Ok. So this is chapter 2 of Home At Last. I know its been forever and i apologize!. So hopefully this makes up for it;hope you enjoy! :)

Amy looked up at Sonic; he was a bit red after all that had happened but seemed really glad to have her there. She was about to close her eyes again when Sonic spoke.

"Amy?" She Looked up at him with curiosity in her eyes.

"I wanna show you something "Her smile grew wide with excitement as Sonic wept her off her feet and ran into the nearby forest. While in his arms she snuggled closer to his chest, awaiting for the next adventure; not really caring where he was taking her. She was just happy to be in his arms.

When Sonic came to a stop he set Amy down. Amy then was starring into a beautiful setting contain grassy plains and loads and loads of flowers; with each flower having a similarity to the flower next to it. The way the sun was shining that day made the whole scenery sparkle and glitter with wonder. Amy then noticed all the different types of roses; yellow, red, pink, orange...but one little rose caught her attention the most. It was a rose that had a combination of blue and pink which fused together to make an outstanding purple. She had never seen a rose like it or anything close to it before in her life; she didn't even know that color of a rose had even existed. She had never seen blue and pink blend together ever! She walked up to it,being mindful about the other roses around her, and tried to pick it up. By the time she had reached the flower it was gone. Instead it was being handed to her by a certain blue hedgehog she knew all to well. His face looked as it did when she saw him earlier this morning; full of sincerity, love, compassion...and quite bashful. Not the same as his usual confident cocky expression.

She took the flower without hesitation; it seemed much prettier up close than it did from a distance. She smiled at him as he began to speak.

"I took you here Amy because this is my favorite place of Mobius, well besides your house of course. I come here to think, sleep, and you know, be myself. I always told myself I would bring you here one day, only to show you the beautiful flower in your hand. It caught my attention one day and I just had to show you. And well", his cheeks started to turn red and he took a deep shaky breath, "It reminded me of you. Because it's really pretty...like you."

Amy was lost for words. Sonic had told her she was pretty once before, but she thought it was just to get her off of his back for a while. But now she actually believed that Sonic The Hedgehog thought she was pretty. Her eyes swam with joy as she pulled him in for a hug. She couldn't believe she was so still, so calm. Any other day just the sight of Sonic got her all excited; just by saying hi to her. Amy didn't want to ruin these precious little moments between the two that she knew she would treasure the rest of her life. Though her heart was beating faster and faster with every passing minute, she stayed still, embracing him.

She then began to speak "Thanks for bringing me here Sonic. It's really pretty here. I know I've said this before, but I really am happy to have you back. Truthfully", she began to blush,"I really didn't know what I would do without you", she confessed. "Some of the best moments of my life were with you and well..If you never came back then...I really don't think I could have survived." Her voice was now at a hushed whisper, trying to be careful not to say anything that would scare him off. Sonic flushed at her words, but understanding what they meant. For he knew if he never saw her again. Amy then sat down and leaned on the tree behind her. Sonic sat down next to her and put his arms around her. Sonic and Amy just sat there talking about past adventures and different memories until they finally sat there in silence for a while until Amy yawned.

"Um Amy?" Sonic asked. "Yes Sonic?" "You seem tired, maybe I should take you home." Amy quickly panicked. She never wanted to leave the spot her and Sonic were at now. "No I'm not tired. Not at all!" Sonic laughed at her stubbornness. She hadn't changed since the day he met her. But then again she did. She stopped chasing him around everyday and stopped declaring herself as 'his number one fan'. She had also stopped her annoying marriage proposals. But the young girl hadn't changed completely. She still had her massive piko-piko hammer and still could be very spiteful in battle. And she was still just as stubborn and hot headed as she was when she was 8 years old. And she had loved him just as much, if not more, from when the day she met him. She had truly matured but he was still glad to see she had a what -seemed -to-be an undying love for him. Someone that was loved by a bright bubbly pink hedgehog, with a red dress, a pair of red boots with a white stripe going down the middle, golden bangles on her wrist, and a red headband to match. And for that Sonic The Hedgehog was truthfully grateful.

Sonic was about to speak again when he felt her slow breathing upon his chest. Amy had fallen asleep. She had been exhausted and Sonic couldn't' blame her. When he saw her again she looked as if she was up worried all night about him. This was probably the first time she had slept good in days. Seeing her sleep made Sonic realize how tired he was. He hadn't really been sleeping like a baby himselff. All that time traveling could really take it out of a hedgehog. He laid his head down on top of hers and soon fell asleep. Listening to her soft breathing as if it was a lullaby.

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