You all thought I was done, right? Not quite! We still have the wedding to go!

I've never really been to many weddings; the ones that I have been to were all when I was younger, so I don't remember much, and I can't find my parents' old wedding video. So if it seems wrong, then I apologize. Then again, this is an unorthodox wedding, so I'm sure I can get away with it ;)

Just some songs which I thought went really well with this story:

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'I See the Light' and 'If I Never Knew You' are my AMVs, but the other two were made by other people.


When Roxanne Ritchi first pictured her wedding day as a little girl, she pictured herself wearing a white dress just like a princess, standing next to a handsome prince as they said their vows. The cake would be an enormous chocolate one, covered in candy, and she would arrive and leave in a horse-pulled-carriage. It was a fantasy, and it had soon died as she'd grown older. By the time she was thirty she'd decided that she didn't want the typical white dress, or an enormous cake. She wanted to get married maybe somewhere exotic, and to have a unique wedding which would stand out among the rest.

She got a unique wedding, all right. But she'd never pictured it to be quite like this.

Not that she cared. Roxanne was marrying the man she loved, and that was all that mattered. They were stood in the centre of a fake observatory which had been built onto the Lair's roof, during one of Megamind's schemes two years before. It had been opened up so that the sunset was visible in the background, painting a picture perfect scene which Roxanne had always dreamed about. Well, mostly.

She and Megamind were stood facing one another, holding each other's hands with loving looks on their faces. Roxanne wore a sky blue dress, it's colour matching Megamind's skin, whilst the genius wore his usual cape and spikes, just like Roxanne had requested. Minion was stood behind his master, along with one of the Brainbots, and the pink Brainbot was floating behind Roxanne holding a basket of flowers. Many other Brainbots were watching the ceremony from above – apart from one, which was floating right next to a very nervous and shaking vicar.

The middle aged man glanced sideways at the Brainbot; it gave a little growl, causing the poor man to hurriedly skip a few pages of his book. He'd been told to make it short and simple, which he had no reason to argue with. The sooner her got this over with, the sooner he could get the heck outta here.

"The-The-The r-ring-s?" he stammered, glancing over at Minion.

The fish quickly brought out a pair of newly made rings, handing one each to the couple before he stood back again. He raised a robotic hand and wiped his bowl, as if he were wiping away a tear.

"D-D-Do you, Mr. Meg-Megamind take this-this woman, to be your-your have and to...h-h-hold, to l-love and to ch-cherish, in sick-n-ness and in-in health, from this day f-forwards, till death d-do you part?"

"I do," Megamind replied without hesitation, his green eyes gazing deeply into Roxanne's as he slipped the ring onto her finger.

The woman gave a shy giggle when the ring turned invisible, disappearing from her view.

"And d-d-do you, Roxanne Ri-Ritchi take man, t-t-to be your lawfully wed-wedded husband, to h-h-have and to...hold, to love a-and to cherish, in s-sickness and in h-health, f-from this d-d-day forwards, t-till death do y-y-you p-part?"

"I do," Roxanne replied, just as boldly as Megamind as she slipped the second ring onto his finger.

It disappeared as well, and Megamind smiled even wider.

"Then b-b-by the p-power invest-ed in m-m-m-me," the vicar continued, still stammering over his words in a nervous voice, "I n-now p-p-pronounce you...h-husband...and w-wife."

They didn't need him to say anything more; the newly wed couple practically leapt forwards and kissed with a fiery passion, as the Brainbots in the background made noises which would be their own way of cheering. Another Brainbot brought forwards the papers; Megamind and Roxanne signed it, followed by Minion and the other Brainbot as witnesses, and lastly, by the vicar with a shaking hand. The moment he was finished, Minion whacked him round the head with the Forget-Me-Stick.

"We can't have him telling anyone," the fish explained to Roxanne, before carrying the vicar away to deposit him...wherever he'd found him in the first place.

"Well," Roxanne began, allowing herself to sigh, "that was certainly unusual. I mean that in a good way. Normal weddings are just too long and too formal. Not enough excitement."

"So was that exciting enough for you?" her new alien husband asked.


They kissed again, never getting enough of it.

"It's a shame we have to carry on with life as normal," Roxanne sighed in annoyance. "I know I'll be moving in with you, but having to keep up the kidnappings and the plots will just be hard."

"At least the kidnappings would be more...interesting," Megamind hinted, stealing another kiss.

Roxanne kissed him back, silently agreeing. Yes, life would definitely be hard with the two of them married, having to keep it a secret as well as continue with how things were before. She realized how difficult it would be, being rescued and carried away by Metro Man whilst her husband was taken to jail. She wondered how much they'd really see each other when all that wasn't going on. But Roxanne had known what she was getting herself into when she agreed to marry him, and she didn't regret her decision.

When Minion arrived back, the after party started. Cake was shared round and eaten (or just chewed on and scattered everywhere by the Brainbots), followed by Megamind and Roxanne dancing their first dance together as a married none other than Michael Jackson's Bad. This was followed by many AC/DC hits, along with a few other slow dances from Roxanne's playlist.

And when the clocks in the Lair struck midnight, everyone began to turn in for the night. Minion rounded up all the Brainbots and made sure they settled down whilst Megamind and Roxanne made their way towards the bedroom. But Roxanne noticed that her new husband looked rather nervous.

"Is something wrong, Meg...Soren?" she asked, reminding herself to call him by his proper name more often.

"No, don't worry, it's just..." he began, before letting out a sigh, "I read about what married couples normally do on the night after the wedding, and well...I've never really done that before, so..."

Roxanne immediately understood. She took his hands in hers, giving him a look of pure love in order to help reassure him.

"It's OK," she told him. "Everyone's nervous on their first time. It's something we're not used to, and it's something new. But I'm sure everything will be fine."

"Wait a minute..." Megamind realized. "You mean you've..."

"Remember that I've never been in a proper relationship before," Roxanne reminded him. "I never got this far with those three guys, and I never let Metro Man anywhere near me. So this is new for both of us."

"New is exciting, I must agree," Megamind spoke softly, bringing his mouth to her ear. "And this will definitely be exciting for you, Wife."

"I hope so, Husband," Roxanne whispered back.

"Husband and Wife," Megamind said aloud to himself. "You know...I like the sound of that."

And with that, he scooped Roxanne up into his arms and carried her the rest of the way to his bedroom, the pair laughing all the way. It was time to start their lives together, because they were twenty years overdue to do so.

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