I get asked these a lot so here I'm answering them:

Q. Can I use this idea for another fandom?

A. Yes! Of course you can and tell me about it because I may read them! Just make sure you credit the idea!

Q. Can I use this idea for the Harry Potter fandom?

A. Yes, however you must credit me and tell me. I'm fine with it as long as I know. I had an issue with someone plagiarizing this story and actually copying word for word some of the chapters. If you see a story like this without credit being given then please tell me as I really have to watch this. If you do tell me about it's fine. In fact I quite like a few of them (Nutella Knighthawk and HocruxesandHallows - two very good ones) so I would like to read them. :D

Q. What the hell was the Regulus chapter? Trying to make us all depressed?

A. Er yeah... Sorry about that one. I wasn't happy I sense that definitely came across in the chapter.

Q. Is this cliche real?

A. Yes, I do not invent them. They're all real. Search for them and you will find them. Read them and lose faith in humanity.

Q. Why must you shoot down our ideas? It's FanFICTION. OMG H o r i z o n s you're so stupid!

A. Um yeah... guys hello this is a story. This is how I, the author, think the characters would react to the over used plots. It's not my opinion. I have already said this, but obviously (Snape voice) you didn't pay attention.

Q. Are you a gay-hater?

A. Seriously? No I'm not. I just do not ship Sirius/Remus or Snape/Sirius or Snape/Remus etc. I don't believe in making characters gay for no apparent reason. Sorry to disappoint y'all.

Q. Why is this cliche not here?

A. Sorry guys I try and do them all, but there's so many it's hard to fit them all in. I am sorry if I missed your pet-peeve.

Q. Is Chapter four a quote from Mean Girls?

A. Yes, yes it is. Cookies for the people who got that. There was only about 10 of you. I've put it in the A/N for that chapter. ;P


A. Haters gonna hate. Don't like. Don't read. Do something productive with your life. Especially if you leave anonymous reviews.

Q. Why didn't you answer my question here?

A. Like I said, I tired to do them all, but if you have another one then review and tell me.