So considering the amount of positive feedback I got for my one shot, I decided to do something more for it. Sorry guys who asked, but I will not be writing about what happened afterwards, since I think what I wrote was a good place to stop. But one reviewer was curious to know about the secret dates...and instantly, ideas came to me!

I have quite a few in mind, but those are quite serious ones. So I need silly ideas for dates. If any of you have any, feel free to tell me!

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Start of Something

Roxanne Ritchi didn't want anyone bothering her that day.

Her day had started out like any other day. Woke up, got dressed, had breakfast, prepared herself for another stressful day at work – and judging by her calender, another kidnapping would be happening. What she hadn't predicted was suddenly getting picked up by Metro Man, flown through the air with fireworks all around them with music playing in the background, along with the hero burning the words "will you marry me?" into a nearby field.

Not only did she give him an earful about frightening the life out of her (not even Megamind went that far, and he was the villain), but she also refused him for three reasons alone: she didn't love him, he wasn't her type, and she hated it when men went over the top with these kinds of things. She preferred men who kept it small and simple. Still, she would have refused him even if he had.

She had felt slightly bad when he gave her a sad look, lowering her back down again before disappearing from her sight. But it had to be done, and Roxanne preferred to tell someone a brutal truth as opposed to a white lie. She felt even worse the rest of the way to work when people kept staring at her, giving her disapproving looks. Almost as if she was expected to say "yes" despite everything she stood for.

Then things took a turn for the worse. A robotic hand appeared in front of her, from seemingly mid air, and sprayed her face with knock out gas. Great.

Usually she didn't mind kidnappings. Once she knew Megamind would never hurt her, she'd found them very amusing, thanks to the goofy blue alien and his fish sidekick. But that day, getting kidnapped meant getting rescued, and getting rescued meant facing Metro Man again.

The spray wore off rather quickly, and Roxanne woke up slung over Minion's shoulder with that bag over her head again. They still hadn't washed it. But Roxanne didn't care; her thoughts were on other things. She had just turned down a marriage proposal from the most powerful man on the planet. She was in her mid-thirties, unmarried and without children. She had promised herself, when she planned her life out, that she would be married by the time she was forty, with at least a child on the way. There was no way she would be getting a date any time soon, and she knew it; it was either married to a superhero or no marriage at all.

The emotions were building up inside her as Minion tied her to the familiar chair, and the emotions continued to build as the bag was removed from her head, her eyes meeting the bright green ones of Megamind, sitting in his leather chair and giving her that evil smile – the one she could never take seriously.

"Miss Ritchi," he spoke. "We meet again."

That was it. The emotions were getting too much to bare, so she turned away from him with her eyes snapped shut, tears forming in her eyes. No, she would not cry in front of her kidnapper. But that didn't stop a single tear escaping one closed eye and trailing down her cheek.

"I said, Miss Ritchi, we meet again," Megamind repeated himself, a little more forcefully this time.

Roxanne still didn't respond, and this puzzled Megamind to no end. He knew she wouldn't scream; heck, he'd never even gotten her to scream when he first kidnapped her, so knew she never would. But he still expected her to react in the form of witty comeback or sarcastic comment. She always did. This time, she didn't, and Megamind couldn't deny that he saw a tear running down her cheek.

"Miss Ritchi?" Minion questioned, tenderly laying a robotic hand on her shoulder.

Sighing, Roxanne finally opened her eyes to reveal them bloodshot; a result of holding back the tears that had threatened to show themselves. Megamind was actually taken aback by what she looked like.

"Sorry," she apologized. "Look, could we reschedule? I've had a bad morning, and I could really do without this routine."

"In case you've forgotten, Miss Ritchi, you are at my mercy!" Megamind reminded her, pointing a dramatic finger in the air. "There is no rescheduling! And you're supposed to hate these kidnappings!"

"Oh no, it's not the kidnapping part," Roxanne corrected him. "It's...the rescuing part. Metro Man..."

She trailed off, certain that Megamind of all people didn't need to know this (he was her kidnapper, for crying out loud!); but hearing the mention of his rival's name, the villain was intrigued with what had gone on between them.

"You two had a fight, didn't you?" he guessed with a smug tone in his voice.

"Sort of," the woman replied; she might as well tell him, if there was any hope of him letting her go. "He...proposed to me."

Megamind was shocked to silence.

"You mean... he actually... got on one knee... praypoosed?" he stammered, not sure if he could believe it. "You mean I'm gonna have to start calling you Mrs. Metro Man. Or rather, Woman, or-"

"No," she cut him off. "I said no."

If he wasn't shocked before, he certainly was now.

"Wait...what?" he stammered again, rising from his seat. "But I thought you two were-"

"Ugh! Do I have to spell it out for you?" Roxanne groaned. "We. Are. Not. A. Couple. Never have been, never will be. We were only just friends – and I underline 'were' with a big bold line – but he's always wanted us to be something more. Never thought he would go this far! He's just not my type and a don't love him!"

"Then...why were you, er, upset?" Minion spoke up.

"Because I'm having a mid-life crisis, here!" the woman snapped, which caused Minion (and Megamind) to jump back in fear. "Look at me? I'm 35 years old, unmarried, no man in my life, and no kids! I promised myself I would be married before I was forty, and that's never gonna happen unless I marry soon. And he's my only choice, but..."

She took in deep breaths, recovering from her outburst, and her head lowered as she began to sob. She no longer cared that Megamind and Minion were still watching. The villain himself was giving her a confused look, unsure what to say. Seeing her in this state of weakness should be like watching a movie to him, but it wasn't. He found that he couldn't stand seeing her like this. Megamind knew he had a crush on her; ever since High School he had, and even though it had hidden itself when the kidnapping days started, it was still there, lingering at the back of his mind and at the bottom of his heart. But at that moment, that little crush resurfaced within moments, and caused him to say words he couldn't stop himself from saying.

"Why don't I marry you?"

Minion was first to react. He let out a strangled scream, staring at his boss in shock and horror. Roxanne's eyes widened and looked up, looking the villain directly in the eye. Only then did it process what he'd just said. And boy, did he panic.

"NO! I mean- you- I- GAH! Minion! Minion! Forget-Me-Stick! Where is it?"

In the middle of the panic attack, Roxanne just sat there, her thoughts not even able to process what had just happened. She couldn't believe it, and yet, she was positive it had happened. Megamind had just asked her to marry him. Roxanne expected herself to shout at him, and maybe even attempt to wriggle from her bounds and pummel his big head into pudding for daring to ask such a question. One he should already know the answer to.

But she shocked herself by not even feeling the slightest bit of anger towards him. She shocked herself even more when she realized that she was actually considering his offer.

Not that she blamed herself. After all, she'd just had a breakdown about dying a spinster and wanting to marry; being honest, she was willing to consider any offer other than Metro Man's. And gazing upon Megamind, who was wildly running about the Lair in a blind panic, she found herself realizing that it could be worse. For a start, Megamind hadn't made a big deal out of it. He had just asked her without doing anything flashy at all. And that was a record for him; someone who considered presentation to be everything. Then there was the fact that she'd always had a thing for guys with more brain than brawn, something she preferred; and Megamind had the biggest brain she'd ever seen. And of course, last but certainly not least, she was secretly attracted to his dark side (although she would never admit it to anyone in a million years).

Still, Megamind was the guy who had been kidnapping her for, what, twenty years? She couldn't be with him just like that, desperate or not. Not to mention, she realized, that she knew absolutely nothing about him. Only that he was a villain (if she could even call him that) who wanted attention, and who tended to lose all the time. There was also what she'd read about him in books, but she doubted any of those things were true.

Coming back from her train of thought, she found that both Megamind and Minion were still panicking.

"We've looked everywhere! Minion, where did you put it?"

"I may have left it in the invisible car, Sir."

"Then what are you waiting for? GO GET IT!"


Both the villain in question and his sidekick turned to look at Roxanne, who was giving him a calm look, despite what he said. That alone made him pay attention. He thought she would be trying to kill him after what he'd said.

"I really don't know what to say," she continued. "You're the guy who's kidnapped me too many times to count, and we know nothing about each other. You know I just can't say yes."

Megamind looked down. Rejection was something he was used to, and after what he'd said to her he was expecting it, but being pushed away by Roxanne was just something he couldn't bare...

"But I'm willing to get to know you better if you are."

His green eyes widened. Huh. He wasn't expecting that.

"You mean, you..."

Roxanne couldn't help but smile at the childish gleam in his eyes.

"Tell you what," she continued, "why don't you let me go, I'll give you my number, and you can call me later during my lunch break?"


"You know? Cell phone?"

He gave her a blank stare.

"You don't have a cell phone?" she asked, shocked.

"You mean those devices those youths use to talk to each other?" the villain questioned. "No, I don't. But I can make one!"

"In that amount of time?"

"Miss Ritchi, I'm a super genius," he reminded her. "I can make a simple dehydration gun in a day. A simple little shell phone will be a piece of cake."

"Cell phone."

"Yes, that too."

Roxanne shook her head with a smile as Minion untied her. She reached for her purse, taking out her card before handing it to the villain, who just stared at it with awe.

"My lunch break is at one," she told him.

Before either could say more, Roxanne's world went black as Minion sprayed her face once more. But that didn't mean she missed the look of pure excitement on Megamind's face. Yes, this was certainly going to be interesting for both of them.

And so began seven months of dating, which would change both their lives forever.

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