Chapter Three

Miu was sitting in her seat and rubbing her legs together as she stared at Kenichi. 'Take him.' Ero-Miu demanded heatedly. 'I want him in us now!' she exclaimed.

'I can't do that… we are in school.' Miu told her ero self.

'Then take him to a deserted room!' she exclaimed as images started to flash through Miu's mind of her gripping his back while he pounded into her. She suppressed a moan that reverberated in her throat.

'Please stop this…' Miu begged as she suppressed a whimper. She bit her lip to keep herself from moaning out loud. 'I-I won't be able to handle this much longer.' Miu thought.

'Then release the urge… take him away from the class and take him.' Ero-Miu ordered as Miu licked her lips while she sent a burning gaze at Kenichi.

'Huh what is this feeling?' Kenichi thought as glanced around. 'It feels like I am being watched… but differently.' He thought as he felt sharp pain rip through his foot making him yelp in pain.

"Oh Kenichi what is wrong?" Miu asked worriedly as she helped him up. "Ono-sensei may I please take him to the nurse?" Miu asked innocently but her mind was the completely opposite.

"Why of course." Ono told her student as Miu helped Kenichi out of the room.

"What happened? My foot just suddenly hurt." Kenichi said as they passed a few classrooms. Suddenly Miu pulled him into a completely empty classroom and pulled the shade down. "Uh Miu is everything alright?" he asked as he backed away from Miu.

"Not yet Kenichi." Miu said in a low sultry voice that sent a shiver down the boys back. His back connected with the wall and Miu pounced on him before kissing him passionately. "I wanted you since this morning." She whispered after pulling away while grinding against him making him groan. She smirked when she felt his erection through his pants. "Do you want me?" she groaned out.

"W-we are in school." Kenichi whimpered as she ground against him harder.

"No one will see us." Miu told him pointedly. "Don't… you… want… me?" Miu asked as she nibbled on his bottom lip making him groan and buck into her hips.

"Of course I do." He growled out before he spun and pinned her against the wall. He instantly attacked her neck making her squeal quietly. He bit down sharply onto her neck making her moan in pain and pleasure. Kenichi could taste the telltale signs of blood in his mouth before he lapped up at spot he bit. "You are mine now." He growled into her ear while nibbling softly on it.

"Oh god… yes I am." Miu agreed eagerly before she assaulted his neck making him groan as she bit onto him harshly. She pulled away with a bright smile. "You are mine too." She told him before lapping up the small trickle of blood dripping down his neck.

He bucked his hips forward smashing against hers making her groan loudly. "I was yours from the first time I saw you." He whispered into her ear making her whimper as the flow of her essence increased. He could feel the heat of her sex through her panties and his pants.

"Please Kenichi… I need more." Miu begged as she ground against his knee.

"Fine by me." Kenichi told her as he gripped her breast tightly making her moan a bit too loudly forcing Kenichi to kiss her soundly. She was moaning wantonly against him mouth as he tweaked her nipple tightly. "How does it feel?" He whispered into her ear as she had her head against his shoulder.

"Amazing." She whimpered when he pulled slightly on her nipple.

"Mmm that is good." He told her as he reached down with his free hand and pulled her soaking wet panties off. "My my Miu aren't you a bit wet." He told her as he brought the panties up to their view. "We will need to keep you from screaming in pleasure." He told her as he tweaked her nipples again making her moan and he put the wet panties into her mouth muffling her moans of pleasure. She moaned as she tasted herself from the panties. "Now for the fun to begin." He told her huskily as he dropped to his knees and lifted her skirt to show her dripping sex. He licked his lips before diving in, he heard Miu let out a muffled scream as her knees almost buckled. 'She is sure a screamer.' Kenichi thought as he continued to lick her pussy.

'Oh god… he is too good at this.' Miu thought as she let out another muffled moan. Her knees nearly buckled when he sucked her clit into his mouth making her buck against his mouth harder. She moaned out loudly making Kenichi smirk and bring his hand up and stick his finger into her asshole making her buck uncontrollably against his mouth and hand. She made a muffled sound.

"What was that?" he asked as she muffled again. "You want me to stop?" he asked as she shook her head vigorously. "You want more?" he asked as she nodded as he rammed another finger into her ass before taking his other hand and pushing two fingers into her pussy making her moan loudly while grinding against him. "How… was… that?" He asked between sucking on her clit. He suddenly felt her clamp down tightly on his fingers and started to shake has a massive orgasm slammed into her. Kenichi removed his fingers making her groan at the loss. He pulled her panties out of her mouth and a string of saliva connected from her panties to her mouth. He smirked at her dazed half lidded eyes. He instantly attacked her mouth snapping her out of her daze and started to kiss him back.

"Please…" Miu begged.

"Please what?"

"Please…" Miu trailed off again as Kenichi sucked lightly on her neck. "Please fuck me!" she exclaimed as Kenichi smirked and kissed her passionately. They fought for dominance Kenichi had dropped his pants unnoticed by Miu and rammed into her making her moan loudly into her mouth while she became incredibly submissive.

"How was that?" he asked as she moaned.

"It… feels… bigger… like… this." She panted out before he started to move inside of her making her moan loudly.

"You are being too loud again." Kenichi told her as she eagerly opened her mouth. "What are you doing?" he asked as he slowly moved inside of her.

"Please… put my panties… in my mouth again." She pleaded as she opened her mouth again making Kenichi smirk and put her panties back in her mouth making her moan loudly.

"Now I won't hold back in pounding you." Kenichi told her as he pulled out making her groan in disappointed. Kenichi spun her around and pressed her against the wall and lifted her leg up and roughly entered her making her moan in pleasure.

'He is reaching new places!' She thought as he continued to ram into her.

"You are sooo tight." Kenichi groaned into her neck as he rammed into her pussy. Miu felt the coils in her stomach tighten quickly and soon Kenichi felt her clamp down on his tightly making him groan loudly but didn't stop ramming into her.

'He is getting better at fucking me.' Miu thought.

"I will fuck you stupid." Kenichi told her as she felt something impossible hot pour into her womb making her clamp down on his again attempting to milk him of all his cum. Kenichi felt her breathing while he had her pressed against the wall. He pulled out of her again making her sigh but he spun her around and brought her legs up to his shoulders before slamming into her again making her squeak quietly before the new position. She moaned against her makeshift gag making Kenichi smirk. She moaned against her gag. "You want it harder?" he asked as she nodded and slammed into her impossibly hard. She groaned in pain and pleasure as she felt like he was splitting her in half. He felt her clamp down on him as she screamed behind the gag. He buried himself deep in her before he released his load into her making her moan again as she felt her womb fill up. He upped out and saw her clamp her legs together keeping the jizz from leaving her. Kenichi walked to the teachers desk. He ran his finger along it and saw it was dusty before he opened the desk drawer and was shocked to see a lot of sex toys. He smirked as he picked up the thickest dildo and walked back to Miu who had a small line of his jizz going down her legs. He pressed the dildo to her nether lips and rammed it into her making her arch her back in pleasure. "You will keep that in there." He told her as she moaned. He took her panties out and rung them out. "Wow you drooled a lot." He told her.

"S-sorry." She stuttered as he gave her the slightly damp panties back. "N-no m-more?" she asked disappointed.

"Well I have to get to the nurse." He told her as he helped her put her panties back on. He pressed the dildo further into her making her groan and bucked against his hand. "Let's get back to class." Kenichi told her as they walked out of the classroom. 'I gotta grab those other toys after school.' He thought as they started to walk towards their classroom.

"Kenichi can I… please… take it out." She asked as she felt the dildo move in and out of her as she walked.

"Nope, you have to have that in you all day long." He told her as she nodded and leaned against him for support.

'Oh god… this will make us cum by just walking.' Ero-Miu moaned out as Miu bit her lip to keep from moaning.

Several Hours Later

Miu had made it the entire day with the dildo in her pussy. Her panties were beyond soaked and didn't stop the flow of juices that dripped down her legs. "You did good Miu." Kenichi told her as he walked past her. He knew she was getting more and more aroused by the second. "Come on Miu we have to get ready for a spar." Kenichi told her as he went and got dressed.

'I want him now.' Miu thought as she sent a burning gaze to him but went and got into leotard and came back out and saw Kenichi stretching.

"Come on Miu you have to stretch." He told her as she nodded and walked to him. She was shocked when he took her leg in his hand and put it on his shoulder and pressed against her. "Don't want to get a leg cramp." He told her as he brought his hand between them and pressed the dildo slightly making her moan quietly. 'When will she break?'

"Hello… Kenichi… Miu." A calm emotionless voice said as the two separated quickly and turned to see Shigure.

'Damn it! I could be fucking Kenichi soon if you didn't show up Shigure!' Miu thought angrily.

"S-Shigure?" Kenichi asked.

"I have… been watching you… lately." Shigure said shocking the two. "If you don't… fuck me… I will tell… the elder." Shigure threatened making the two pale. They watched as Shigure started to strip off all her clothes. Shigure saw the wet spot form between her legs. "Lick my… pussy Miu." Shigure ordered as she laid down and spread her legs showing off her glistening pussy. She watched Miu strip her leotard and went to Shigure and licked her lips as she looked at her pussy. Shigure saw Miu's stuffed pussy and licked her lips.

'I wonder if Shigure is a moaner.' Kenichi thought as Miu started to lick Shigure's pussy. He couldn't see any difference in Shigure's face as Miu licked her pussy. Kenichi walked to Miu and leant over her and she moaned when she felt his erection rubbed against her ass. "Miu use this on her ass." Kenichi whispered to Miu as he pulled the dildo out of her pussy making her groan as her essence along with Kenichi's poured out of her. Miu took the slick dildo and turned to Shigure to see her eyes closed with an almost nonexistent blush. He nodded to Miu as she pushed the dildo into Shigure's asshole making her eyes snap open and her mouth drop open.

"That… feels… good." Shigure said in her same exact normal tone. She was shocked when Kenichi pushed his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

"Can't have you talking." Kenichi told her as he grabbed handful of hair and started to move his hips into surprisingly willing mouth. She used her tongue to massage under his cock and the very tip when possible. "Wow your… mouth is so… hot and wet." Kenichi groaned out as he started to go faster. He felt Shigure's throat vibrate indicating she was attempting not to moan against Miu's oral torture. "You are… really good at this." Kenichi said as he pulled out.

"I have been… practicing with… my sword… to please… you." Shigure told him shocking him when she went back to sucking his cock willing. He groaned as Shigure seemed to attempt to swallow his cock whole.

"She seemed to want this Kenichi." Miu said after pulling away for a breather.

"Well I think it is time I gave her some attention." Kenichi told Miu as he pulled out of Shigure's mouth. He almost saw her sneer slightly before realizing what will happen. "How long do you think she will last?"

"I don't know Kenichi, she has lasted quite a while with me eating her out." Miu told him as Shigure shivered in anticipation.

"Shigure you will have to handle Miu." Kenichi ordered.

"That… is fine… by me." Shigure told him with a slightly hoarse voice. Kenichi shifted Shigure around until she was on her back and spread her legs wide.

'Man martial artist women are so flexible.' Kenichi thought as he started to finger her pussy while sucking on one of her tits. He smirked when Shigure instantly started to thrust against his hand. He could feel her juices running down his hand as she bucked against his hand. He saw a shadow come over him and looked up to see the bare ass of Miu, who started to grind against Shigure's mouth.

"Oh god…" Miu moaned out. "She is so good." She added breathily. "How does it taste Shigure?" Miu asked. "Kenichi's cum is still dripping out of me." She added as Shigure started to wiggle some more and Miu instantly moaned loudly. Kenichi moved from Shigure's tit and reached up and pulled Miu back and kissed her deeply.

"Shall I give her the full treatment?" he whispered quietly into her ear before nibbling on it making her moan. She nodded quickly as Kenichi smirked and positioned himself in front of the unsuspecting Shigure. He completely sheathed himself in her and he saw her back arch before she moaned against Miu's pussy making her shiver at the sensation. He pulled out slowly and rammed back into her. "Miu how hard should I do this?"

"As hard as possible." Miu told him as he pulled back and rammed back into her even harder. Shigure couldn't keep her moans in anymore from Kenichi's relentless fucking. She was moaning loudly into Miu's pussy making the younger girl whimper as her juices started to pour out of her pussy into Shigure's mouth.

"Miu hold her legs." Kenichi ordered as he moved her legs into Miu's strong grip. At this strange position Shigure was almost instantly sent into an orgasm. She screamed into Miu's pussy making the girl cum into Shigure's mouth. Kenichi watched Miu fall off of Shigure's head panting.

"That… felt amazing." Shigure panted.

"Miu she cummed when I didn't." Kenichi told her as Miu gasped.

"Oh you are in for it Shigure." Miu warned as he flipped Shigure onto her stomach.

"W-what… will you do?" Shigure asked slightly worried while she felt him pull the dildo out of her asshole making her whimper.

"You will find out." He whispered into her ear as he rammed fully into her ass making her moan loudly. Kenichi looked at Shigure's neck and bit into it deeply and soon tasted the coppery taste of blood. "I have marked you as mine." He groaned into her ear.

"Oh god… I don't care… just don't stop." She pleaded as Kenichi rammed into her making her moan loudly.

"I will make you beg for release." He told her quietly making her whimper at his slow thrusts. 'She will break soon.' He thought as he continued to thrust into her. Shigure attempted to thrust against him herself but Kenichi grabbed her slim waist in his strong grip keeping her from moving.

'Wow he is worse than when we first made love.' Miu thought as she started to touch herself.

'Who would think pleasure could hurt so much.' Shigure thought as she moaned lowly from Kenichi banging her asshole. Shigure felt something snap in her. "KENICHI PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER FUCK MY ASSHOLE TO OBLIVIOUN!" She screamed as Kenichi smirked and tightened his grip on his waist and picked up his speed to an almost impossible speed making her squeak and moan loudly.

"Miu… ahhh… silence… oh god… her." Kenichi told her as Miu instantly got in front of Shigure's face and she instantly started to eat Miu out. The younger girl started to moan out loudly forcing Kenichi to seal her lips with a deep passionate kiss. Kenichi felt Shigure tighten up while Miu screamed into his mouth.

Shigure moaned when she felt scolding hot cum fill her ass. "T-that was amazing." Shigure whispered as she came off her orgasm.

"It was." Kenichi said as he pulled out of her making her groan.

"Kenichi fuck me now." Miu pleaded. "I want you hard cock in my pussy." She said heatedly as she saw his cock instantly harden making her smile and lick her lips.

"I like it when you talk dirty." He told her as he rolled off Shigure and pulled Miu on top of him and easily entered her pussy making her moan low and long.

"Fuck me hard." She moaned as he grabbed her ass and started to ram into her hard. He felt her tighten on her incredibly hard making him groan and spill his seed into her womb making her moan in satisfaction. "I love having your hot cum in my pussy." Miu told him as she started to grind against him.

"Oh god…" Kenichi groaned out as he felt him reaching his limit extremely fast. He could feel Miu's pussy quiver before tightening again as he shot another load into her pussy making her moan in content and fall onto his chest.

"You were amazing." Miu told him as Shigure moaned in agreement as the three fell asleep with Kenichi still buried deep in Miu.