Originaly I was planning on having the villians be twoface, cheetah and the trickster (the one from the Flash tv show). But then I realized the oblivious, Mark Hamill is just too amazing and awesome to be lumped in with a group villain attack like this. So I will use that character later in a super epic solo villain attack!

So look forward to that in the eventual future!

Also the toyman that I am using is the totally amazingly creepy one from the Superman animated series and the Justice League. Not the one lined, throwaway, dull as mud version that YJ gave us. (that really bothered me, he was always one of my favorite villians and they didn't do anything with him, he could have been so creepy going against kids with his toys and freaky attitude and just so creepy! And Great! And GAH!"). anyway, that's the toyman in this story.

I figure that the Zeta beam network hasn't been perfected yet. So if you wonder why they didn't just zeta there, that is the reason.

and yes i know the comics have a different explanation as to how the Mountain got outed as a secret base, but i haven't read the comics yet, so it doesn't really matter.

Planes were cool. He decided to himself as he stared out the window and down upon the cityscape below. He had never been on a plane before. The circus had always traveled by train or boat due to the animals and large equipment.

He had always wanted to fly for real. Not just on the trapeze, but through the air like a real bird. Six months ago when he had become robin and he had gotten to try out his grappler for the first time it had been like being on the high wire again, except even better.

But to actually be flying thousands of miles above the ground, was amazing.

The inside of the plane was really nice too. Bruce had told him that it was small compared to most planes but it was average size for a private plane.

Dick glanced over at his guardian. Dick had long forgone his seatbelt in favor of looking out the window. But Bruce was still strapped in his large white leather chair, completely engrossed by the printed out email that had set off this sudden trip. The jubilation he felt about the plane ride went down and up again.

The message was from The Justice League. Which was cool enough, but Bruce said that the league wanted to meet him, er Robin.

When he had first heard the summons, Dick had been ecstatic. The Justice league wanted to meet him! That was the coolest thing ever. But then he had seen the worried look on Bruce's face and he realized that the visit may not be as fun as he was hoping.

Bruce was really good at hiding his emotions and thoughts from most people. Over the past nine months however Dick had learned to see past the mask of "Bruce Wayne" billionaire playboy and understand better what was going on inside of his guardian's head.

Dick realized that Bruce was worried about this trip. He had been avoiding the league for a while. Ever since Robin had first arrived on the streets of Gotham by Batman's side.

If he understood correctly, this trip was a last resort on the League's part to get Bruce in the same room and finally get some strait answers out of him.

Dick knew that the fact he was a kid really bothered a lot of people. Gotham officials had been up in arms about it for weeks after Robin had made his debut. They couldn't really do anything about it because they didn't know where/who the Dinamic Duo were.

But the league did, at least know where they were. Dick had a feeling that at least one or two of them knew who Batman was under the mask.

But didn't change the fact that Bruce was still worried. He wouldn't admit it (at least not to Dick), he would say he was annoyed or that the trip was a waste of time. But he was worried.

Dick may have accidently eavesdropped on Bruce and Alfred talking about the trip last night. Alfred had deduced what Dick hadn't even considered being what Bruce was afraid of.

Alfred had said that Bruce was afraid that the Justice League would think he was a bad guardian by letting him be Robin, and that the league would try and take Dick away from him.

Dick knew that he would never let that happen, he would never leave Bruce. He understood that Bruce had gone through (and to an extent he was still going through) the same pain he had. Without him and Alfred, Dick would have no one in the whole world.

Dick realized that Bruce probably felt the same way.

He suddenly felt very sad. Dick went to Bruce and crawled into the man's lap. He hugged Bruce. Obviously surprised, Bruce didn't hug back right away. But after a moment Dick was rewarded for his patience with a warm arm around his back, and a strong hand combing through his hair.

The boy relaxed in his arms, already drifting off into a light nap. They would be landing in the next half hour, so Dick wouldn't sleep very deeply. But a light rest would do them both good.

Bruce let the hum of the engine lull him as he also allowed himself to zone off into a doze. He tightened his hold around Dick once more.

No matter what the League said, he would never give up his son.

It was hard not to be impressed by the mountain rising from the ocean outside of happy harbor. But it was absolutely impossible not to be impressed by the super high tech secret base that was hidden inside it.

After landing and checking into their hotel. They had left for Mount Justice. By that time it was dark so they had made it without causing a fuss.

The main hall looked like it was as big as the mountain around it. Round and dome like, lined in metal plating. He noticed that one side had construction equipment, and a few tarps hung around the area being worked on.

Robin realized that they must be installing the new Zeta tubes. Like the one that Batman was building back home.

Batman kept moving, Robin following closely. Robin realized that there was more under construction than just the Zeta tubes. Metal sheeting and boxes of equipment lay about the twisting hallways, waiting to be installed or activated. Batman had said that this base was new, and that they were still setting everything up.

The Dinamic duo came up to a large room with a large TV and a few couches surrounding it. A door on the far side had two people in front of it. Superman and the Flash.

They looked to be in deep discussion over something. Then Superman seemed to notice (or hear) them and turned in their direction. He smiled a little at the sight of them.

A sudden whooshing sound followed by a gust of wind blasted into his face. Batman didn't flinch but Robin raised his arms against the breeze. A red blur stopped inches in front of them.

Then it started talking a mile a minute.

"Hey Bats you finally showed up!" the red suited man, The Flash! So Cool!, ducked down to Robin's level and grabbed his hand "And you actually brought the kid! John said you wouldn't" the handshake felt more like a rollercoaster.

"Hi I'm the Flash and your Robin its nice to meet you! Didn't think we'd get the chance. So how old are you? You like living in Gotham? Hope ol' bats here doesn't give you as hard a time as he gives us! So what do you think of the new digs? Not as good as yours I guess, right?"

Before Robin could answer any of the questions. Another voice, this one he did recognize, spoke.

"Alright Flash, you'll have plenty of time to try and interrogate the kid on Batcave info later." Superman walked up to them and gently elbowed the Flash in the arm.

"Not that your likely to get much, given who he works with." Superman spared Robin a small smile. "How have you been Robin?"

Robin returned it. He had met Superman twice before. Once before he had even known that Bruce was Batman. Clark Kent had come to the house to talk about Dick, and if Bruce would "have enough time" to properly care for a young traumatized child.

At the time Dick had thought Clark had meant Wayne enterprises. Only a few weeks later after Dick had discovered the cave, Robin had made his appearance, and Tony Zucco had been arrested did Clark Kent return to Wayne Manor.

But that time, he had been in uniform

Dick had been shocked when he had come down to the cave for his nightly training session to find his new guardian in the middle of a heated argument with Superman.

They had stopped talking when he had come down. Superman had asked him a few questions about being Robin and if he really understood how dangerous it was.

Dick had answered as best he could.

Superman hadn't looked completely happy about his answers, but he hadn't been angry. So Dick took it as a good sign. Superman's identity was revealed to him that night when he decided to stay for dinner as Clark Kent. He had been good company, at least Dick had thought so. Bruce had been on the knifes edge of dangerously annoyed the whole evening.

Now, once again under the sharp gaze of the earthgrown alien. Dick felt a little better that he had at least one kind-of-sort-of friend among the League.

"I've been worse." He answered with as much attitude as he could muster. Which he would admit, at nine he didn't have a lot of attitude to begin with.

Superman smiled again and nodded. Then he and Batman acknowledged each other.



That was all they said. It was the sort of display of dominance thing that reminded him of the lions and tigers back at the circus. They had to work together. They weren't always happy about it, but they made it work because of the respect they had for each other.

Fortunately, any further friction was broken when the door behind the heroes opened.


Wonder Woman was pretty. Like really, really pretty. The photos didn't do her justice at all. Long black hair, strong face but there was a certain softness to her features that just made her stunning to look at. Just a smidge taller than Batman, but you couldn't really tell because her body was so slim.

Robin was glad that she was addressing Batman and the other grownups and not him. He probably would have said something really stupid. He already probably looked like an immature twerp with his wide eyes and gaping mouth.

"We can begin whenever your ready." Dick noticed that she was looking straight at Batman when she said that. Like she was annoyed that he had taken so long, but at the same time she was teasing him for being such a stickler for schedules.

Something Alfred had told him earlier suddenly clicked into his understanding, and he almost burst out laughing. Fortunately, he held it in, though he had to cover his grin with his gloved fists.

Alfred had said to watch out for Bruce when he was around Wonder Woman. That he could be really rash and stupid when it came to the amazon princess.

"Thats the way these things begin" were Alfred's exact words.

So that was what Alfred had meant. Dick suppressed another burst of laughter.

Batman nodded to her and made to enter the meeting room. Robin began to follow when Batman held out a large gloved hand.

"Robin, stay out here while we talk." Batman looked right at him as he spoke. The order was simple and concise and clear, not to be argued.

Which only made Robin want to argue more.

He thought they were over this! Robin could handle whatever it was that Batman didn't want him to see or hear. Robin had the right to be there.

Especially now because this meeting (whether the League would admit it or not) was about him.

Then he noticed the other heroes watching, and he realized how stupid he was for not realizing it sooner.

This was a test, a small one sure but still important. Batman wanted to show the others that Robin could and would follow orders. That if it got dangerous, and whether he liked it or not, Robin would follow Batman's lead.

Dick took a breath. Letting out the tension to show that he was calm.

"Ok, I'll stay out here Batman." All he said, but he could see the flicker of approval under his mentors half covered face.

Superman, Flash and Wonderwoman followed the caped crusader inside.

And then Robin was alone.

For the next hour or so he stayed where he was. He sat on the couches and flipped through the TV channels. Every once in a while a raised voice could be heard from the meeting room. Dick wasn't sure if he wanted to lower the volume to hear what was being said or turn it up to drown out the unheard argument completely.

He couldn't take it. He was nervous, scared, a little angry and really really bored. Robin needed a distraction better than the TV could provide to him.

It wasn't disobeying Batman's orders if he stayed inside the mountain, right?"

After convincing himself that this was the case, Robin began to wonder the halls.

He found the barebones of a medical wing, the still being built kitchen, the library, a training area, and an indoor target range.

Maybe an hour later he found the hanger. It was well designed. Big enough for a bunch of different crafts to stay at once. Land, sky and water access for the different kinds of travel.

Right now only one plane was docked. The new Javelin, Bruce had told him that he and Green Lantern had been finished it, but Robin hadn't actually seen it yet. Meant to be mass produced so that anyone in the league could have access to high speed transport and heavy artillery.

Silver, sleek and made to fly! Dick had to exercise every scrap of his self control to not bust in and look inside. Casually strolling around the mountain was stretching Batman's orders enough. Breaking into their new spaceship would not win him any points with the Justice League.

He wandered around a bit more before deciding to head back to the meeting. Hopefully they would be done soon.

That's when things got crazy.

He took two steps before the ground, no the entire mountain shook in response to a distant explosion. Robin managed to get his balance, then he started running. Toward the hallway entrance, toward Batman.

He didn't get far, another explosion from somewhere deeper in the mountain sent the floor shaking again. Even more, part of the ceiling fell. Robin managed to jump back out of the way, he landed on his hands and sprang into the air again to avoid another barrage of falling rocks.

More explosions and heavy impacts rocked the mountain. Robin found cover in an alcove near the hallway opening. He didn't move, he didn't try to run. Batman had said, in an earthquake stay where you are and wait for it to end.

But Dick had a really bad feeling that this wasn't an earthquake.

The rock of the cave walls became more and more unstable. Rocks continued to fall and hit the ground with loud crashes that only emphasized the far-off explosions emanating from further in the mountain.

When one pile of stone fell less than a foot away, Robin knew that he had to get somewhere safer. The ground shook again, but he managed to scan the room for any kind of escape route and-

Everything went quiet. No noise, no quakes, no after shocks. Just quiet.

He didn't like it.

Robin pulled up his wrist computer, his first instinct screaming to call Batman and ask what was going on. But he stayed his hand.

He waited a moment, then two, then five more.

Still no call.

That clenched that something was really wrong. If Batman was alright, if it had just been an earthquake or even a battle and now it was over, Batman would have called him by now. To yell at him for leaving his designated position, or to check on him and see if he was all right.

Robin wanted to call, he wanted to open the line and beg and beg until Batman answered.

But he couldn't.

The possibility that Batman was still in battle, or captured, or hiding was very real. Not to mention that any monitoring system could be used to track Batman or Robin back to their exact locations.

No, Robin couldn't risk his mentor or himself by giving either of they're locations away. Not even to know for sure that his guardian was alive.

He needed to prioritize, that's what Batman would do at a moment like this. First priority, get back to the Batman and the rest of the League. As good a place to start as any.

He stepped out from his cover and headed down the hallway leading back into the main rooms of the mountain. Only to find himself face to face with a pair of giant toy soldiers.

"What the-?"

Before he could finish, the robots' arms extended and rotated into machine guns. Robin jumped back into a flip to avoid the bullets. He landed and started running around the robots. They were big, but bulky and mechanically slow. Robin threw a few discs at on of them. They stuck tight and exploded a second later. The impact forced the robot back a step and into the other. They both fell to the floor in a loud crash.

Well at least I know that there was an attack.

As the dust settled he caught his breath. But his reprieve didn't last long. The hydraulics of the soldier robots started to buzz. There gears started shifting and rotating the long metal limbs.

Robin knew that the element of surprise had won him the first round, but this time his odds were not very good.

Batman always said to accept your chances and to act accordingly. Right now his chances were bad. He needed to get a better vantage point. He scanned the hallway.


Less than ten feet down the hall from him was a ventilation cover. Still unsealed, probably still under construction. He just had to get past the robots and he was home free.

Robin needed fast, and fast was direct. He took a running jump and slid right between one of the now upright robot's legs.

Like sliding into home plate. He rolled to a stop and ducked into the vent. The crash of the soldiers fist hitting the vent opening and the surrounding wall, only drove the thought pounding through his brain further home.

"Way! too, close!" he gasped for air, then started crawling through the air duct system. Hoping against hope that some brilliant epiphany would lead him to the Justice League.

"Should have downloaded the blueprints when I had the chance."

The toy soldier that had attempted to catch Robin pulled its fist back from the wall. It stood tall, its hat just short enough to not hit the hallway ceiling. Its partner, a little worse off because of the explosive disks it took to the face, stood to the side. Part of its painted skin fallen away reveiling the sparking electronics inside.

Both sets of painted eyes pointed directly at the young hero's escape route.

The corresponding image of the destroyed air vent was displaying on one of the holo-monitors in the main room of the mountain. A group of figures watching the screen with varying degrees of interest.

"Oh my, oh my my my my my. He certainly is a quick little thing isn't he." The speaker was shorter than any of the others. Small and round. His face hidden behind a painted mask. Frozen in a perfect plastic smile.

"The kid doesn't matter, we got the League, lets just blow this popsicle stand!" A young woman barely in her late teens herself. Her skin was bleached of color, white as death. Her hair was long, held back in a pony tail. The color a bright unnatural shade of blue.

"Our job is to capture the League and take the information from their computer systems." The second man stood tall and well built. Yellow reflective glass-like material covered most of his body, held together by dark green metal. The man turned to the final member of their group. "When will you be in their system?"

The third man, far less outlandish in appearance than any of his counterparts. An older man, balding brown hair. He hunched over the hard light keyboard, tapping away code after code.

"You can't rush art, my good man." This man seemed annoyed by his partners' impatience. "I will be in soon enough."

"Fine," the man in the golden glass armor directed the other two. "While Calculator gets into their system, Killer Frost and I will grab that kid. Toyman, stay and make sure League stays contained." He made to head down one of the hallways.

"Oh Mirror Master" the odd ever-so-slightly muffled voice of the Toyman spoke up. "Perhaps I should be the one to go after the boy. I would just love to see him play with some more of my toys."

"No, we don't have time for any of your games. Stay with Kuttler and keep an eye on the League. We won't be long." He left before anymore argument could be made. Killer Frost fell into step beside him.

"That guy, he even gives me the chills." The young woman's words gave him a moment of doubt as he continued down the hallway.

He didn't say anything, but he did consider the thought that this Robin kid, was better off if they caught him first.

Toyman entered the large entry way of the mountain. The six members of the justice league all incapacitated by his own toys and the knowledge of his associates.

The entire Justice League was now trapped like bugs, quite literally. A giant lady spider and her web (one of his better designs) their hands and feet bound in round manacles of the Calculator's design. Power neutralizers ran through the webbing. Red sunlight radiation (for Superman), zero point energy (for the Flash), and a few other odds and ends to keep the rest of the heroes under control.

Green Lantern's ring and Batman's utility belt had been removed and there was no way for any of them to escape. Not without help, anyway.

"I do hope you are all enjoying my toys. Made specially for the lot of you."

"What are you planning you freak!" He ignored the speedster. The demand for an answer was drenched in a helpless anger, that he would admit did give Toyman a good deal of satisfaction.

Toyman was proud of the prizes around him. But he was also intrigued by the allure of the new prey. He all but skipped up to the dark knight.

"Oh Batman?" in a singsong voice he began to ask. "I saw something very interesting just now. Can you guess what it could have been?"

The hero didn't answer, Toyman hadn't expected him to. The cowled face only grew darker, the glare deeper.

"No? Well then I'll tell you." He stepped up closer. He almost sang as he revealed his little secret.

"I saw your little Robin fluttering around the mountain, he made quite a mess of my toy soldiers."

A few of the other heroes stiffened. Pulling at their restraints or glancing at each other trying to make a plan. But he didn't pay attention to them. He wanted to see what the Bat would do.

Despite his dislike of Superman and the League as a whole, he did have a small bit of admiration for the Batman. With all those wonderful toys of his.

The Batman didn't respond at all, no twitch of anger or display of fear. Just the same glare as before. It was hard to gauge. So, Toyman would just have to push harder.

"And when I saw him I realized, that he would surely appreciate some of my toys. After all the clever little gadgets you give him to play around Gotham." The only change was the deepening of the ever-present glare.

"But parental supervision is so very important nowadays. So I thought that little I would play with the little Robin, and you would watch." He activated the mountains security feeds and holo-screen. Simple security had been easy for Calculator to get into, especially since the headquarters construction was still underway, but the cameras were fully installed.

The Batman pulled against the restraints, a sound like a snarl tried to escape the man's throat. But he held himself in control.

The holo-screens showed several different camera views in different screen windows. Various points around the mountain, different hallways, the kitchen, the hanger. One window showed Killer Frost and Mirror Master arriving at the destroyed vent cover where the little bird had escaped his toy soldiers.

"Unfortunately the others might get a hold of the little bird before I can have my playtime. Guess we'll just have to wait and see now won't we."

Batman didn't say anything. He couldn't every nerve in his body was screaming at him to find Robin, protect Robin, save Robin. If he said anything he knew he would lose his control.

His control was his edge; emotions could be used against you, Robin could be used against him. That was exactly what Toyman wanted. To hurt him by hurting Robin.

So he didn't respond, he didn't speak. He would wait and see, like Toyman had said. But he would see how far his young partner had come in the last eight months.

Robin would survive. Batman had taught him everything he needed to survive this day. The boy just needed to stay calm and stay alive. And above everything else, he needed to trust his own instincts.

Despite his own reassurances. Despite his calm exterior. Despite the ridiculous amount of trust he placed in his protégé. He couldn't stop thinking.

Please be careful, I can't watch you die too.

Cliff hanger! Hanging from a cliff…

And that's why its called a cliff hanger.


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Ok really random thing that is really only amusing to me.

So "The Batman" series in on Netflix now. I was like, I remember that show, I should watch it later. Then later I was thinking about Legends of tomorrow, and thinking about Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer) and how his voice sounded familiar. So I kept thinking about his voice and it hit me. This one episode of "The Batman" had this villain/victom character John Marlow AKA Everywhereman.

So I typed in Brandon Routh on imb. And low and behold I was right! It was him that did the voice. I hadn't seen the episode in years but I remembered his voice. I started jumping up and down and dancing around my room singing the "awesome, awesome, awesome!" song from Phineous and Ferb (Mom Attractor) about how awesome I was.

And that was it.