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Chapter One

Kenichi was lying on his back looking at the ceiling of his room. 'It sure has gotten quiet since the Masters and the Elder left the Dojo.' Kenichi thought.

"Kenichi it is time to wake up." Miu's voice echoed into his room.

"Okay Miu." Kenichi called back as he threw the blankets off of himself and stood. He quickly got dressed and went down to the dining room to see Miu already sitting silently eating a little bit of food. "Good Morning Miu." Kenichi said smiling at her. Miu looked up and smiled back at him.

"Morning Kenichi." She said back quietly.

"It is sure quiet without the others." Kenichi said.

"Yah…" She said quietly.

"Is something wrong?" Kenichi asked.

"I miss grandpa." She told him. "This is the longest I have been without at least one of the masters." She added as she frowned.

"Miu how about we take today off and I take you out somewhere?" Kenichi asked. "Anywhere and we will go there." He told her. "I will pay for everything."

"I don't know…" She said as she thought about it and being together alone with Kenichi was her favorite pass time next to sparing which was with Kenichi. "I would like to meet your mother… you always talk about her and she seems so nice."

"I am sure she would love to meet you." Kenichi said smiling at her.

"Okay after the chores are done we will go… you can go train for a little while I should be done in an hour two tops." She told him.

"Do you wan…" he didn't finish as Miu forcibly removed him from the house. Kenichi shook his head and started to go through the Kata's of the various Martial Arts' he is learning. 'I think I should create a new Martial Arts' Kenichi thought as he started to think of new attacks. He was doing various attacks that looked weird but were extremely devastating if the broken posts were anything to say about it.

Miu had finished her chores after an hour and a half and walked out to see Kenichi leap into the air and bring his knee up at the same time as bringing his elbow down. 'If he hit someone with that attack it could seriously hurt if not kill someone.' She thought as she saw him land on his feet and stand. She saw that sweat was appearing on his exposed chest and Miu blushed as her eyes wandered over his body. 'By Kami he is so handsome now… it will be a matter of time before he gets a cute girlfriend and forget about me.' Miu thought.

'Not unless you claim him as yours.' A voice said in her head. 'I am sure he wouldn't mind if you ravish his body.' The voice added as Miu blush and fought off the impending images that flooded her mind.

'Leave me alone!' Miu thought.

'I mean he has such gentle hand I am sure he could cause you an almost unending amount of pleasure.' The voice added. 'He is also incredibly strong, imagine the power of those thrusts.' The voice said as Miu felt the wetness between her legs increase. 'In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out…' The voice repeated as Miu rubbed her legs together.

'Please stop… it is making me wet.' Miu thought as the images just kept coming.

'If you won't do it then I will, I know you want him inside of you.' The voice told her as Miu felt her control slipping away. 'I know we will love this Miu.' The voice told her as Miu felt her body walk over to Kenichi seductively. "Oh Kenichi." She breathed into his ear making him shiver.

"M-Miu what would you like?" Kenichi asked turning to her.

"You." She told him before her lips smashed against his. Kenichi was shocked and his mouth dropped open and Ero-Miu instantly stuck her tongue into his throat. Ero-Miu pulled back and nibbled on his lips. "Kenichi… don't… you… want… me?" she asked between nibbling on his lip.

Kenichi let out a hearty moan as Miu dragged her teeth along his bottom lip. 'Give me back control!' Miu exclaimed.

'This is a desire you wanted since you saw him again.' The voice said.

"Miu what has gotten into you?" Kenichi managed to ask between moans.

"Nothing… yet." She breathed into his ear as she started to drag him towards her room.

"Miu I don't think this is smart." Kenichi told her as she pushed him onto her bedding and straddled his waist.

"But I want this Kenichi." She told him as she ground her hips against his and the two let out a hearty moan. "Please Kenichi let's do this… I need it so bad." She moaned out as she ground her hips against his. She could hear Miu moaning from the pleasure that was coursing through their veins. 'See you ohhh wanted oh Kami this.' Ero-Miu told Miu.

'Kami you are right.' Miu told her as she moaned.

Kenichi flipped Miu onto her back and pinned her to the bed making her moan in the sudden change in dominance. Kenichi ground his stiffening cock into her covered vagina making her moan. "This isn't fair Miu… I am shirtless while you still have all your clothes on." He breathed into her ear making them moan from the husky voice. Kenichi thrust his cock into her crotch making her arch her back in pleasure.

"Take it off." Ero-Miu and Miu pleaded hungrily together. "I think this." Kenichi didn't replied and just unzipped her top while sucking lightly on her neck. She moaned as it seemed like a fire spread through her veins. He shed her shirt and smirked.

"No bra Miu… how naughty." He whispered into Miu's ear as his hand reached up and pinched her nipple making her gasp. "Are you a naughty girl?" Kenichi whispered as he tweaked her nipple making her moan. He slowly started to kiss his way down Miu collar and to the valley between her breasts. He lightly sucked on the flesh between her breasts. She arched her back wanting more friction.

"Please… more." She moaned.

"Are you a naughty girl?" Kenichi asked as he pulled lightly on her nipple making her whimper in pain and pleasure.

"YES!" She screamed wanting more pleasure. Kenichi instantly attacked her other nipple. Miu let out a strangled scream as she got control of her body back. Kenichi released her nipple and she moaned as her nipple hardened from the cold air meeting the wetness of her nipple. Kenichi kissed his way up to her and kissed her deeply and she responded with equal vigor.

"If you want me to stop I will… but if you don't tell me to now… I might not be able to stop." Kenichi whispered into her ear.

"I want this… please make love to me!" She exclaimed before Kenichi captured her lips with his own.

"I love you Miu… with all my heart." He told her as he kissed his way down to her breasts again and grabbed the hardened wet nipple and released the other one to replace his hand with his mouth and Miu arched her back in pleasure.

"I LOVE YOU TOO!" she screamed as he pinched and bit down on each nipple. "Please I need more… more." She moaned out as Kenichi smirked at her neediness and released her nipple and replace his mouth his with his fingers again. He kissed down her chest and stopped right above her spandex shorts. He looked up at her and she looked down at him and nodded. He released her nipples and pulled her shorts down. She was wearing tight panties that framed her pussy. He pushed into her pussy through the thin fabric; Miu moaned lightly and squirmed under the tiny amount of pleasure. "Please more…" Miu pleaded.

Kenichi smirked and moved her underwear away from her pussy and inserted one of his fingers into her slowly. She let out a loud moan as the finger stretched her pussy. Kenichi dipped his head down and licked the length of her pussy making her moan out louder. "My my Miu you sure love this." Kenichi teased as he slowly pulled it all the way out. She whimpered in protest before he pulled her panties off and dove back in making her let out a loud moan that was most likely heard a block away. "Does… this… feel… good?" Kenichi asked as he tasted her sweet and salty center.

"More than anything!" She exclaimed as he drove his tongue into her at the same time as he pinched her clip making her scream in pleasure and a mini orgasm go through her body. She could feel what felt like a coil tightening in her stomach as he licked and twisted her clit. 'This is so much pleasure.' Miu thought.

'I told you this would be amazing.' Ero-Miu told her. 'It feels like we will climax soon.' It didn't take long after that was said when Kenichi drove three fingers into her and her back arched in an almost impossible angle and she let out a muted scream as she had the best climax of her life. Kenichi was lapping at the juices that were gushing out of her. He kept on driving his fingers into her prolonging the orgasm.

"How was that Miu?" Kenichi asked before sucking on her pussy getting the last of her juices.

"A-amazing." She stuttered through the pleasure. Her flushed chest was heaving as she regained her breathe. Kenichi crawled back up to her face and kissed her on the lips she felt Kenichi release some liquid into her mouth and she didn't quite like the taste but she didn't not like it either. "I think… it is… my turn… to pleasure you." Miu panted out as she flipped the over and kissed him deeply as she pushed her breasts against his chest. She slowly dragged her body down his body the two moaned out, Miu because her already hardened nipples were getting more friction making them harder. She was leaving kisses on his chest making him moan. She reached a hand down and grabbed his cock through his training clothes making him moan louder. She gave him a few strokes as he grew harder. 'My god he is pretty big.' Miu thought as she pulled his pants and boxers down and his member popped out and she was amazed to see that it was bigger than she had estimated. She suddenly felt Kenichi sit up and grab her waist and turned her around and lay back down with her pussy in front of his face.

"I want to pleasure you at the same time as you pleasure me." Kenichi moaned out as Miu's small hand gripped his member. Kenichi wrapped his arms around her waist and started lapping as her wetness increased. Miu almost lost the ability to hold herself up as Kenichi continued to pleasure her.

'Suck on the head.' Ero-Miu advised and Miu did as she was told and placed her mouth around the head and started to suck on his salty member. 'MMM it tastes so good.' Ero-Miu moaned.

'I know.' Miu agreed as she took more of him into her mouth and she felt him moan into her pussy, her head instantly snapped back as he moaned into her pussy. She recovered enough to dive back and started to suck on his cock with renewed vigor, she started to bob her head up and down on his member making him moan loudly into her pussy this caused her to moan and it vibrated her throat and Kenichi nearly lost control and jizz in her mouth.

'No I must make her cum again.' Kenichi thought as he smirked and took his pinky as he lapped at her pussy and pressed it into her ass and she whimpered at the weird sensation from her ass. He started to pump his finger in and out of her ass and she was soon moaning even louder.

'Oh god that feels so good.' Miu thought as she wiggled her ass wanting her ass to be stretched even further. Kenichi taking the cue and pulled his pinky out and replaced it with his index and middle fingers. A tear fell from her eyes at the sudden pain. Kenichi waited a while before pumping his fingers again and soon her whimpers turned to moans of pleasure.

'God he is stretching us sooo good.' Ero-Miu moaned out and Miu couldn't agree more. Miu suddenly felt the coil building up inside of her, this time it was building faster and the tightening was becoming tighter.

'God if I don't cum soon I will die.' Miu moaned out when suddenly she let out a loud moan and she felt the coil suddenly release and her juices sprayed out onto Kenichi again as she felt something spray into her own mouth and she was forced to swallow it or stop breathing for who knows how long. After a while Miu felt the jets of liquid slow down as she calmed down from her second orgasm. She loved the taste of his cum and sucked his member clean before releasing it with a pop. Kenichi removed his fingers from her ass as she turned around and lay next to him. "Kenichi I want you in me now." Miu moan out needily.

"Okay… Miu." Kenichi panted as he felt his member hardening again. A few seconds later Kenichi pulled her on top of him. "This… will hurt you… so you… should do… this part… at your… speed." Kenichi told her as she nodded and aligned her entrance with Kenichi's cock. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock and she felt herself stretching apart.

'It feels like I am being stretched apart.' Miu thought with a wince when she came to her barrier. She stopped and waited for the pain to subside. She lifted herself up a little before dropping and came to a stop when her hips were on his. She let out a small scream of pain. 'It hurts worse than anything I have ever felt.' Miu thought as Kenichi sat up and hugged her and kissed her trying to get her mind off the pain. It wasn't long before Miu moved her hips and Kenichi let out a moan. Kenichi gently rolled her over so she was on her back.

"I am going to move now Miu." Kenichi whispered to her as she nodded and Kenichi slowly pulled out and pushed back into her. He was fighting the urge to just ram into as hard as he could.

"Harder…" Miu breathed out as the pain nearly was gone and pleasure was over riding the pain complete with each thrust. "Deeper…" she moaned as he started to push in deeper. "Faster… Harder!" she moaned as he increased his speed and power and her moans became louder. She could already feel the coil in her stomach was already tightening. 'Oh god he already going to make me cum again.' Miu thought as Kenichi increased his speed and power again forcing her to cling to him. Her nails were digging deep into his back. Kenichi started to drive into her faster.

"Miu I… am about to… cum." He groaned through the pleasure.

Miu instantly wrapped her legs around his waist and started to meet his thrust increasing their pleasure. "Cum in me." She moaned out. She suddenly felt the coil release. "I'M CUMMING!" she yelled as a massive wave of pleasure washed through her and all of her muscles clenched up. Kenichi felt Miu's pussy clench around his cock making him groan as he spilt his seed deep into her womb. She let out a low moan at feeling his cum splash against her walls. Miu unwrapped her arms and legs from him when she calmed down. "That felt amazing Kenichi." Miu told him as she felt him pull out.

Kenichi smirked down at her and he rolled her onto her stomach confusing her until she felt him spread her ass cheeks. "I think I will need some more lubrication." Naruto said as he rammed his fingers into her pussy making her moan. He started to pump his fingers in and out of her as her juices started to spill out of her. She started to moan loudly again.

'Oh god… will I be able to handle him?' Miu thought as she felt him easily push his fingers into her ass and move them around lubricating her ass.

"Just for added measure" Kenichi said as he stuck his cock back into her pussy. She let out a low moan.

'Oh god he is reaching in even deeper.' Miu thought as she moaned. She started to move back against his thrusts wanting to feel more pleasure. She felt the coils start to tighten again when he suddenly pulled out making her whimper. She suddenly felt the head of his cock push into her ass. She slammed her face into her pillow and moaned deeply into it. 'He is stretching my ass so much.' She thought when he slammed his cock all the way into her ass filling her up. She screams in pain as the sudden invasion of her bowels. Kenichi didn't move until she was used to the size of him in her ass. He pulled slowly out of her before slamming back into her fast, her head snapped back as she moaned. "Harder!" she moaned out as Kenichi increased the speed. Miu could feel her pleasure coils binding up fast. 'Oh god I am going to come soon.' She thought as he slammed into her again. "Kenichi I am going to cum!" she exclaimed as Kenichi leant forward.

"Not yet." He whispered into her ear. "You will have to beg me to let you cum." He added as he slowed his pace down and Miu could feel the coils loosening. Kenichi smirked and sped up again slamming into her.

'Oh gods I think he is torturing me for never letting him win in our spars.' She thought as she moaned deeply as he reached deeper into her ass.

"Miu do you want to cum?" Kenichi asked as he slammed into her. She nodded her head. "What was that?" He asked as he kept slamming into her, he felt her ass clenching again and he stopped making her whimper.

"MAKE ME CUM PLEASE I NEED IT SO BAD!" Miu yelled desperately as Kenichi smirked and started to slam into her again. He was going at a much fast rate and she felt her muscles tightening already. Suddenly the best orgasm she had that day ripped through her body and her ass clamped down onto his cock. Kenichi smirked and continued to slam into Miu. He knew that he could last a little bit more. Kenichi stopped when he felt her muscles relax. "T-that w-was a-amazing." She stuttered.

"You think that is the end?" Kenichi asked.

"W-wh…" her voice was caught in her throat as he started to slam into her. 'How is he able to do this so good?' Miu thought as she placed her head on her pillow and whimpered, she couldn't find the strength to even lift herself up as he slammed into her wanting his own release.

"I am almost there." Kenichi moaned into her ear. He could feel her muscles started to clench down on his cock and he increased his speed making Miu whimper into the pillow. Another mind-blowing orgasm ripped through her body as Kenichi slammed into her one final time before releasing his jizz deep into her bowels making her feel full. After Miu calmed down he slowly pulled out and rolled Miu onto her back and she winced a little because of her sore ass.

"That… was… amazing." Miu panted out as Kenichi collapsed onto his side and pulled her to his chest.

"It was." He told her as he saw that she was already falling asleep. "I really did mean that I love you Miu." Kenichi told her as she yawned.

'This took more energy than training for a week.' Miu thought. "I know and I meant that I love you too." Miu told him as her energy left her and she passed out in his arms. Kenichi too soon fell asleep.

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