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A/N: Sorry this is an uber short chapter that leaves some string dangling, but I was afraid to go into to much that would spoil the sequel I'm plainning on doing, which kind of leaves the chapter streamlined. :C sorry. On the upside I am doin a sequel and currently looking for someone to co-write it with me if anyone is intrested.

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Raif stood at the window to his study staring out at the landscape that unfolded before him, he was still angry though not nearly as angry as he had been days earlier when he first learned of Robin Hood's escape. He had been in a towering rage when he found Gisborne laying unconscious among a handful of his guards and had instantly blamed the man for his escape.

"What happened?" The assassin demanded, looking over at the still unconscious men

"Hood happened," was all Guy said as he rubbed the lump forming on the back of his head.

"Hood, you're telling me he did all this," Raif gestured to the beaten guards behind Guy.

Guy resisted the urge to roll his eyes, not for fear of being disrespectful, but because he was pretty sure it would only cause his throbbing head more pain, "No, not by himself," Guy started slowly as if speaking to a child, "his outlaw gang broke in and freed him, just like a I warned you they might."

"And you let them get away!"

"Me, if your guards weren't so poorly trained the outlaws would never have gotten in here in the first place,"

"Robin of Locksley will die by my hand even if it's the last thing I do, I will not allow him to slip through my hands once more."

Though normally unruffled, it had taken awhile for Raif to calm down enough to think rational after that, the very thought of Hood made him lose the emotional detachment that had always marked the assassin's. All the more reason to finish him, he thought. The Sheriff had suggested that they go after Hood right away, attack him while still injured, but Raif would not attack an wounded man, there was no honor there.

Raif turned away from the window and crossed the distance to his desk, he had a lot of things to put in order, once that was done he would be free to pursue Robin Hood on his own terms.

Much sigh in frustration at the sight that greeted him when he entered the room, he had only stepped out for a moment to get some food, during which time Robin despite all of Djaq's warnings was up and out of bed once more. Much rolled his eyes wishing the Marian and Djaq would hurry up and return from their trip to the market as Marian was the only person that could get Robin to rest and recover for more than five minutes at a time.

He crossed the room setting the food down on a side table, "you know you're not supposed to be up yet,"

"It's been four days Much, I feel fine," he replied with an air of disinterest. Robin moved carefully around the room his face betraying his earlier words each time he put weight on his injured foot, a fine sheen of sweat started to cover his face as he continued to push himself.

"Robin, I think you have done enough for one day." He told him after watching hobble around the room.

"You worry too much,"

"Only because you give me reason too,"

Robin paused for a moment knowing that the man's words were true, he did seem to get into more than his fair share of trouble, he let a smirk grace his lips as he made his way over to the bed and sat down taking the plate of food Much offered to him.

"So," Much started after a few moments of silence, " You never did tell us what it was that Assassin wanted with you,"

Robin shrugged his shoulders, "nothing important," he spoke quietly

Much sputtered in disbelief, "Nothing important, but surely…I mean he tried to kill you, people don't go around killing other people for nothing important."

Robin pushed the food on his plate around for a few moments, " just drop it Much,"

"But what if he tries again?"

"I'm sure he will Much," Robin interrupted him calmly, "which is why the sooner we can get out of here and on the way home the better."

"You think he will give up once you leave for England?" Much asked ignoring the food on his own plate.

"I don't know," Robin started chewing thoughtfully on his thumb, "but he apparently did last time I left,"

Much's comment was cut short when a smug looking Allan burst through the door to the room followed closely by a tired but happy looking Will, "guess who found a way home," Allan announced before anyone could ask.

"Great," Robin spoke smiling at the prospect of finally going home, "when do we leave?"

"Bright and earlier tomorrow morning," Allan said still smiling just as Little John and Carter came into the room over hearing the news.

Robin's watched as the gang cheered and smiled at the chance to finally be rid of this God-forsaken land, he was also overjoyed to be going home at long last and looked forward to telling Marian when she and Djaq returned. However he could help but worry about the assassin Raif, he knew it would be ludicrous for the man to follow him all the way to England for revenge but he couldn't shake the feeling that he had not seen the last of him.

The End...for now