Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, Stephanie Meyer does. I am just lucky enough to get to mess with her wonderful characters.

Cullen Evolution – Part the First.


After the Romanians were defeated life was forever changed for the Cullen's and their friends and families in the supernatural world. A new baby, Angel, was brought into the fold by Emmett and Rosalie and a new council was formed within the vampire community.

Ties with the wolves were strengthened with the inclusion of the wolves into the council. As the relationship between Renesmee and Seth evolves so does the interaction between the pack and the covens.

Edward tries to put the parting thoughts of Stefan's 'son' Raul out of mind as he prepared to open his school and take his place as the first chairman of the newly formed council. But a nagging doubt throbs in the back of his mind as he goes about reforming his life.

For his part Raul does his best to resist the blackness forming in his heart and in his mind. His brain wants revenge but his heart wants to rise to the greatness his father had taught him to desire. Shadows begin to creep in and he relents, embracing them, with dire consequences.

Spanning four years this story will follow the lives of the vampires that had stood on both sides of the clearing that fateful day.