Hooked Up


A giant ampatheater was her stage. Her audience of thousands was watching her in breathless anticipation. The climax of Swan Lake came to its peak. She was the beautiful and graceful Odette. Dancing was like breathing to her. Grace and beauty spilled from her as she and her prince rose into the sky as freed spirits. The music grew and grew until the curtains finally closed. The audience rose to their feet as one. All so moved by her performance. As she accepted her solo curtain call roses rained down upon her. She bowed again and again, the crowd only grew louder. The curtain fell and she walked off stage as the noise of the crowd finally started to die down.

"Great job Tina!", "that ending was phenomenal Tina!", "spectacular Tina!" the backstage hands and managers praised her as she walked passed them toward her manager. "Tina sweetheart, in this mornin's meeting I had Russia, Miami, and the big apple fighting over you. And that was before they heard that your next twenty performances got sold out." She nodded and smiled like she always did.

She was escorted out through the backstage door, with three bodyguards. At least fifty people were yelling and screaming for her attention. Flashing lights and people begging for autographs. She continued straight faced toward the limo ten feet away. A small hand grabbed the back of her dress forcing her to stop. A small girl had managed to get past crowds and guards. A small book and a pen was in her hand. She smiled as she held them up to Tina. Tina smiled and knelt down to the girls level took the book and pen and wrote her name.

Then the crowd stopped moving. A loud mechanical noise surrounded her as the people, the limo, the buildings, even the book in her hands faded to black. "No, No not yet" she grew frantic as she realized what was happening. "No, no please, Please!" then everything went black.

Her eyes opened as the wired crown snapped off her head. Tina fell flat on her stomach as the platform she had been lying on rotated straight up. She was surrounded by five other machines identical to the one she had been in, five other kids asleep inside them.

"Time to pay the piper my little door mouse" a scratchy voice raised her attention to the shadowed corners of the large warehouse. That was when the tenderness of her skin and the soreness of her muscles got worse.

She looked up at the man, and begged as hard as she could. "Please put me back in," tears started to form "it hurts so bad out here" her voice cracked as she wrapped her arms around herself. "Please!" desperate tears poured down her face.

The shadowed figure chuckled as her moved closer to the girl. "Of course I'll put you back in my dear." The false kindness in the voice was evident but the teen did not seem to notice as she smiled in relief.

"But your means of pay have run dry" he tossed several credit cards to the ground in front of the girl. She picked one up and stared at it. "You want back in?" he paused as the girls face twisted into an angry desperation. She nodded, numb to everything else in the world.

"Well then, you know what you have to do." He spoke with a terrifying certainty that the girl and the rest of his "customers" would do whatever it took to stay in their personal wonderlands.


Dick was walking through the halls of Gotham Academy, on his way to AP Physics when the commotion started. All the students around him started running down the hall. Shouts, yells, and even a few screams were coming from the direction that everyone was headed away from.

His bat instincts set off immediately as he ran against the river of student body. A small crowd of adults was gathered a few doors down. As he squirmed his way to the side of the crowd he could hear the school nurse shouting at everyone to get back, get back now! She was mostly ignored as she stepped closer to the young girl in the center of the crowd. He gasped slightly as he got a better look at her.

Tina Grosso had run away from home and school last week and he had been worried about her.

They had PE and English together. They had bonded over gymnastics and acrobatics. They often talked about what a bother that rich and busy parents could be. Her dad was a lawyer and her mom was pretty big time a painter. She was 16 and was training to be a ballerina. She was a little shy and insecure, but charming and kind. She was sweet, smart and talented.

But seeing her right now you would never know.

Tina was backed up against a set of lockers with her arms wrapped around what looked like a really expensive handbag. She pointed a small gun at the ceiling. Her whole body was shaking. Her breathing was shallow and heavy. Her eyes were bordering on manic, shifting back and forth a mile a minute. When she shifted her weight, she almost lost her balance. The gun she held was shaking so badly that Dick doubted that she would be able to pull the trigger, let alone fire and aim the thing. Tina looked like she was either going to bolt or pass out any second.

She was surrounded by two security men, the principle and the nurse, all trying to reassure her that nothing would happen to her if she just gave back the bag, and put down the gun. Tina shook her head and tightened her grip on the bag. But the simple action just made her headache worse; she took a step forward trying to get balance. But then it all went blurry and dark. She felt her mouth moving and words coming out but she was unconscious before she could understand what she had said.

Tina fell to the floor passed out. The gun fell from her hand. The nurse rushed to her, put a hand on the girls forehead and then her neck. "Call the hospital right now, she's on fire and barely breathing!" she yelled at the security guard who was already on his radio.

Dick had melted into the background before anyone even knew he had been there. He could tell that the faculty hadn't registered what Tina had said but he did. And he knew it meant trouble. One word that changed this whole thing from a student robbery and near shooting at school to something about a hundred times worse.

That one word, was Wonderland


After the incident at school, he was picked up by Bruce and Alfred who had gotten the emergency call at the Manor once Tina had been handed over to the paramedics. Dick relayed what he had seen and what Tina had said before she passed out. "Wonderland" could only mean one thing,Jervis Tetch. Also known as the Mad Hatter.

As soon as they got home they started work. Dick hacked into the hospital and found out that Tina had slipped into a coma, her brain had been drowning in a hormone called Serotonin. And Tina was not the first. Several other teenagers had been found on the streets, most of them runaways like Tina.

Dick hacked into her personal card accounts and found that all three had been drained over the past week. They couldn't track any of the recent big transactions that had sucked her cards dry but they did find where she had been spending all her money before that.

An arcade named the Rabbit Hole.


The Rabbit Hole was busy, colorful, bright and really, really loud.

It was really cool.

Dick was very glad he had managed to convince Bruce that he would stick out if he came into the arcade. He had an earpiece and microphone so batman could hear everything Dick heard from two miles in the air in the batwing.

Batman was not so glad that Dick had convinced him to let the kid go alone. He didn't like not being there in case the boy was in trouble. Batman knew Robin could handle himself, but Bruce Wayne always had trouble accepting that.

After a few hours of talking to the staff, a few regulars and several other kids, Batman had gotten a call from the league, an emergency. "Go ahead, I'll be fine" Robin had insisted he would get home by himself. So batman went to help the league stop Ares from destroying Greece.


As Dick had been leaving the Rabbit Hole an older kid, maybe sixteen, came up to him, he recognized the guy from Gotham academy, a junior. He told Dick that there was this new place in a warehouse where this new virtual reality system was the latest thing. When the guy said that people were calling it Wonderland because the systems were so realistic Dick knew he had hit the jackpot.

When Dick had tried to make a reason that he needed to call home to tell them where he was going, the guy said that, that wouldn't work and had started to walk away. Dick knew that he couldn't lose this lead. He grabbed the guys arm and told him that he didn't have to call his parents.

That seemed to chill the guy out. He said that this new system was totally worth the trouble. So he led Dick to the warehouse district and "Wonderland."


Bruce was as close to panic as Batman could get. He mentally berated himself over and over again. How could you just leave him alone? How could you leave him when Mad Hatter was on the lose targeting his next victims?

He had gotten back from helping the league the next morning, only to find that Dick had never made it home. He had rushed back to the arcade looking for some sign of his young ward. He had found nothing. He scoured the neighbor trying to find his charge but had no luck.

He grew angrier and more desperate as time went on. He also grew more afraid, afraid that something terrible would happen to his son, and he would not be able to save him.


The crowd of the big top roared as they flew through the air. Gasps of delight and screams of approval drowned out all other noise, except for the loud grand voice of the ring master.

"Ladies and gentlemen! The Flying Graysons!"

He shifted his weight to reach his arms out to his mother's. As she released her own beam and grabbed his hands his father came from behind him and grabbed her legs. He let go then, he flew through air. He loved flying, it was the best feeling in the world.

Dad let mom go as she grabbed onto another trapeze beam. One final flip and she swung herself to the platform. Dad followed soon after. He waited just a second longer until he pulled off the quadruple flip. The move that in the whole world, only the flying Graysons could perform.

The crowd exploded in applause. Rising from their seats, clapping and screaming. He landed on the finishing platform. His parents each placed a hand on his shoulders, all three of them waved to the crowd.

Everything was perfect. The crowd cheering, the spotlight shining, him flying with his parents by his side, it was all so perfect. It was everything Dick Grayson had ever wanted.

The new boy was smiling in his sleep. His hands twitched as his eyelids flickered, the little door mouse was deeply under now. He smiled crookedly as he checked over the mouse's vitals at his master control station.

Holding steady. He had decided to raise the serotonin levels on this little door mouse. He could not afford to lose this one. His biggest catch yet, Richard Grayson. Such a fortunate turn of events. Most of his customers so far were of the runaway variety. Most resorting to pick pocketing or minor theft to pay for their time in his fantastical Wonderland.

But not this little door mouse no, this mouse was different. The ward of the great and good white knight. The king of Gotham, that's what Bruce Wayne was.

The child of Bruce Wayne himself. Wayne had thousands of dollars just lying around that manor of his in jewels, art and cash. The mouse was already paying with a personal credit account that Wayne had set up for him.

This little door mouse was the big fish, the big catch, and the big payday. He checked the settings again. He smiled. It wouldn't hurt to turn the levels up just a bit more. He chuckled at the image his twisted mind was created.

The White King's own little Door Mouse would beg the Mad Hatter for more journeys through the looking glass.


Alfred was on the other side of the house, dusting the Ming vase collection that had once belonged to Martha Wayne. Batman would be on patrol downtown. Now was his best chance.

The safe in Bruce's office had been easy to open. Bruce always used the same combination.


It was mostly business documents. But there was also cash, lots of cash. That was what he needed.

His backpack was near stuffed but he still needed more. He needed as much as he could carry. The more he paid, the more time he got in the machine. His head was killing him, and his vision went blurry for a minute. He put a hand on the wall until the black edges on his vision left him. He shook the cobwebs from his head. He'd be fine once he went back. Once he was back in the machine, once he was back with his parents he would be fine.

He reached back into the safe to grab a last few stacks of cash. His ears buzzed and his head throbbed. Every muscle in his body ached and twitched. But he didn't care about that. He didn't care about anything right now. He just wanted, needed to get back to Mad Hatter's machine. He zipped up the back pack, and turned around.

"Dick," he froze, what was he doing back so soon? "What do you think you're doing?" There was anger in Bruce's voice. The deep resonating vibrato that let Dick know exactly who he was dealing with. This is Batman, not Bruce.

Batman was half hidden in shadow. Dick had seen Batman angry before but had never been on the receiving end of that anger. Frustration, disappointment and annoyance sure, but never real anger. For a second he could feel fear creeping up on him.

Then the still rational part of him realized that Bruce would never hurt him, he had nothing to fear. With this realization, he felt his own anger rising. How dare Bruce interfere with this! How dare Bruce keep him from his parents?

"Just leave me alone, you wouldn't understand!" Dick pushed his way past the Dark Knight. His backpack over one shoulder, his footsteps were shaky but Dick didn't seem to care as he headed toward the door. What had the Mad Hatter done to his son? Batman took a few slow steps toward his ward.

"I understand that Mad Hatter's has gotten you addicted to his tech." Dick stopped, he was tense, on guard and angry. "Now you're not only stealing for him, but your stealing from me." Dick turned to him, his entire body stiff and rigid. The boy was in full fight or flight mode, but judging the look on his face, the boy was leaning toward fight.

"I don't care" there was a sadness in his voice that mad Batman stop. Dick relaxed slightly as he turned away from Bruce. Anger and guilt twisted his face. "You don't know what it's like in there Bruce, when I'm inside-" tears appeared at the corners of his eyes, "I'm back at the circus," Dick swallowed heavily. Desperation thick in his voice, he was trying to get Bruce to understand. He suddenly knew what Dick would say next.

"My parents are alive in there Bruce." Dick's voice broke at the same time the tears started to stream down his face "and the second I came out," he rubbed his arms in discomfort, "my whole body hurt for more." The angry desperation came back a second later "I just want to get back inside."

Dick was probably the most level headed, sound minded teenager that Bruce Wayne had ever met. But right now he was anything but. Dick had to know how insane he was acting. Dick had to realize that he was going against everything he believed in. He had to realize that the parents that he was so desperate to get back to were not his parents.

"It's an addiction," he stepped behind Dick. "He's altered your brain chemistry." Bruce tried to get Dick to come to his senses. He would not lose his son to a fantasy world created by a madman. Bruce placed a supportive hand on the boy's shoulder. "Let me help you" his voice softened. It was the voice that Batman only ever used with Robin. The voice showed the warm understanding love that the father had for his son.

For a second Dick relaxed under his gloved hand. Then the boy snapped around, shoving the comforting hand away. "You want to help me?" Dick's body went rigid. He knew his partner too well not to recognize the boy's fighting stance. Batman saw the attack coming before Dick even knew what he was going to do. "Then leave me ALONE!" Dick leapt at him, his fist clenched to make a strong blow to the chest.

Batman twisted out of the way. He grabbed the Dick's arm and twisted it back. Dick struggled as Batman pulled a small tranquilizer gun from his belt. The liquid was pushed into Dick's system before he knew what had happened.

Dick stared at the injector in his shoulder for a moment, a dumbfounded look on his face. Then he looked into Batman's face. The look of betrayal on his son's face tore at Bruce's heart. The sadness there was almost too much to bear.

Then Dick's eyelids started to fall. A tired moan escaped him as he fought the sedative. Dick's knees went first. He fell forward into Batman's chest. He was asleep before he even hit the strong arms of his mentor.

Bruce took a moment to examine his sleeping partner's face. Calm for the first time since Bruce had found him. Absently he brushed a thick strand of hair from the boy's face. Anger at what had been done to his son burned through him. Jervis Tetch would pay dearly for what he had done.

The Dark Knight lifted the boy into his arms, partially wrapping the child in his dark cape.

I will save you Dick, I promise.


Batman brought his charge to the Batcave, taking extra care with the sleeping boy. Several minutes later Dick woke up. Groggy, but at least he was conscious. He lay on one of the medical tables, still weak from the sedatives. A simple blanket was wrapped around his shivering body. Batman had removed his cowl, becoming Bruce Wayne. He pulled the light red fabric to the boy's neck. "How are you feeling?"

Dick groaned and curled into a loose ball, with his back to Batman. "Still achy, and my head is killing me." He sighed, "I guess I was acting really crazy back there," regret was heavy in his quiet voice

A small smile came to Bruce's face. "You, weren't yourself." He placed a hand on Dick's shoulder for a minute before walking to the computer. He pressed a series of buttons. The channel to the upstairs intercom system opened on the holo-screens. Alfred's voice came over the speaker, inquiring about "Master Dick's" wellbeing.

"He's all right now Alfred" the butler was always so worried about the both of them. It warmed him in a way that only the British man could. "Once he's back on his feet we'll head to Mad Hatter's lair and- Ugh!" The attack had been unexpected, and Bruce's head was unprotected without his cowl. The darkness came and he fell to the ground.

The clang of metal hitting stone echoed through the cave. The heavy medical tray now lay beside his unconscious mentor. Bruce didn't understand, he had to go back, he had to get back to his parents. Dick looked at the holo-screens. Alfred's worried voice heard through the surrounding speakers and seen through the single line jumping across the screen. Dick pressed the answer button.

"Alfred" the man heard the young master answer his worried calls. "When he wakes up tell him I'm sorry." The line went quiet again, there seemed to be nothing more to be said. Alfred Pennyworth ran through the halls of Wayne Manor. Hoping that Master Bruce would be able to save the young master.

He could not imagine what would happen to Master Bruce if he couldn't. Alfred was sure that the Wayne heir would never be able to survive losing his son.


The warehouse was dark and gritty. Then again so was most of Gotham. The old computer factory had been abandoned years ago. However the massive amounts of electricity currently running through the building proved that it was no longer unoccupied. He would find the Mad Hatter here, of that he was certain

He had woken up on the floor of the Batcave with a splitting headache and a worried Alfred hovering over him. Dick was nowhere to be found, along with his backpack full of money.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how he looked at it, Dick wasn't being his usual meticulous and well planned out self. Dick had taken his Rcycle to the warehouse district. After tracking the bike, Batman had checked the power grid. This warehouse's electric system was lit up like a roman candle. This was where he would find Mad Hatter. This was where he would find Dick.

And he did find him. But it almost wasn't worth seeing him like this.

A dozen machines standing in a large circle surrounded him but they were all offline and empty, but they sat there waiting to enslave another defenseless child. Tables parallel to the floor, metal clamps open in wait for their next victims. Steel soldiers waiting for orders to control and enslave. A circled command station stood in the center of the warehouse surrounded by the machines. Batman took all this in, but his focus was on one thing and one thing only.

His son was strapped to a metal table, like a frog waiting to be dissected. The table set at a seventy degree angle. Wired clamps held tight to his hands, ankles and his forehead. His fists opened and closed in some unseen action. His eyes darted back and forth beneath his shut lids. A smile was spread across his face. A carefree grin, that Dick so rarely let free. It broke his heart to see Dick like this. To see his son used like this, it disgusted him. Never again.

Batman came to the command desk, the set up was fairly simple, deactivated the machine, then went to his child.

The table rotated forward slowly till it stopped at a straight up position. The clamps snapped open with an angry clap. Strikes of electricity fizzled around the wired crown as it slowly unclasped. Electronic wiring lined the inner surface of the clamps. The machine buzzed and groaned as it stopped its diabolical purpose.

Dick groaned softly as he fell forward and into Batman's waiting arms. He gently laid the boy on the floor. Bruce sat at his side as he stroked Dick's face as he fought to wake up. Dick moaned again as he shook his head. Batman couldn't help worry, he had seen the raised levels on the monitors compared to the other machines. The Mad Hatter had targeted Dick specifically, drugged him and used the love of his dead parents in order to manipulate him.

It made Batman sick to his stomach. This would stop tonight, no matter what.

Dick's eyes opened slowly, flickering up and down until they were able to focus on the person above him. Dick sat up quickly "what are you doing here?" there was a hostile undertone to the question, and a suspicious edge to his body language.

Batman reached for Dick's arm "it's going to be all right Dick." He wanted to comfort the boy, but the reaction he got was the exact opposite.

"Ya!" he slapped Batman's arm away, "when you get out of my life!" There was true hatred in his words. They pained him far more than Batman would ever admit. "This is what I want! You have no right to stop me!" Dick pushed himself away from Batman and tried to get to his feet, but lost his balance almost instantly. His breathing was ragged and heavy even after so little exertion.

How can he not see what was happening to him?

He stood a few feet behind his son, watching him struggle to walk when the boy had been raised in great acrobatic feats. "You can't live in a dream Dick." His frustration, fear, and worry were starting to break through his usually stoic persona.

"Why not?!" Dick finally managed to get to his feet, he turned to face the Dark Knight with a rage that he had not displayed since he had faced his parents killer. Batman supposed that, in some twisted way, right now, Dick saw him in the same light. Dick saw him as the person keeping him away from his parents

"What is so great about my reality?!"Dick's body shook in rage and exhaustion. His hand rose to his chest to emphasize his point. There was nothing out here for him except more pain.

Batman swallowed the sting of his son's words. "None of what you see or feel in there is real" a quiet calm tinted with anger painted his voice. "Your parents are dead, and no matter how much you want them to be real, they aren't."

The grief and anger that they both shared was real.

The pain they both knew so well was real.

The Love that they had for each other was…

"And we both know that deep down, this isn't what you want." At that moment pain exploded from his back. The Mad Hatter was behind him, a can held like a stabbed sword. The metal head of the rabbit cane top was stabbing Batman's back. The ears of the rabbit acting as the prongs of a cattle prod. Electricity was grabbing onto him and streaming across and through his armored body.

Dick watched from a few feet away, the anger he felt was still too fresh to let him feel fear of regret. "Why couldn't you just let me have this?!" his voice barely carried over the sizzle of electricity and the pained cries of batman.

Mad Hatter pulled his weapon away. Batman fell to the floor in a quaking heap. "Yes Batman. Why couldn't you let him have his Wonderland?" He held his cane below the topper and walked calmly past the little dormouse toward the mighty Batman. "Who made you the dream police?" Batman was on his knees trying to rise. Well we can't have that now can we? He struck the caped crusader across the face with his cane. Batman fell to the floor, dazed.

Dick watched as Mad Hatter closed the distance between himself and Batman. Mad Hatter pulled something from his ratty green coat. It was another metal crown.

His body ached.

His anger had finally died, but nowhe could feel pain, and the guilt coming full force. His emotions were at war.

His head throbbed.

Sadness and fear started to push on him from all sides. Dick rubbed his arms. It felt like his blood burned under his skin.

He could barely breathe.

Dick felt himself step up to the machine, but it was like he was watching his body from the outside. He pressed the activation button. The machine hummed to life, happy that its victim had returned.

He wanted to see his parents, he wanted to be with them. To be happy with them again.

He turned around. Mad Hatter was approaching the wounded Batman. Something glinted in the greasy white gloves. He hesitated.

"Just don't kill him." Dick's voice shook, guilty and scared, but loud enough to be heard. "He won't come back, I'm-" he swallowed the lump in his throat, "I'm sure of it."

All three of them could tell that he didn't believe his own words.

Mad Hatter turned to the door mouse. He was angry at the interference, "this is none of your concern." then he remembered who this mouse was. "Go on now, your Wonderland awaits you" the sweet coax of a promise in his voice.

Dick hesitated another moment, then stepped onto the machine.

Which left Batman at the mercy of the Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter forced the metal band on Batman's head. The mad man had to hold the crown in place when his victim started thrashing and struggling. This dream crown was different. It didn't bring out the most fond dream no, it ripped dreams to shreds. It brought out the worst of nightmares and the most horrid memories of the wearer. The Hatter had been saving this for a long time now.

The massive electric currents from the crown were only part of the pain he felt. Memory after memory, image after image, his fears and his nightmares played out before his eyes. Repeating over and over again. His worst memories and his worst fears.

His parents dying - Being unable to save Harvey Dent from the explosion that had taken the remainder of his sanity – Fighting the Joker – Alfred leaving him alone - Dick's parents falling to their deaths - Clark being shot with the kryptonite bullet His parents dying – Robin falling in battle - Gordon getting shot- Fighting the Joker – Alfred leaving him alone - Dick's parents falling to their deaths - Robin getting tortured and beaten by Two-face – His parents dying - Fighting the Joker – Robin falling in battle - Clark being shot with the kryptonite bullet – Alfred leaving him alone - Fighting the Joker – being unable to save Harvey Dent from the explosion that had taken the remainder of his sanity - His parents dying - Gordon getting shot – Robin falling in battle -

The visions flashed again and again, they wouldn't stop. Dick's face appeared again and again, as did Alfred's, but the dark memories and hidden fears were quickly decimating his defenses. Pain on multiple levels was slowly eating away at his mind, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Then suddenly, Dick was there. He rammed the Hatter away from Batman with surprising force. The metal crown fell to the ground, cracked and useless. The Hatter regained his balance and snarled at the boy. But before he could retaliate Dick grabbed the light fixture above the control terminal and used it to swing his legs straight into the Hatter's chest. The man fell backwards and smashed into his own control deck. Electricity filled the air as he was forced against the panels under Dick's weight.

After a moment the electricity failed. The controls shorted and fizzled out. Mad Hatter went limp, unconscious, but alive.

Dick jumped onto the floor. He stood and stared at the unconscious man for a moment. Batman had regained his senses and watched the boy as he rose to his feet.

Dick lifted his hands and stared at them. The anger melted off Dick's face as an absolute despair took its place. His hands went to the sides of his head and his knees hit the floor. He gripped his hair so tightly, he was almost pulling it out. His head shook back and forth over and over in a devastating denial. Heavy sobs resonated from his chest. His breathing was short ragged. His were eyes glassy and dazed.

The weight of heavy warm material falling across his shoulders snapped him out of his distraught stupor. Dick turned his head around. Black, metal and leather woven together. Batman's cape, his dazed mind registered. He risked looking behind him.

Batman was knelt on one knee just behind him, his cape absent but the cowl still in place. His face was calm, but there was sadness and relief. There was also the one thing that Dick couldn't face, the thing he didn't deserve,


A choked sob escaped him as he threw himself at his mentor's chest. Tears burned his eyes, his chest tightened. He pressed his face into Bruce's collar bone and wrapped his arms around Bruce's neck.

That's who this was, Bruce, not Batman.

Bruce held his son. One hand on his back and the other tangled through the boy's dark hair, stroking the sweaty locks in effort to comfort the child. Bruce could see the sweat and tears merge together on Dick's face and neck. His breathing became more and more labored. His skin was on fire and his muscles twitched uncontrollably.

Dick had resisted the temptation of the machine, but his body was starting to suffer from the withdrawal. All Bruce could do right now was try to comfort his son. Until he wept himself into exhaustion, and into the bliss of unconsciousness.

He spoke softly as he held the boy closer. "It's all right now Dick, you're going to be all right."


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