My Soul's Travels

Today as I closed my eyes,

My soul left my body back down.

It cruised through the earth & heard its cries.

It saw all of humans' happiness & frowns.

Later it starts up & up it flies.

It went up & saw the frustration bound in villages & towns.

Out of the earth into the universe it pries.

Now flying & feeding on interstellar meadows & lawns,

Freed of all, earthly bounds & ties.

I first went through the red planet mars,

Then, through the sun & other stars,

Through the asteroids which were in the solar system like scars

And through the Oort cloud the solar system's scarf.

Through the nebulae where young stars did laugh,

Through red giants and white dwarves which no longer looked tough,

And through the quasars into different dimensions, till it was enough.

There was seen the end.

This part of universe no one could mend,

But the interface exchanged only by souls through it sent.

Here did a galaxy of souls tent,

In this parallel universe of love which I learned recently suffered a dent,

Souls for their misconduct after coming here did repent.

They realized what expensive time & power they had bootlessly spent.

This was a far & shrinking world's end.

The universe & mankind were initiated by the big bang,

The universe did expand & so did the distance between the souls,

Thus, both together in chorus sang.

No one hearing this ends calls,

Unnoticed these super souls their alarm rang.

The songs echoed through all those planetary balls,

Unanswered it is ready to use its deadly fang.

My soul lands there on one of the knoll,

Stopped there, by the lust of air's tang.

Not willing to return to this earth where feelings did fall

And love economic poles did hang.

Rishi Jayesh Shah

Pls guys let me no what u'l think abt it.

N Quasar means a super massive black hole n oort cloud is a celestial body where mainly comets are clustered..

Thank you