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Home at last

Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog, was starring into the starry sky. She was awaiting for the arrival of her blue hero. Truthfully she had been doing this for about a couple weeks now. She was worried and very sad. She remember her and all her friends her friends stepping through the portal; the one tails had built not to long ago. Though they were sad to leave all their friends on earth behind, they were even more excited to be able to return to Mobius. They soon stepped threw the large machine, waving goodbye. Only to arrive on Mobius not believing their eyes. Cream and her mother were all happy to return back home, Knuckles was happy to go back to the emerald shrine, guarding the master emerald, and Amy was excited to be back on the grassy plains of Mobius. Until she realized sonic wasn't there. She looked every where for him. To the heart of the city, to the mystic ruins, sonic the hedgehog was no where to be found.

She looked back up at the window again, starting to cry. Tears ran silently down her face, trying to be carful not to wake her little sister Cream in her arms. She then looked down at the picture on the desk. It was a picture of Sonic and herself back on earth. Her arms were wrapped around him in a playful hug and they both had a huge smile on their faces. She smiled to herself, drying her tears, realizing that crying wasn't going to bring sonic back. She returned her gaze back to the window when her heart skipped 3 beats in her chest.

There was something gold soaring across the sky and she knew immediately what or who that was. It was Sonic. Her frown quickly turned into a huge grin. She carefully got out of the bed, again trying not to wake up cream, and ran out the bedroom door. Knowing Vanilla was asleep also she quietly ran down the stairs into the cream colored hallway. She grabbed the golden door knob and swung the door open, closing it with a small click. She then ran down the stone path in front of Cream and Vanilla's house into the forest she didn't know where she was going just following sonic as her red dress and pink quills blew in the wind like streamers.

After a while her muscles in her legs started to hurt, but she didn't care as long as she got to see her favorite blue hero again. With his marvelous green eyes, sapphire blue quills, and his amazing, heroic, dazzling smile. It was all worth it to see Sonic the hedgehog again. After running in the midst of the night that felt like hours, the warm golden morning sun greeted her as if was to say hello. Soon the creatures of the forest were starting to wake up, but she didn't notice for she was trying to see were her blue hero stopped.

While almost to her destination a jolt of shock ran through her too see sonic the hedgehog here at her house. 'Did he come here to see me first', Amy thought to herself. She wondered why but chose to ask why later. She then stood on the side walk in front of her little house. Her chest was heaving, while all her muscles burned while she breathed rather heavily. Her emerald green eyes grew huge to see Sonic there. You could see all the emotions on her face; happy, sad, relief, anxiety, ….but soon her facial expression portrayed furry.


"Well what took you so long! I was worried! I wondered if you were ever going to come back!" Amy's voice sounded high and tearful while tears started to form in her eyes and run down her face."It scared me to think that I was never going to see you again!" A sob escaped her chest. "Day after day I waited for you to come… but you never did! I didn't know where you were; I couldn't stand not knowing! I told myself that I should give up hopping; I was convinced that you had forgotten all about me; I thought you were gone forever!" While saying this saying this more broken sobs escaped her chest. "But then I realized… that you would never abandon me. And I decide that I would wait for you…. Even if it took the rest of my life to see you again… now you're here…." She fell to her knees while crying even harder. "Oh I'm so glad to finally have you back Sonic it such a wonderful feeling! I don't think I've ever been as happy as I am right now…. Don't you ever leave me again SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!" She was on her knees crying her eyes out while stood there, and watched her with a smile on his face. He then approached her. "Don't you worry Amy, I never will!" He crouched down and pulled out a rose. Realizing what he just said he pounced on him. Hugging close to her while she sobbed tears of happiness into his soft fur chest. She couldn't let go of him, no matter how much she tried. She was crying her eyes out. Usually she tried not to cry in front of Sonic, but just the thought of having him here, in her arms, made her not care. And plus she needed him so much right now. After 10 minutes of her crying and Sonic trying to soothe and comfort her, she finally stopped. She wiped away her tears and looked up at her blue hero; who still held the same smile he had on his face when he arrived on her doorstep 10 minutes ago.

"Ames, are you okay now? You really seemed to be crying… hard." He addressed the pink girl in front of him cautiously, trying not to say something that would make her shed a million tears all over again. "Yes Sonic, I'm fine. I was just happy to have you back here again. I missed you terribly!" Sonic flushed at her words. "Um, Sonic… why did you come see me first today instead of every one else?" Amy's used to be tear-filled eyes now filled up with something new: curiosity. Sonic didn't expect that coming; but then again he did. Truthfully he didn't know why he had come to see her first today. Most likely because the WHOLE time he was away he thought about Amy Rose the most. And he didn't even know why he did that. He looked down at her curios eyes again; awaiting an answer. Looking into her jade green eyes made him realize why; he was in love with her! Duh! Why else would he think about her all the time. He really didn't want to tell her how he felt for many reasons. He was scared that Eggman would get to her. But what are the chances of that? Very slim actually. He also thought she had no more interest in him, but judging what just happened, how she ran for miles to see him, and then when she did she cried for what seemed like forever; that definitely wasn't going to happen. But the last and final reason was that didn't want to ruin their friendship. He and Amy were best friends for a while now and he didn't want to ruin it. But then again sonic had done a lot of things to this girl and their relationship and she kept coming back. She was very persistent. He soon ran out of excuses and there was nothing that would get in his way of finally telling her. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves and was about to do the impossible…telling her.

"Amy, I came here first because I missed you the most. The whole time I was away I always thought about you. I really missed you and there was a HUGE chance that I wasn't gonna see you again. I thought I was never gonna get the chance to tell you that….I love you! I really, truly, and dearly love you Amy Rose!" Amy stared at him. She couldn't believe what he had just said. "I-I love you too Sonic!" Sonic then pulled her in for a deep passionate kiss. Their hearts were beating franticly as Amy's strong arms wrapped around his body; deepening the kiss. And Sonic, who's arms were wrapped around her waist, went along with it. When the need for air became greater thy pulled away out of breath staring into each other's green eyes. Amy then flashed that brilliant smile which Sonic oh-so loved dearly. They were now in each other's arms enjoying each other's company. 'I've finally gotten everything I've ever wanted', Amy thought to herself. She then took in Sonics' sweet scent and let out a happy sigh; happy about the present she just received today.

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