A dream came true

After three days, after those long three days hoping and begging for him to be ok and for all to be true, he was there next to me, in the bed of the hospital, sleeping or so it seemed.

And how did I react? I stared at the grey who in silence, as if he was an angel fallen from the very heaven, as a perfect sleeping statue, or as the most beautiful work of art…

Yes, I had my feelings clear now: I loved this who, I loved him whit his fur and all, with his good things and the bad ones, I loved his voice (oh delightful sound!), I loved his look, his music, his mind, everything…

And during those three days my mind had been confused, because just pronouncing his name, was enough for the nurse to inject me more sedative, maybe because she could think that I was going to upset; so my routine has been waking up and being sedated again just to fall in a sleep with no dreams.

And this constant no dreaming always had as consequence to ask my self for Jojo, for his world, and for all what I lived there, and why couldn't I go back?

But now, everything was easy to understand, and I was finally relieved: Jojo was here, the portal is finished, and Whocker was… He was finished too, right?

I yawned, then took a decision: sleep, sleep next to my beloved who and enjoy this reality, because if something was clear, was that I wasn't dreaming again.


A woman screamed.

I opened my eyes feeling all dizzy and could see the woman running out of the room of what seemed to be hospital one.

I sat up and held my head, just to feel a hand on my shoulder….

-Are you ok?

That voice…


-Yes Jojo, I'm here- she said smiling.

I turned a bit and she hugged me immediately. Oh what a warm sensation, the one that I would never forget. Her tender hug, her sweet smile, the touch of her furless hand, all were something that have been driving me crazy in the other side, and also my motivation to work on the machine day and night.

For three I kept working on the machine frantically. Mary had been helping me and she stayed with me in the observatory the whole days and nights, just to make sure that I did what mom had asked me to, like sleeping at least five hours and eating at the right times. She was also who brought the food and took back the empty containers, but what luck for her: her wig matched perfectly with her fur.

Finally my work was finished; it was late in the night and Mary had fallen asleep before I did…

I turned on the machine, let both modes opened, (the "departure mode" and the "arrival mode") so I could go back…"And Jean with me".

-I thought that I wouldn't see you again- she told me almost in a whisper as I hugged her back softly, enjoying every second of it; but suddenly a nursery team as well a doctor came in the room and took me away from her.

-No, don't hurt him! –shouted Jean when the doctor grabbed both of my arms and put them behind my back making a lock. I tried to release my self but the more I tried, the more they grabbed me and tensed the lock. I groaned: why did they have to react like this? I mean, it would be thousand of times preferable that they all faint as my father did, that was for sure.

Jean got down the bed and started taking out some wires that she had attached, but some nurses grabbed her too.

-No please! Don't you see you're hurting him? –she said.

-Calm down miss, we have it all under control- said a nurse.

I tried to free me again.

-Don't you move! - told me a doctor. I could hear the slight fear for the unknown in his voice as well nervousness.

-I won't do anything- I said. All of them gasped.

-You speak our language!

-Yes, I do- I simply answered.

The doctor, his mouth slightly opened, relaxed the grab and sent the other ones who grabbed some looks, so they did the same.

He got kneeled in front of me.

-What are you supposed to be, boy? –asked me staring me with half closed eyes.

-I'm a who-.

Some seconds of silence and then…

-Hahahaha- Laughs?

-Is there something funny? –I asked confused.

-So you're a who! This gurl has been talking about you ones; so where do you come from? Oh, let me guess: from Whoville, right?


-Ok guys, this is getting pretty funny- commented the doctor to the rest of the team, who chuckled.

-And I suppose that your breakfast are "green eggs and ham", isn't it?

Where the heck did he wanted to get?


-Oh my! And for Christmas the Grinch comes and stoles you the Christmas' presents and trees, and all that, right?

-That just happened once, now he's a story- I explained.

-Hahahaha, I can't believe it, I can't believe it- said, and fainted.

"This is what had to happen since the start"


My mom and dad came a couple of hours later for me. That day was the last one I had to waste here and sincerely I felt very relieved of it, and much more now that Jojo was here.

Maybe the fact of Jojo holding my hand in silence calmed me a bit more, or maybe it was just that the doctor refused to test him, as lately everyone wanted to do with me.

I heard some voices from behind the door. I guess that Jojo heard it as well, because he got down the bed and hided.

-Hey, what's wrong?

-I don't want to scare them

I smiled him.

-Ok, I'll present you and then you can…

-Jean, dear! How have you been sweetie? –said my mom hugging me.

-Really? –I asked her in an ironical way.

-Yeah! Oh, isn't it grate? Now you can go back to your room and … Well you can go back home. I've missed you so much…

-I know.

-Hey Jean, how's my little gurl? –said my dad as my mom made way for him to hug me too.

-Ugh! I'm ok, but you're crushing me!

-Well, come one. Take your things and let's get out of this place.

I hesitated.

-Uh, I'm not gong home alone…

My father turned with all my bags. –What do you mean? -.

-I would like you to meet someone very dear to me- I said looking down and blushing.

Suddenly my father let my bags fall to the floor.

-Where you pregnant?

-WHAT? –asked my mother opening her eyes widely.

-What! No! But how am I…? Why do you always have to think the worst, dad?

-Well, I don't need to know everything you do

-Come on! Be serious!

-Ok, ok, so, what it is?

-It's me- said Jojo getting out of is hiding spot.

My mother started pinching her self, her mouth wide opened and her eyes too. My dad simply did the same as the doctor: he started laughing, almost hysterically. Jojo looked at me as if asking "Am I really that funny?" and I simply gave him a soft comforting smile.

-Where did you find this guy, Jean? Isn't this the boy that you're crazy for? You got to see her room, it's full with your world and all your stuff, but man, you're the star.

Jojo got blushed, and guess who else was red?

-So…You exists…- said my mother getting nearer to him and pinching him a cheek. She then started touching his fur, his arms, hair and his face all astounded for what she had in front, then she touched his nose, and that was something that Jojo didn't like that much. He took gently my mother's arm away, his face showing a serious expression.

-I do exist, but please, don't touch my nose- said Jojo in a monotone way.

-Come on Dawn! You're overwhelming the boy! Leave him alone!

-You just say that because he's real… and by the way, isn't there something that you would like to say? –said my mother emphasizing her question.

My father's face turned as a mix of sadness and shame. He got nearer to me and hugged me, after all these weeks. I returned the hug slowly and after some seconds we released.

He opened the mouth to say something, but he seemed not to find any word to justify him self.

-It's ok, I know- I told him.

-Thank you- he said relieved.

-But…I told you so!

He rolled his eyes. –Come on miss. Hey this boy, eh… What was his name?

-Oh come one Alan! –said my mother in a funny complaining tone.

-OK, uh, Jojo, you don't have any suitcase or anything, right?



We walked out the hospital and as we went by the corridors, everyone, sane and sick ones, followed us with their look and the grey, little and cute who.

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