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Chapter 9

~Waking To A New Color~

Ed's P.O.V. (YAY!)

There was a sound. It keeps on repeating itself over and over again. One beep after another.Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

It's annoying the hell out of me.

I just want to yell at the noise. SHUT THE FUCK UP! But my voice isn't working. I want to open my mouth, but I can't. I have a foul taste in my mouth—a coppery aftertaste of something. I can't put my finger on it but I can tell that, normally, it wouldn't be there. Yet I felt all too familiar with it.

I forced one of my eyes to open a crack. White. White walls. The smell of freshly washed sheets old people seemed to be everywhere. I looked around the room with the limited sight I had. I couldn't open my left eye for some reason. As if it was stuck shut or something. My eye wandered to the left side of wherever I was and I saw a door. There was a tiny window near the top of the door, and I saw people walking around.

People in white coats. Shit.

I felt the adrenaline start rushing through my veins. Wherever I was, they either had doctors o-or scientists—and that means they'll have needles. There is no fucking way I'm staying long enough for them to stick me with those evil inventions from hell!

Using the newfound strength in my body, I painfully got up into a sitting position. My eyesight went blurry, but that's not gonna stop me. I felt something tugging at my chest and I blindly pulled at the cords taped on my skin.

I let out a cry. Fuck! They already put some in me! My chest now stung and I cursed at myself for not being careful. STUPID! STUPID! I rolled over on my bed and fell right off. I nearly screamed when my body came into contact with my body.

I couldn't move for what seemed like hours. The vision in my only working eye blurred even more. I heard a loud siren-like noise, but it was muffled by the loud beating of my heart. Everything seemed to blur as the door slammed open.

Someone's yelling something, but I don't understand the shit that's coming out from his mouth. I looked up groggily as more blurred forms entered the room. I couldn't see their faces, but some of them were wearing white clothing. Fucks no.

I felt hands grab at me and what seemed like a thousand voices echoed around me. I felt myself being lifted back onto the bed. No! No! GET OUT OF HERE! Let me GO!

I thrashed around and punched around with my only arm and I almost smiled when it came in contact with other people's faces. Some of the hands disappeared and using the adrenaline that run even more strongly inside of me, I lunged for the door. I knew I'd land on the ground, but I'd crawl my ass off to get away from here.

Before I even made it off the bed, an arm went around my waist and threw me back against the bed. I felt as if the little air inside me was knocked out of me. I couldn't breathe and yet I tried to push away the blurred forms coming at me. They seemed to loom over me, and my body shook with fear and anger.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" I screamed out. Sweat coated my body and my blonde hair stuck to my face as I threw whatever I could reach at them. A pillow. A pair of scissors from a nearby stand. A couple of knives from the same stand. I couldn't tell if I'd hit them, but I don't care. I just don't want them any fucking closer.

"GET AWAY FR—!" I felt something clamp over my mouth and I clawed at it with my hand. I thrashed around more violently while holding my breath. No doubt it was sleeping gas. I stopped moving suddenly and closed my eyes.

I pretended to have fallen asleep as I felt the mask come off. As soon as it came away, I lunged forward again, a warm, red liquid running down my body. My breath came in gasps as I managed to fall off the bed again and roll under it.

"FUCKING LET ME OUT OF HERE!" A hand grabbed my right leg and dragged me out from under the bed. I grabbed on the bedrail, screaming my lungs out for them to go to hell. My hand slipped and I was flipped onto my back. I lunged forward for one last attempt, but something connected to my neck. The words I was about to say died in my throat. My eyes widened as I saw the flash of a syringe come away from my neck.

Gravity did its work as I landed on my back. I stared at the spinning ceiling as I tried to move. My body only twitched in response. The voices died away completely as I felt myself falling into the blackness. I heard someone else come into the room, and his voice broke through the silence as my eyes shut closed.


Regular P.O.V.

Al was worried sick. His mind was buzzing with questions that only his brother could answer. His worry multiplied tenfold when he heard the commotion coming from Ed's room, and barged in right when his older brother was drugged with something strange.

It didn't help that Edward, the floor, and bed were covered in fresh blood.

He had gone running to Winry, who he saw die in front of him. He knew his brother brought her back but he had no idea how. It was the biggest question in his mind. But he had no time for questions. Not when his brother was close to death.

Alphonse didn't even get to have a moment alone with Ed. Brother… If he could cry, Alphonse would have cried his heart out to Winry as he burst into the hospital room she was resting in.

She wasn't injured, but they still wanted to keep her there. Winry hadn't expected Alphonse to come in, and she let out a squeal. She was about to tell him off when she suddenly heard noises come from his armor. Strangled sounds and whimpers came from him as he ran towards her.

He collapsed beside her bed, armor shaking violently. Winry stared, never seeing this happen before. "A-Al, what's wrong?" She quickly pulled her light blonde hair out of her face so she could see him clearly.

Al's mind was in turmoil. His older brother had seemed to be a completely different person when they had found him. He acted nothing like the rowdy Edward he grew up with. The thought of it made Al instantly frightened. Alphonse shook harder, but managed to let out a choked whisper.

"I miss my brother…!"

Inside Edward's Unconscious Mind (Ed's P.O.V.)

Why do you live? You always wanted this hell to end. You could have left it all behind…

Why did you pass up the chance? You're such a stupid fucker!

The little voice in the dark grew louder, and it began to sound even more like me. I didn't like it. The air around me still feels like a cage. One of the things that scared me the most was my own mind… the me under all the fake masks I'd put up over the years.

And now I was stuck with myself. Thank you fucking syringe. You banished me into the darkest part of my mind! It also happens to be the



Part of me! THANK YOU!

No one's going to stop you, you know. It's simple really. You can just leave behind that hunk of crap we call 'little brother'. He's slowing you down dammit! Death should have freed you from him at least. But you're still stuck with an incomplete body th—!

SHUDDUP! This isn't me… something's messing with my mind… shit! What if the fucking Gate gave me something more than just Winry? What did I lose?

You lost what sanity you had left~! Instead, you're stuck with me now! I'll fill your mind with doubt and hate for the rest of your shortened life!

Crap… if Al finds out about this… I'm screwed. I'm screwed if anyone finds out! Maybe I'll get lucky and no one will ever find out…

But what are you going to do now that you've escaped death yet again? All this worthless hoping will get you nowhere~!

What? Why change the subject? But…what will I do…?

I'm not going to break the promise I made with Al. I'm getting his body back. And if any sick mother fucker lays a grubby hand on him, they'll wish they died years before coming across us. Nothing's going to stop me. Not the Gate, not you, not the government—nothing.

The promise I made has kept me alive so far. No way in Hell am I going to let Al down. To me, that's worse than Death itself. I'm going to use the life I got back to get Alphonse his body back, and get him to live his own life, without the restriction of an empty armor.

I can promise you that.

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