Chapter 10: Facing the mystery

-Finally! My creation is done!- exclaimed Whocker staring at it. –Noreen- he read for himself.

A beautifully decorated cake had Dr. Larue's name on it. He had spent the whole morning baking it and it took him no less than twenty five minutes writing the name of his beloved scientist.

-Ugh, you make me sick-.

-Whoa, Fluffy, don't scare me that way. And why would you say that?

-What is that? A cake? HAHAHA, HILARIOUS! A grate scientist you are, and instead of preparing your invention for the contest, you PLAY AND BAKE COOKIES WITH HEARTS AND CAKES WITH HER NAME!

-Well, is none of your business! Besides…

Suddenly, before he could continue replying to her, they heard some noise coming from the lab.

Whocker left the cake on the table and walked to the lab's door (his baking gloves still on). There he popped his head in:

-W-who's there?


-Excuse me? How do you know my name? What are you!?

Jojo was at the bottom of the stairs, just in case he had to rush back to the hole.

Mary had showed him the entrance and she as well Larue and Jean had accompanied him. Now they were waiting, listening if he needed some kind of help at the entrance of the tunnel.

-You…don't you remember me?

-No, well…You're not going to hurt me, are you? –asked Whocker, visibly nervous.

-It depends on if you want to hurt me- answered Jojo. To him it was clear that whoever that who was, it wasn't the Whocker he had the "pleasure" to fight with at the observatory.

-Oh, why would I do that? But who are you, strange creature? What happened to your fur? That's if you are a who. You know what a who is, right? –asked the scientist in a humble (and to Jojo's opinion, not so normal) tone.

-I…I'm a who too; I just had a trouble mixing different hair conditioners and a bad haircut… -lied Jojo trying to seem confident –My mom says my fur will grow back soon.

-Oh well, I hope so too, but why don't you come in and talk for a while. What do you say to a cup of hot chocolate and delicious cookies? –asked Whocker with a whoish smile.

Jojo doubted. Cookies? No, that couldn't be Whocker at all. That meant that somehow he was safe, but he was still afraid about the scientist's madness. At the observatory, Whocker's good side seemed to listen to Jojo and even protect him, and by now he hadn't showed his evil side, which was long time from which he usually lasted to bring it out.

Finally Jojo nodded.

-Perfect! I'm sure you'll like them. They are delicious! –exclaimed Whocker as he clapped with a grin on his face.


Recipes, cookies, childhood stories of long winter days alone at home, inventions and Noreen. Well, mostly Noreen. That had been al that Whocker talked about to me during three hours. I was already sick of everything and literally sick since he kept on bringing cookies, cupcakes, cakes and pies, giving me a taste of this or that, and refilled my cup with hot chocolate whenever I drank a sip from it.

He was like some old lady, well, man in this case; like one old man who had nothing better to do in his free time than baking and remembering good times or thinking in his old love.

There was old music too and so many knitted stuff around (cushions, a cover for the sofas, tablecloths…)!

I had to do something. The girls should be really worried.

-Oh, sorry I have to go. My mother told me to go back home before dinner time-. I laughed to myself ironically: I wouldn't eat anything at all.

-Oh yes. My mother used to tell me: "Loan, dinner time!" with a small crystal bell.

-Yes, it was a pleasure.

-No, please. Pleasure was mine, I barely have company here. Uh, by the way, how did you got into my house before?

Reveal it or not? Whocker wasn't the same anymore, or so it seemed after three hours without an attempt of harming me.

-I slid through some tunnel while I was walking. Uh, I'll go back through it, it is closer to my house.

I turned and started walking fast, but he grabbed my shoulder. God, I was going to die…

-You cannot leave without this cookies' box! Take it to your family, they'll like them- smiled me; -Good bye, uh…what was your name?


-Good bye Jojo!- waved, and I walked downstairs.

I saw him going back to the kitchen and he started singing the song that was being played at that moment.

Once I got to the end of the stairs, some chill travelled up and down my spine.

-Leaving already?

I gasped and turner around. That voice, a girl's voice…


-Ah! It's you! Fluffy!

-Oh you even know my name!- The ghost girl said and rushed onto me and hugged me (or tried to). I stepped back and tried to get closer to the tunnel glancing at her.

-What do you want? Why are you here?

-Oh don't be silly; since I saw you I knew you were the perfect match!

-What? -this had already surprised me.

-Jojo, sweet fool Jojo. Isn't it clear? You came for some reason, didn't you?

-I don't know what you're talking about.

-You wanted to kill MY BROTHER… but I won't blame you, I wanted him dead too… But I saw you that night, so stupid and brave; you looked like a wet cat! It's ironical, but I knew then that if I was going to stay here, I should have fun.

Fluffy floated to where I was, almost at the entrance of the tunnel. Her creepy arms surrounded my neck and I felt them cold.

-Fluffy, leave me!

She tightened the grip around my neck, how could that be possible?

-I can smell your fright… DELICIOUS! HAHAHA

-Fluffy, is that you again!? –asked Whocker. His question fortunately distracted her and I could free from her grip.

-DON'T GO JOJO! NOT YET! Who's going to play with me!?

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