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"…A vampire wakes with blood thirsty needs

On the warm rich sensations he feels when he feeds.

He stalks the night like a disastrous beast,

And what once alive will now be deceased.

So when the last bit of sunlight disappears from the sky,

You better watch out unless you want to die."

-Victoria Boatwright


He was the most beautiful person you've ever seen in your life, even though the statement itself sounded so cliché.

You met him on a cloudless, full moon night, out in the desolated street of Namimori when you got lost on your way back to your apartment. You were too busy playing with your DS, it seems.

"Hello?" you called out to his lithe form clothed in black and he cocks his head like an owl that tries to distinguish an unfamiliar noise as he turns, making you shiver involuntarily when silver eyes met with your e/c ones.

You stare at him with enthralment for a while, until he breaks your contact with him. He blinks once and turns away from you and treads to the opposite direction.

When he turns to a corner you follow him; you tried to catch up but you find that he had already vanished.

That was when you started waiting for that man with silver eyes every night. You did not care much to identify whatever it is that drew you to him. Slowly, your world had been consumed by the thoughts of the mysterious man, shoving you close to paranoia.

After a week, your efforts have been finally rewarded, much to your relief.

"Do you live here?" you ask courageously, and he replies with a slight raise of his eyebrow.

"Were you waiting for me?" he asks. You flush.

"… I wasn't really…" you stop before you begin to stutter and you avert your eyes away from his heavy gaze.

"Hmn." From the corner of your eye you saw him smirk but when you looked at him he was emotionless, as always. Was it just your imagination?

"You were waiting for me." he tells you in a way that it sounded like a complete fact and it troubles you when you answer him with a willing nod.

He glides like a ghost toward you and you feel yourself drowning in his hoary eyes. "What's your name?" he asks with his velvet voice and you reply: "y/n."

He stops when he's just breaths away from you and he lifts his pale hand to caress your red cheek and you shudder with delight. He smiles.

"I am Hibari Kyoya." he whispers and you feel no breath coming out of his lips. He shoves your h/c locks with the same hand, exposing your neck's skin. He dips his head below your jaw and plants a cold kiss against your warm skin. You barely held back a moan as he continued doing so, leaving a trail of red on your neck as he nibbled and licked on your skin.

A part of yourself wanted to get away from him; your instincts told you that this was wrong, but odd enough, your rational self willingly obeyed him, making you whimper and place a hand on the raven haired stranger's shoulder.

He placed a hand on your head, angling it so that he can kiss you more comfortably and you do as he bids. He bites you gently at the crook of your neck sending you hissing from the soft pain. He moves his hand on your head to your face, cupping your mouth and you don't know what was happening anymore when he bites you deeply.

You yelp from the pain as you felt your flesh being punctured with sharp teeth. He sucks lightly but stops soon afterwards, moving toward the middle of your neck.

You catch a glance of him for a split second as he pulls back and you realize he doesn't look so human anymore.

A scream wanted to come out of your mouth but his vice-like grip muffles your cries as he sinks his serrated teeth into your windpipe, biting your flesh repeatedly, as if searching for something. It sends you jerking and resisting from the immense ache poking you like a thousand hornet stings. You choke, tasting something metallic from your mouth as salty tears come falling down your terrified eyes.

He gnaws at your throat further, and you feel your muscles tear from the force of his bite while you try to push him away frantically. You hear an eerie snap and he stops nibbling, and then all the pain dissipates into nothing when he starts to suck the crimson out of your veins.

Your grip on his slender shoulder loosens and you watch the moonless, starlit sky with half closed eyes, feeling your blood spilling on to your skin, down your back and to your breasts like a cerise blanket.

You slowly slip away from consciousness, feeling heavy and weak and helpless. You hear a loud crack and everything fades to black.

The creature holding you releases his hold on your body and you fall lifelessly on the ground, the flesh on your collar tattered like useless cloth, bone peeping from the red like a sore thumb. He smiles, showing his new kill his grisly set of canines as if amused at the way you lay like a beautiful, broken doll on the ground.

He does nothing to wipe the dripping blood on his chin as he sets his white rapturous eyes in to the night, in search for new prey. With a great leap he disappears in to the gloom, leaving his meal an appalling leer.


Word count: 886.

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