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Desmond was glad to finally get out of the Animus. His entire body was sore from relaxing all day. His muscles screamed for activity as he pointedly ignored both Shaun and Lucy as they reminded him to be back before morning and not to get killed in some horrible and stupid way (that had just been Shaun actually, in as sarcastic a tone as he could manage).

His entire body itched to climb as he left the safe house and went to find someplace where there were plenty of hand and foot holds, thankful that his earpiece was silent. He finally managed to find an old four story building and while it was no where near as tall as the one he'd climbed not an hour ago in Ezio's body, it would do and effortlessly he scaled the wall his muscles and joints and bones sighing in total relief as they finally got to put into motion.

Panting slightly (he may have the skills but he had no where near the wind) he sat on the edge of the building for a few minutes looking out into the clear Italian night sky. He didn't feel tired at all, though he knew he probably should after spending so much time between waking and dreaming, an experience that usually left him exhausted. But after a climb all he could feel was adrenaline pounding through his entire body and it begged him to go do some more.

Desmond stood on the ledge and looked across the alley he'd gone down before his climb. It was an easy jump and he took a short running start into it before launching off the top of the building and flew across the gap. His heart flew into his throat in excitement and a little terror as he feared he'd have missed the gap, but soon the top of the next building was coming to greet him and he quickly rolled into it, hitting the back of his shoulder and popping to his feet before he was running again. The burn in his lungs as he ran and jumped and vaulted across the urban playground felt good and he wished it could last forever.

Eventually though he became to tired and practically collapsed onto a ledge overlooking the edge of the city and he could see the Tuscany landscape in the distance.

"Yo," Desmond jumped at a voice and he almost unsheathed his hidden blade before reminding himself that not everyone was out to kill him; just most of them. Someone sat down next to him, they wore a red hoodie with white graphic designs on it. "Saw you running," he said tilting his head towards Desmond who couldn't make out his face because it was half obscured by his hood.

"Where'd you come from?" Desmond asked, surprising even himself in how well he spoke Italian; damn bleeding effect, as he looked around. There was no roof entrance.

"Same as you; I climbed," the man chuckled, "How else do you get around?" he smirked at Desmond only showing the lower left half of his face, the rest was cast in shadow from his hood and from the light coming behind him.

"So you're a free runner?" Desmond asked carefully, better not let this guy know to much.

He laughed, "Yeah, something like that," and Desmond suddenly found his voice familiar but for the life of him couldn't think why. "What're you doing up here on such a fine night if I may ask?"

"Just… getting away," Desmond sighed.

"Life sucks huh?"

"Heh, you could say that again," he said sarcastically.

"Life sucks huh?"

Desmond couldn't help himself as laughter bubbled up out of his lips, the man quirked a smile. "I asked for that one didn't I?"

"Oh yeah," he agreed and nodded.

"And what about you?" Desmond asked.

"Me? I'm going to get somewhere," he said.

"Well isn't that mysterious of you."

"Hey, I'm a mysterious, charming, Italian; it's what we do," he said and Desmond laughed again despite himself. He liked this guy, despite not knowing him. Something about him just made him likable, trustable, and familiar.

Desmond obviously lost track of time because it seemed all to soon when suddenly his ear piece chimed in: "Desmond where are you?" from Lucy doing her best not to sound worried and failing miserably.

Desmond sighed, "I gatta go," he told his new friend. Friend; there was a word he never thought he'd use again. He didn't exactly think of the others as his friends, they were only a bit better then strangers to him still.

"As do I. New day's dawning, time to get moving," with a groan the hooded man rose.

"Hey, I never got your name," Desmond said realizing with a jolt it was true.

That caused the man to laugh and he stood with his back to Tuscany and Desmond could finally see the whole of his lower face caught in the light of the city. "You already know it," he said lips quirked into a smirk and Desmond's eyes widened when he saw a scar on the left side of his lips. "Just remember; nothing is true, everything is permitted. We're counting on you Desmond," and he pulled back his hood nearly making Desmond feint in shock before he fell backwards off the top of the ten story building.

Desmond was to shocked to looked down at first, but when he did he saw a pile of what was very obviously recycled paper.

Desmond returned to the safe house in a daze, not even trading verbal strikes with Shaun when he made a comment about Desmond being late for curfew or when Lucy asked is everything was all right. He didn't answer anything and just stared at the Animus for several minutes before Shaun's bitching finally worked into his brain and he got in.

Could that have been possible? Had that really been Ezio? What was he doing here? How was he still alive? To many questions, not enough answers. He closed his eyes as Rebecca put him to sleep with one thought that stopped all the questions; nothing is true.

Ezio didn't move when another man came to stand next to him. They were standing on the building next to the hide out. "So?" he asked boredly his Italian laced with Arabic.

"He'll be just fine," Ezio smirked at the much older man who didn't even turn to look at him. "C'mon old man; we got places to go," and he grabbed the back of his white hood.

"Five hundred years and still you're a disrespectful little prat," the other man growled shoving past him. Ezio just chuckled and followed after the Grand Master.

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