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Chapter One: Here Again…?

A gentle summer breeze blew down the deserted street, no cars were running along the concrete and no people were walking on the sidewalks. It was about dawn and there was a soft bluish-yellow light coming from behind the houses along either side of the road.

One solitary figure sat sprawled over the bench at a quiet bus stop. Obviously female despite the lack of actual feminine attire, she wore a black t-shirt and dark jeans. Even though she wasn't standing she could have only reached about 5' 1, her head lolled over the back of the bench with her arms spread across the top. She had short honey-blonde hair that fell to just below her jaw, curling up at the ends. A black collar with a gold, bone shaped dog tag wrapped around her neck, the cold metal resting against her collarbone. Two black headphones were stuck in her ears, blasting music.

Next to her was a small backpack, she moved only to pick out her green iPod and change a song. After she had, she resumed the same position. A stray leaf fluttered down on another breath of wind, landing on her face. She blew it off and wrinkled her nose. "What the heck?" she glanced at the leaf now sitting on the bench next to her. Glaring at it, she groaned, "Becca no like deh creeper leaf…"

Her short grumble was one of the only sounds that managed to penetrate the early morning, other than the far off sounds of starting traffic. She sighed and sat forward with her chin resting on her hands. Becca's eyes began to droop just as another gust of wind ruffled her hair and she blinked.

It had been a year since her adventure through time. Her random adventure that had started off in such an obscene manner, waking up from a nap in the middle of a field way back in the medieval era. Since then she had resolved not to fall asleep outdoors, when she had just been howling and/or when it was night. Becca gave another sigh when she thought about those five months.

Apparently when she had been unexpectedly transported home, no time had passed. It was like something from a C.S. Lewis novel where barely any time passes in the world you were originally from. Becca reminisced about the five months, she had befriended a knight and a dragon, travelled the countryside conning villages to earn money. She had killed and had nearly been killed, but that was the advantage of someone like her. Unlike most normal human beings, Becca couldn't die easily.

Being a werewolf, she had her advantages against an attacker. Unless of course he was armed with silver or she was decapitated, Becca would survive even a stab through the heart, and had done so in the past. As a wolf she could transform and change her size whenever she wanted, she could be either a normal wolf size, or reach her massive size that was as big as a Clydesdale horse. Maybe even bigger. Around the actual full moon she became more human-like, and she tended to go insane with hunger and raid every grocery store in the vicinity. Other than that she was like a shape shifter.

Becca herself was just a normal sixteen-year-old, or maybe you could assume she was a normal sixteen-year-old. She tended to dress more like a boy than a girl, and she acted practically insane all the time. Coming up with her own insults that made no sense whatsoever to even her closest friends. Yet to Becca, she was normal as can be, with a few minor exceptions.

She sat up and stretched with a wide yawn, the bus was obviously late again. Why can't public convenience transit systems be… you know? CONVIENIENT? She thought bristly. Becca had been waiting for the bus for over an hour now, coming home from a late-night party and waiting for the now late bus was not her idea of a Friday night, or rather a Saturday morning.

A sudden blast of frigid wind hit Becca in the face and she gasped, the colder air taking the breath from her lungs. Why is it so cold? And in the middle of August too? Wondered the werewolf, she seemed to do that a lot lately. Wonder.

Becca got to her feet, swinging her backpack onto her shoulders and whipping out her iPod all in one swift movement. "I guess the buses just aren't running today…" looking at the schedule, she saw that the bus she was waiting for only came on weekdays, and today was a Saturday. "DAMMIT! WHY AM I SUCH A MORON?" she practically kicked herself for being so dumb and grouchily stomped off down the sidewalk.

Rummaging in her pocket, Becca produced a large sketchbook and a pencil. If she was here now, she might as well draw despite the early hour. As she walked Becca began sketching out simple shapes on the paper. Starting with the circle for the base, adding in direction lines for the placement of the eyes and where they would be looking. She then began to add details to the circle, giving it ears, a pointed muzzle and calm, rounded eyes. The wolf drawing was just beginning to take shape when another stiff breeze snatched it from her hands and blew it away through a park she was passing.

"OY! Wind you can't have that! It's not even finished!" she yelped, loping after it with frustration. "If you want it that badly I'd prefer if you commissioned me thank you!" reaching out her arm Becca attempted to grab the sketch, but the wind continued to make it dance away before she could. Darkness enveloped her for a split second, then trees began to whip by her. They were so close that she nearly blundered into one in her desperation to get her picture back.

With a loud snarl, Becca felt the sting of a cut as a few brambles caught on her skin. She yanked her bag from the clutches of a jealous tree and continued after the floating paper. Becca did not see the ravine just below her feet "UWAAAH!" screamed the girl as the ground vanished beneath her feet, giving way to air.

Just as she was falling, a dark figure came out of nowhere and broke her fall, the figure gave a loud OOF! As she collided with it. Together, both Becca and the figure rolled down the side of the ravine, Becca yelped as sharp rocks or twigs burned at her skin. She and the unknown figure both landed at the bottom of the ravine in a pile of dead leaves. Becca sat up and rubbed her head where she must have hit something really hard, for she could feel a small welt beginning to form just above her right temple. Great… Now I'll have headaches for the next week and a half… Glancing about, she realized that the figure who had landed next to her was also getting up. They lit what appeared to be a lamp and the light shocked Becca's eyes so much that she immediately fell unconscious. The last thing she saw was a boyish face and a mop of curly blonde hair, before her world became just as the night, black.

Ow. Ow. Ow… what happened? My head hurts… gah why did I have to go chasing after that dumb picture?

The darkness around Becca began to lift, becoming a lighter shade of gray. Warm colours began to seep into her eyes from behind her eyelids. She groaned and shifted, then noticed her body would not obey her command. With a swift panic attack she briefly quieted with reason, Becca tried to guess her surroundings a little. She was lying down on something that wasn't even remotely comfortable. More or less it scratched and all she wanted to do was to get up and go wolf so she could scratch that really annoying itch just above her right shoulder. Becca heard a rustling and several indistinguishable voices, she froze. Before she even dared to move again she perked up her ears and listened intently for the voices to return.

"…mururuuur…she's a girl! She cannot stay here…" came one. Becca frowned, her brow furrowing slightly.

"Yes but she was injured, we can't just cast her out Mansel…" another voice spoke up. Becca pricked her ears to catch more.

A loud sigh came from one of the speakers, "Friar Peter isn't going to be happy about this… besides… she looks strange! Look what she's wearing Geoff!" came a brisk comment.

I'd make several comments on you're silly attire… if I could see it… the angry thought jabbed outwardly. She knew he could not hear it, but it made her feel better to just think it.

"Who cares? She's hurt and that's what matters, or do we need to have yet another talk about sanctuary?" asked the second speaker.

Becca finally regained control of her limbs, she moved and began to stretch. Hearing more murmurs and quick movements where the other two voices were. Becca put a hand to her head and felt a small bump on the side where she had hit it, she grumbled something and tried to open her eyes.

"See Mansel? Now you woke her up!"

The light that poured in hurt immediately and she shut them, trying again only slower. Cracking them open so she could barely see anything but a line of light, Becca started opening them wider. The werewolf now saw she was in a small, dark room made of stone, a single window dominated the wall to her right and she was lying in a stiff straw mattress. The only other things in the room was a small washbasin, a chair and a torch. Becca sat up groggily and rubbed her eyes tiredly, Where am I? This isn't Canada… at least I don't think so… she looked over to the two figures standing at the foot of the bed.

One of them was nearly bald, wearing a long, dark hooded cloak. His hands were concealed within his sagging sleeves and his frame was hard to distinguish. He had a very round face that reminded her of a little boy. Becca smiled inwardly. The second was a lean boy wearing a simple farming tunic; he had a simple, handsome face. Short, curly blonde hair covered his head and fell just off to the side of his eyes.

Becca gave them both a confused, drunken look, waiting a few moments for the shock to settle. And then, "WOAH! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TWO? AND WHAT ARE YOU WOMBATS DOING HERE! WHERE THE FECK AM I? I WANNA KNOW YOU SON OF A TREEBRUSH!" she leapt into the corner of the room, holding out her hands balled into fists as if they could protect her. Well if that didn't… then her wolf side would.

The two looked equally stunned, then the one in robes stepped forward. "Miss, you fell down a ravine and hit your head. You are here at our Monastery to recover," he explained matter-of-factly. Becca glared at him, blue eyes wary like a wounded animal judging for the possibility of a threat. She held herself carefully, as if any moment she were prepared for an attack.

"What he's trying to say is, is that we're not here to hurt you," said the blonde boy. Becca seemed to relax a little, contemplating whether they were any threat to her at all.

Deciding that they weren't, at least for now, Becca sighed and crossed her arms. "Okay then… where am I? And why are you two dressed like that? Did I fall into some kind of a reenactment? It's like I'm in the freaking age of dragons or something," she leaned on one leg, tapping her foot impatiently waiting for an answer.

Both flashed each other a look, "Uh, what do you mean by that? What is a… 'reenactment'?" asked the robed guy.

Becca's jaw dropped, "What? Have the two of you been living under a rock your whole lives?" she snapped.

"Actually I've been living in one if you want to count the monastery and the stables…" said the blonde boy.

Then the werewolf became conscious of the truth. Wait… I've been dropped in another time… AGAIN? You have got to be fecking kidding me… She was back in medival times? Becca shook her head solemnly. "Oh great… I'm back HERE again…" not that she wouldn't mind seeing Bowen again, she was just concerned with why she was here once more.

"Uh, Miss? Mat I inquire as to what you're talking about?" asked robe man.

Becca smirked, "Oh nothing… do you guys happen to know a guy called Bowen? I think he might recognize me and be able to sort this all out," she flashed them a pointed smile, her canine's showing.

Both of them appeared stunned, one because she had pointed teeth, and two because she had asked after Bowen. "Well… you see, Sir Bowen died almost fifty years ago…" said the robed man. The blonde-haired boy next to him looked a little sad.

The smirk left Becca's face. Dead? FIFTY years? DEAD? HOW COULD HE BE DEAD? I was only here about a year ago… so WHY? Becca's eyes widened, her friend was dead? It just didn't seem right…

"What do you mean dead? I saw him a year ago…" she wrapped her arms about herself and began to shake. "…that's not… not possible…" Becca wanted to curl up in her corner, to be alone, to think. Yet she knew that would be impossible with the two loonies here.

They looked confused, "How could you have seen him a year ago…?" asked the boy. Becca shook her head.

"You don't understand… he was my friend…"

"HOW?" asked the robed man, "He died FIFTY years ago… and you claim to have seen him recently…"

Becca finally discovered her situation and sighed loudly. "It's a long story, and one that I fear you wont believe if I told you…" she did not meet their gaze.

The blonde-haired boy shrugged, "Try us…"

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