Chapter Eight


Elena stood in the clearing of the Lockwood slave quarters with her heart racing at a million miles an hour. She felt her phone buzzing in her pocket, but didn't pick it up, knowing exactly who was on the other end of the line.

"Hello, Elena." She spun around, gasping. A tall man with short wavy blond hair and deep blue eyes walking into the clearing, a smile on his face.

"You look exactly like Katherine. It's quite astounding really." He said, laughing. Elena took a deep breath.

"You have me. Now save Caroline."

"No. Not yet." Klaus said, an excited smile playing on his lips.


"Come on, Elena, where are you?" Stefan said.

"No answer?" Damon asked. Stefan threw his phone across the room in anger.

"I know what she's up to, Damon! She's gone to Klaus so she can sacrifice herself for Caroline!"

"I know..." Damon said, frowning.

"Stop her..." Caroline whispered.

"We don't know where she is!" Stefan said, gripping his hair.

"I can find her. I can try scrying for her." Bonnie said.

"Have you ever done it before?" Damon asked her.

"No, but...I think I know how to. Does anybody own something of Elena's?"

"I have one of her shirts upstairs." Stefan said. Bonnie nodded.



"You made a deal." Elena said fiercely.

"And I intend to keep it." Klaus said, smiling. A young girl came walking into the clearing.

"Klaus, I can't hold it much longer." She said, her eyes fluttering as her hands shook.

"Almost my dear Greta, almost." Elena's heart flew to her throat.

"You're Jonah Martin's daughter. Greta." She breathed.

"Yes. She is. But, as you can see...her allegiance lies with me." Klaus said, that annoying smile becoming wider. The young girl's eyes grew wider and Elena saw a vial of blood in the girl's hand.

And Elena was willing to bet anything that the vial contained Caroline's blood.

"You're the one doing this to her."



"I've almost got it." Bonnie continued murmuring in latin, the chain in her hand lowering more and more as it spun.

"This looks like Charmed." Tyler said. Damon looked at him.


"You know. Charmed? That witch TV show. They used to scry for people and-"

"Tyler, shut up." Bonnie said. She went back to murmuring in latin.

"Sorry." Damon leaned back and whispered to Tyler.

"Dude, you used to watch Charmed? You do realise that's a chick show?" Damon whispered. Tyler froze, looking at him slowly.

"You heard Bonnie, Shut up." He said, turning back to Caroline.

"Got her!" Bonnie looked down as the chain slammed onto the map of Mystic Falls.

"She's at the old slave quarters." Bonnie said, looking at Tyler.

"Let's go." Stefan said.

"What do we do about baby Gilbert?" Damon said.

"Don't involve him in this. Let him keep looking for her around town." Bonnie said. Damon nodded.

"Then let's go." Bonnie got up.

"I'm coming with you. You might need me."

"For once, I don't disagree with you. Let's go!" Damon repeated.

"I'll stay with Caroline." Tyler said.

"We know." Bonnie, Stefan and Damon said at the same time.


"You're the one doing this to Caroline?" Elena said.

"Yes. That vial contains my saliva and Caroline's blood. I bit her when she was at her front porch. My saliva still runs in her veins, so the curse remains active as long as myself and Greta are still alive. But I promise, I will get Greta to lift the curse as soon as I have what I want. Your life."

"But...she was okay. For a week she was okay."

"Yes, Greta had a...mild setback, from all the magic she's been using. But I can assure you she's fine now." Klaus said, smiling.

"I wouldn't be so sure, Klaus." She whispered. Klaus sighed and bit into his wrist, holding it out to her.

"Drink, you'll feel better." He said. The girl grabbed him, drinking the blood from his wrist as Elena watched them, frozen in shock.

"There, there." Klaus said. The girl smiled, gripping the vial tighter.

"Better?" He asked.

"Better." She said. Her eyes closed again and she murmured something under her breath.


Caroline's whole body jerked as she gasped for breath.

"Caroline?" Tyler said.

"I...I can't, Tyler. I can't fight it..." She whispered.

"Caroline please! I love you, and you need to fight it!"

"I can't..." She whispered. Tyler lifted her into his arms.

"Drink my blood. It'll make you stronger."

"No..." She whispered.

"Caroline. Do it." He whispered back. She shook her head.

"I might kill you."

"I'll just keep healing." He said. He shook her slightly.

"Do it." Caroline sighed, but snarled, her face turning into one of a vampire as she bit into his skin.


"ELENA!" Bonnie ran into the clearing, almost slamming into Elena with relief.

"You're alive!"

"Klaus..." Damon said. Stefan and Damon growled and Klaus laughed.

"Come on, young Salvatore's! You have no reason to be mad with me!"

"Lift the curse off Caroline." Damon said. Klaus yelled out in mock recoginition.

"Ah yes! The curse! Well, hand over Elena, and i'll do exactly that."

"How about you lift the curse, we keep Elena and you keep your life?" Stefan said angrily. Klaus laughed, but there was a dangerous look in his eyes.

"Bad move." He ran forward, push Bonnie aside and grabbed Elena, running back to the other side of the clearing in less than second. Stefan and Damon watched him in surprise.

"So now, you've forfeited your lives, Elena's, and Caroline's. Aren't you proud?" Klaus said. He snarled and raised his fangs to Elena's neck.

"WAIT! I'll make a deal with you!" Stefan said. Damon looked at Bonnie. His eyes wide. Bonnie looked back at him, not knowing what he wanted. Suddenly, a sharp pain erupted in her head, and she looked across the clearing to see a young girl looking at her with a big smirk on her face.

She's a witch. Bonnie realised. Bonnie fought against her, trying to push her out of her mind.

"Don't even think about taking me on, girl. I'm from a prestigious line of witches." Bonnie gripped her head as the voice rang out inside her mind. She growled.

"Yeah, well so am I." Bonnie said, gritting her teeth and forcing her magic upon Greta, who's grin disappeared as she tried fighting Bonnie back.


"Caroline..." Tyler whispered. His vision grew hazy, then clear as he healed, then hazy again, until finally, Caroline removed herself from him. She lay back on the couch, breathing heavily as Tyler's blood stained the area around her lips. Tyler gripped his neck, feeling his skin heal from the bite marks and Caroline wiped his blood away from her mouth, tears leaking down her cheeks.

I'm still weak." She whispered.

"You can fight it." Tyler said, gripping her hand tightly. She closed her eyes, her breath coming out raspy. Her vampire face did not disappear.

"Caroline, your face..."

"I...I..." She couldn't get the words out.

"Caroline..." Tyler whispered. She lay still on the couch, not moving and Tyler pleaded with the others to hurry back.


"Please...I love much, don't do this."

"I'm sorry...but all romantic escapades must end." Klaus said.

"Bonnie..." Damon whispered.

"I'm trying!" She whispered back. Her nose began bleeding as the effort became too much. All of her wanted to give up, but the sight of Elena, scared and fragile in Klaus's arms powered her on.

Blood poured from Bonnie's nose and Damon moved over to her, gripping her hand.

"You can do it, Bonnie. You're a Bennett." He whispered.

A burst of flame surrounded all of them and Klaus let Elena go in surprise. Damon and Stefan ran at Klaus, who attacked them both. Greta's eyes fluttered as she tried to fight Bonnie, but it was a losing battle. Greta screamed as she collapsed to the floor, no one knowing whether she was unconscious or dead. Bonnie smiled at her victory, then keeled over.

"BONNIE!" Elena ran to her, cradling her as she watched the Salvatore brothers fight against Klaus. But it was like the brothers were taking on five people at once. Klaus was hitting them left, right and center. Stefan snarled, grabbing him and Klaus dislocated his shoulder, dropping him to the floor, then grabbed Damon and threw him across the clearing.

"STOP!" Elena yelled. Klaus broke of a log and snapped it, making the point of it sharp. Klaus grabbed Stefan, lifting him to his feet.

"NO!" Elena screamed. She stood up, charging herself toward Klaus, but he grabbed her by the throat, laughing. He dropped Stefan, pinning him to the floor with his foot.

"You get to watch your boyfriend die, Elena." He said. Elena watched Stefan with wide eyes, gasping for breath-

When Klaus heaved, his eyes wide as his face contorted with pain. Elena looked behind him-

And saw Elijah pushing a blade deeper in Klaus's heart. Klaus fell to the floor, his face turning a pale grey and the veins in his body turning black. Damon ran over to Bonnie, helping her up.

"Klaus, is he-"

"He's dead. As long as you keep that blade in him. He's dead." Elijah said.

"Well...thank you." Damon said. Elijah looked at him.

"This isn't the end. You owe me. All of you."

"What do you want?"

"When the time comes. You'll know." Elijah grabbed Klaus's body and carried it away, leaving all of them looking at each other in wonder until Elena gasped.

"Caroline." She whispered.


Caroline gasped, sitting up from the couch.

"Caroline!" Tyler gripped her shoulders, and saw her face was slowly returning to normal.

"What happened?" She whispered.

"I...I think they got Klaus." Tyler said, glancing down at her neck to see the bite marks on her neck healing. She touched his cheek.

"You did something the old Tyler Lockwood would never do."

"I did?" He asked, confused. She laughed.

"You put someone else before yourself." She whispered.

"Oh..." He nodded.

"Well, in the circumstances, I was under no other choice but to-"

"Shut up and kiss me." She said, grabbing him by the neck and kissing him fiercely. Tyler kissed her back, his heart racing. Elena and the others walked in.

"CARO-" She saw the two kissing on the couch and whistled.

"Yeah, she's okay." Elena said.

"Well let us see her." Damon said, pushing forward.

"No, no, no need. She's fine. She's more than fine, she's great." Elena said, pushing Damon back with both hands and shoving against his chest to no avail. Bonnie wolf whistled.

"Go, Care!" She yelled. Caroline looked up at them, her cheeks turning red with embarassment.

"WOULD SOMEONE LIKE TO EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!" Everyone turned to see Jeremy standing at the doorway, looking at them angrily.

"Caroline's healed, Klaus is dead, I'm fine, Tyler and Caroline are making out in the living room..." Elena said, checking them off with her fingers. She nodded.

"Yup...a typical day at Mystic Falls."