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Chapter 6: First Date

As always, it was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon when I headed over to the country club. Because there was such a demand for it, the country club had its own section for teenagers. They called it the kids' club. But trust me: Nothing kiddy went on there. I mean, hello, they hired Venus of all people to run the freaking bar! (Not a real bar, of course. Though Venus can get away with that stuff on a good day when her parents will bribe her to take off the leather and get her ass to an Abercrombie and Fitch.)

But anyway, I arrived about 5 minutes early dressed to the nines: The aforementioned little black cocktail dress that I had bought during mine, Yukie, and Therese's trip to the mall the day before, a gorgeous 20 caret diamond necklace that I received during my christening, a pair of dainty black pumps, and my hair neatly piled up on top of my head. He wasn't there yet, so I waited patiently in front of the club as any respectable date would. There were a lot of people around that day. But it was a Saturday. So it wasn't like that was anything unusual. I mean, only a complete loser would spend their Saturday afternoon coped up in their house.

But anyway, 5 minutes later, My Sweet Bastian showed up looking like something out of a high end department store ad: A nice airy cream colored silk t-shirt and dark blue jeans that hugged his scrumptious legs and ass. Rawr.

"Hello, Persephone," His voice was like melted caramel, and the smile that accompanied that simple statement was like powdered sugar on top of Turkish Delight: Not necessary, but oh God did it make things all the more better.

"Hey, Sebastian," I replied coolly, trying to look not all too excited to see him and slightly uninterested. See, if you act too interested and excited around a guy, it makes them think that you're a total spaz and then they won't be interested in you at all.

He watched me for a moment, obviously trying to think up his next, perfect move on me. Then, he extended his hand to me. "Shall we go in?"

I gave him a tiny coy smile. "Yes, we shall." I took his hand and let him lead me into the club. The place was decorated conservatively. You know, like how you would expect a country club to be decorated when it wasn't hosting a wedding or professional golf tournament or a really rocking party for people who don't go to bed at 9 in the evening. It was all white table cloths and forest green curtains on the tall windows and a plush beige carpet. Kind of tacky, if you ask me. But for the place during Chill/Low Business Day Mode, it works.

But, we weren't sitting inside. It was too beautiful a day to spend it cooped up in a drab country club interior! Instead, he lured me out the back and onto a balcony overlooking the pristinely manicured golf course. Set out on the balcony and waiting for us was a round table draped in a crisp white linen tablecloth and 2 polished dark cherry wood chairs. The wind blew softly, not enough to make the afternoon really cold, but enough to take a tiny bit of edge off of the pleasant 70 degree weather.

As we both sat down, (He held my chair out for me first, like a real gentleman, gush!), we both took hold of the menus that were sat down in front of us. "Now then, I believe the first course will be the appetizers." He said in a voice like melted chocolate. Unfortunately, that was when my mind started to race. The menu had some pretty fattening fare in its Appetizer category. (Damn you, Venus! I bet she put the restaurant staff up to this!) The accursed mozzarella sticks that were sitting near the top of the list called out evilly to me, threatening to destroy my perfect figure with their fattiness. Much like the chocolate and caramel that his voice resembled oh so much. Only I wouldn't be fat with love if I decided to ingest the horrible concoctions that were being advertised on the menu.

So, I ordered the stuffed mushrooms instead.

He ordered the mozzarella sticks. But to be honest, I didn't mind. I mean, I had every confidence in him that he would be able to work it off, unlike me. Venus couldn't keep him down! Such is the trials of being a woman...

Anyway, the lunch went on pleasantly enough. We made some idle chit-chat, mostly stuff about school. I didn't ask him about his personal life. I already knew a bit of stuff about it thanks to Therese's contacts and didn't want to spook him and think that I was like some creepy stalker chick. The big topic of discussion was our Student Council duties. (Hehe, yeah, like we really have any. What did I say before? Nobody really does anything on the Student Council. It's just a one way easy ticket to instant popularity!) Mostly the upcoming big Homecoming dance, of which we were responsible for coming up with a theme for. Technically, we were supposed to discuss it with the Secretary and Treasurer too. But who cares about them? They weren't there and this would have just been a head start brain storming session anyway. Besides, we were more important and high ranking than them.

"I was speaking to my assistant, Mercurio, the other day," Bastian started, contemplating the bowl of French onion soup that he had ordered for our soup course. "He suggested to me that we do a Black and White Ball as the Homecoming's theme." He broke off a piece of baguette and gently swirled it around in his soup. A little lower class of a gesture, but he could make that disgusting spitting in public habit that lesser men have look good. "What do you think of it?" He asked when he was finished swallowing the bread.

"That sounds pretty cool," I nodded coolly and took a dainty spoonful of New England clam chowder into my mouth. I placed my spoon down and grabbed a pen out of my purse and a spare napkin. "We should write a list of some good themes. ... Ooo, what about something Hollywood themed?" Especially Old Hollywood! The glitz and the glamour of Marilyn Monroe and... whoever else was big at that time.

Bastian lifted one of his perfectly manicured eyebrows. "Hmm, not bad."

He complimented me! I could feel myself melting into a neat little puddle of bliss right there in my seat!

...But then, I had a horrible realization. "No, wait! We can't use that!"

"Why not?"

"Gary!" I all but hissed. Gary was one of the loser theater nerds that spent his entire day in the auditorium doing who knows what with his pack of devoted followers. He and his loser friends never went to class, like Nines and his group of leeches. He was like one of those mythical creatures like the Loch Ness Monster where there were people who claimed to see him. But were usually just crazy people. Either way, from the things that people did say, he was gross and creepy and liked to hit on anything with a pulse and a ladyflower. (That's my word for a va-jay-jay.) "You heard about him and his friends, right?" I leveled a serious eye at him.

He thought for a moment, then wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Oh right, him... Good thinking, pet."

Pet? PET? OMG he was calling me by a pet name now? Only people who are in relationships or thinking about being in relationships do that! Was my cunning plan working? Was he really falling for me? Or was it just one of those weird things French people did, like eat snails and moldy cheese?

I wanted to just sit there and hyperventilate with joy. But then he would have thought that I was a weirdo. So I did my best to hold it in and compose myself. I quickly crossed the Hollywood idea off of the list.

As we moved through the courses of our meal, we slowly accumulated a list of all of the possible ideas for the Homecoming theme that weren't cheesy and wouldn't attract weirdos. (Though, the 10 year old part of me did want to put down a Fairy Tale Princess theme, I doubt that any of the guys at our school, Bastian included, would have wanted to go along with it. I mean, hello, none of the princes in fairy tales have personalities, for Pete's sake! Personally, I don't blame them.) Finally, as I was half through my main course of mouth meltingly delicious buttered lobster (with margarine instead of actual butter), the spark of perfect inspiration struck me. I almost gasped a little and caused the half chewed bits of lobster to fall out of my mouth as it came to me. But I was able to hold both of those in.

"How's this: 'Bourbon Street Masquerade'?" I said. "It's a little like the general Mardi Gras theme," I pointed it out on the napkin. "But it's got a bit more... flair to it. We could have a gold, purple, and green dress code, Jazz music, and we can hire a caterer to make some Cajun food. And masks of course, since it would be a masquerade ball. It's classy, yet fun and will keep away all of the creeps that the regular Mardi Gras theme would draw. You know, with the whole bead necklace collecting thing and all. What do you think?"

Bastian looked up from his plate of escargot and softly wiped his fingers with his napkin. (He actually let me try one. They're not that bad, much to my surprise! Even if they do look freaking gross as hell! Plus, he actually fed it to me, squee!) "That... might work." Judging from the tone of his voice, he seemed very intrigued. "We will bring that one up when we meet with the decorating committee on Monday."

Success! Soon, my head started turning to what I would wear for the Homecoming dance. We would have to at least make some appearances together, since we were both on the Student Council. But would he accept if I asked him to the dance proper? This date was going well. Maybe a little bit more interaction through our dealings with the Homecoming committee would be enough to send him over the edge and head over heels in love with me!

And then, Jeanette and her band of freaks dumped a bucket of ice water on me.

No seriously, that's what they did! The one minute I'm sitting there, happily enjoying a nice lunch and convo with My Sweet Bastian, and the next a waterfall of ice water comes crashing onto my head! I was too cool to let out a startled scream. But I did look up angrily. Jeanette, dressed in nothing but coordinated lingerie and pasties with her loser posse, sat on top of the awning of the club, a large blue empty tub in hand, giggling like a pack of hyenas on bath salts!

And what's worse: Some of the water had landed on My Sweet Bastian! As I looked back down from giving The Slut Trio an evil glare, I saw Bastian looking down at his own wet clothes. The expression on his face was one of blankness. He considered the newly wet state of his outfit, then wiped his face off with a clean napkin.

"I am going to go home and change. I have business to take care of later this afternoon. So I will see you on Monday, Persephone." Bastian nodded, methodically stood up, and walked back into the country club and back to the little slice of Heaven that he had awoken from that morning.

At that point, I was ready to spontaneously learn how to fly and strangle the shit out of those losers! But that was impossible. And Damsel's dad was still the head of the police. So even if I did kill them, I probably wouldn't have been able to get away with it. Besides, when I looked up again, the 3 had disappeared back to whatever slime mold they had spawned from.

This was awful! I had to do something to redeem myself in My Sweet Bastian's eyes... if Jeanette's antics had indeed ruined them. After I returned home and put on something more fabulous and dry, I whipped out my cell phone and dialed Therese's number.

"Therese? Persephone. Your stupid freaking sister just ruined my date! Call Yukie! Both of you need to come to my house Aeesap! We're having an emergency meeting!"