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"Yokai aren't real."

Your friends' eyes dart toward you as you broke the flow of conversation.

"Really, (y/n)-chan?" Tsuna asks as if in discomfort.

"Of course. Those are just legends."

The brunet frowned slightly, as if mulling over something. "Yeah. They are, aren't they?" He answered in a weird way, and laughed weakly.

Gokudera glared at you like you just said something very grave, while Yamamoto merely laughed awkwardly. This was getting frequent, you said to yourself, as you began to notice the unsettling silence that lingered between the four of you when the conversation wandered toward supernatural beings.

But you decided to shrug it off; maybe it was just a boy's thing to believe in such stories.

And you thought bitterly, as you backed away in fright, cold sweat crawling down your back like little spiders, that you would owe those three an apology if you ever see the light of day again.

Before you were hundreds upon hundreds of creatures that existed only in people's imaginations and nightmares, crawling, walking, slithering, skipping, floating, and dancing around the asphalt while they laughed, as if branding the night theirs. Eyes upon eyes darted to you, and you felt the air in your lungs escape faster than you let it.

Some beings flicked their tongues to their lips, gazing hungrily at your frame, while some smiled eerily, probably imagining how you would taste so good when they divide your insides after they play with you.

You suddenly remembered your grandmother telling you about the Parade – the Parade of a hundred Demons – when you were little and impressionable. As you grew you got tired of getting scared of it; tired of hurrying to get home when dark fell and you were still outside and out of reach. You started believing more on facts of science; things that had proof and not those that were based in legends. And you realize, you suddenly wanted to run to your grandmother's house in the countryside and tell her you believe her, that monsters were real and that you were sorry for mocking her that day.

A large grey wolf – or was it an awfully huge cat? – you weren't sure, as its face resembled greatly of a wolf but at the same time it was unmistakably a demonic cat with cold pale green eyes that shone like fireflies in summer; suddenly jumped and landed in front of you, then barred its teeth at the monsters as they inched toward you.

The monsters backed away, and suddenly parted in the middle, and you saw a person once they cleared the view; a man with long, black hair wearing a battered, blue samurai armour. Hisses and shrieks were thrown in the air but it seemed that they were not born out of fright but of reverence.

The ancient swordsman stepped closer by the second and you thought that maybe this man would end your life with his sword but then you noticed someone walking behind him.

He was wearing a sunset colored kimono zori with a black cloak that hung on his shoulders like a cape. He had dark brown – almost black – spikey hair, but his eyes were glowing in the dim. He settled his gaze on your weak form, his canary yellow eyes – no, tangerine – no – his eyes were changing color – they were like orbs drenched in eternal sunset – they were scrutinizing you.

The man with color-changing eyes glided toward you, and you saw every creature back away and bow before him. Blood pumped faster than ever in your veins, feeling an incoming headache as your temples throbbed. You were shaking; as if he had taken everything from you and replaced it with fear and fear only. You felt hopeless. You felt powerless.

Yet you can't help but to feel that you knew him; that you saw him more than once.

And suddenly you find yourself saying the name that surfaced in your innermost thoughts, and you catch yourself staring at him in shock.


Tsuna's sunset-colored eyes didn't blink. He smirked at you.

"Wrong," He said in a deeper voice, and reached his hand toward you, which was alight with fire. "I am Nurarihyon."

And you forget everything else as he touched you on the cheek.

Every demon in the parade danced around the burning human which was you, singing praises for their Lord and howling into the night which was truly theirs.


Word count: 736.

A/N: Fail. I couldn't make it shorter. And it's not even creepy. But the idea of Tsuna as Nurarihyon was so perfect…

Nurarihyon – the so-called boss of all Yokai.

(Night) Parade of a Hundred Demons – well, it talks for itself actually. They say if you happen to see the parade, you will meet a tragic fate or something like that.

This idea was taken from Nurarihyon no Mago, if you people were wondering.

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