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I'm so addicted to all the things you do when you're going down on me in between the sheets or the sound you make with everything breath you take. It's unlike anything when you're loving me.

Spencer Reid was not familiar with this song and he was certainly glad for that fact when he listened to the lyrics. It was purely about sex and couldn't be about anything else and it was scandalous. Not that he was offended or anything at all like that, but he wasn't expecting to walk into his girlfriend's house to this song blasting at nearly top volume. He winced, looking around the semi messy living room. Apparently, Lila's cleaning lady had had the day off.

Oh girl, let's take it slow so as for you, well you know where to go. I want to take my love and hate you til the end. It's not like you to turn away from all the bullshit I can't take. It's not like me to walk away.

"Lila?" He nearly shouted to be heard over the music, unable to find the source of the noise. Spencer glanced at his watch. Yes, he was a little early but surely she was used to that and would have been ready to meet him downstairs. He looked around the room before venturing past it, looking up the stairs and every room along the way. The music was definitely originating from a room upstairs and he figured he'd find Lila there too. Perhaps dancing around oblivious to the fact that he was waiting for her downstairs.

I know when it's getting rough all the times we spend trying to make this loves something better than just making love again.

Spencer wrinkled his nose, listening to the not so classy lyrics. He knew this song was something Derek probably liked. Probably half the team knew all the words to it! But that didn't mean he was familiar with it. That didn't mean he liked it. He reached her doorway which was partially closed and put his hand on the doorknob and slowly pushed it open.

How can I make it through all the things you do. There's just got to be more to me and you.

It was really bright in her room. Her windows were wide open letting in some breeze and fresh air as well as sunshine. He looked around and finally spotted her. She was perched on top of her unmade bed in a black tank top and matching lace boy shorts. He watched as Lila climbed off the bed, her long legs making their way over to him.

I'm so addicted to all the things you do when you roll around with me or the sound you make with every breath you take. It's unlike anything. I'm so addicted to you. Addicted to you.

As Lila started to pull his tie off and then his vest, Spencer Reid decided that maybe this song wasn't so bad.