with a smile, her eyes slowly drifting. Sam laid down next to her on his back, hesitantly he whispered, "I love you too baby." Sam crossed his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling knowing sleep would not come to him. He looked down when he felt Veronica snuggle at his side; with one arm and one leg draped over him, Veronica fell in to a deep sleep.


"And look at that gentlemen, she's alive!" Dean announced as Veronica walked in to the kitchen stretching. She looked up and glared at Dean, if looks could kill, Dean would surely be dead. She looked away from Dean to the other men who sat only a few feet away in the den. "What time is it?" she questioned walking to the fridge. She pulled out the milk and grabbed herself a bowl to make a bowl of cereal.

"Almost noon sleeping beauty." Holy crap, she had slept for more than 12 hours! Was she really that tired or was the sex just that good? She looked over at Sam, who was sitting at the table looking through some newspapers. She sighed, he was looking for another case and she was hoping to take a couple of days off. She remembered the events of last night, every move she made reminded her of it. Sitting down on one of the couches in the den, she ate her breakfast silently.

"I think I found something, several girls have gone missing from a club called the Black Rose… um it's a pretty out of the ordinary," Sam announced.

"How out of the ordinary?" Veronica questioned. "It's a gothic club." Came the reply.

"Well that's fantastic," Dean sighed.

"What's wrong Dean, I think you could pull off the all black and black eyeliner. Will you let me paint your nails black?" Veronica said with a smirk.

"You're not too tired to help me out… you know, after last night and all," Dean remarked and Veronica blushed and frowned at him. "I'll go pack," Veronica said standing up from the couch to go to the kitchen to place her plate in the sink. Walking back through the den, she walked past Dean glaring at him. She headed upstairs to her and Sam's room to gather her things and see how much black clothing she had. After rummaging through her bags she found it, black nail polish. She only owned a couple of nail polishes, black, red, 2 different shades of blue and neutral tan color. She didn't often paint her nails, only when she was trying to be professional or was bored.

She sat on the bed and painted her nails, once she was done she laid back on the bed and fanned her hands over her. She thought about the events of last night and sighed. She and Sam have always had an interesting love life, it wasn't always gentle love making, but last night, it was amazing, sure, but it was not Sam. It felt so much different and she couldn't explain it, but she knew her heart was not lying to her.

She stared up at the ceiling and continued to think about Sam, the old Sam. Guess that man didn't exist anymore, he did go to hell, and if anything can change a man it's hell. Maybe she should talk to Dean about it, since he's the only other person that she knows who has gone to hell. But Dean didn't like to speak about hell either. Gosh her stubborn boys. She loved them to death, they were her family, but they could drive her nuts with all their secrets, self-sacrificing and their blind love for each other.

Family is their weakness, it is all of their weaknesses and in the end it might kill them, but she was pretty sure it was worth it. After letting her nails fully dry, she sat up in the bed, and then continued to finish her packing. She decided that since she wasn't taking her car anymore and that they will probably be at Bobby's more a lot more she would leave the majority of her possessions here; not that she had much to begin with. She hadn't put anything away yet, she just had her bags thrown on one side of the room, and she'd clean up and organize when she gets back.

Once she was done packing her duffel she headed downstairs with her bag in hand. Dean had most of his stuff in his car, he did have a couple of things in a bedroom at Bobby's and Sam just transferred everything he had from his car to Dean's a couple of nights ago. Dean's car was packed, her bag would go in the back seat along with one of Sam's duffel and a back pack. In the trunk, Dean had his weapons and on top of that, a duffel with weapons, another smaller duffel with medical supplies, 2 of Dean's bags with clothes and other possessions and another large duffel of Sam's. For now it would have to work. After tossing her car in the back seat of Dean's car, Veronica ran back inside to say goodbye to Bobby. The boys were also saying their goodbyes as she was coming back in.

"Aright boys, let's hit the road and get this case over with." The three Winchesters piled into the impala and Dean drove off. Veronica hoped this would be an easy case, but what she didn't know is that she was going to see a whole different side of her husband, and that Dean would become something she would possibly have to hunt.

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