I Don't Believe You - Glee

Pairing: Faberry
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Summary: SHABOOYA! :D not really sure. This story kinda picks up where Silly Love Songs ended... well, a week or so after that anyway. This is the story of how Quinn comes to terms with her feelings for Rachel... which should be made a part of the actual show :D

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Chapter 1 - Damn you, Quinn Fabray

[Mr. Schuester's apartment; Saturday night]

"Well, I still think he is."

"No way!"

"You don't know that."

A loud sigh could be heard from the entrance of the room. "Guys, how did this get to be a discussion about everyone's sexuality?" Mr. Schue asked as he walked in with a fresh bowl of popcorn, "We're supposed to be deciding on our set-list for regionals!"

"Calm down, Mr. Schue, we've got all night," Mercedes intervened, "It's not like it's a school night." The choir director started to argue, but she cut him off. "You should've known better than to invite a bunch of hormonal teenagers to your apartment on the weekend!" she finished in true diva fashion while she grabbed the bowl of popcorn out of his hand. The man sighed again before plopping down in his armchair, defeated.

"And what makes you think he is, Berry?" Santana continued, practically snarling, "Karofsky is on the football team. There is no way-"

"-What does him being on the football team have to do with anything?" one of the other former cheerios interjected.

"Exactly. Thank you, Quinn." Rachel started again, "And as for your question, Santana, I believe that my own standing within the gay community, seeing as I am the only person in this room with two parents of the same sex, more than qualifies me to make such a bold claim." She paused for dramatic effect while she slowly gazed around the room, making sure each pair of eyes was on her. "Karofsky bats for the home team," she finished, "I have excellent gaydar."

Santana scoffed while several other groans filled the room, "Ugh, please. You having two gay dads only means you are gay, manhands." Several bouts of laughter rose at that while the petite diva gasped.

"Well, you are one to talk, Santana," Rachel huffed, "Just because you and Brittany aren't a thing anymore doesn't mean we've all forgotten it."

The Latina rolled her eyes, "Sing a new tune, RuPaul, this one is outdated. Everyone here knows that I just like to fu-"

"LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-" Mr. Schue jumped up and ran to the kitchen while covering his ears. Several more chuckles rose at that.

"You can say sex isn't dating all you want to, but it doesn't change the fact that you clearly enjoy the company of women," the smaller brunette interjected triumphantly.

Santana rolled her eyes again before crossing her arms over her chest and sitting back. "Whatever," she dismissed.

Quinn had been watching the exchange with an amused smirk before deciding she should stick up for her abrasive friend. "And what about you, Berry?" hazel eyes turned to set on the now dumbstruck diva, "I didn't hear you deny anything."

Rachel's mouth fell open. "I- uh- well…" a few chuckles erupted at the diva's loss of words. She huffed at them, flustered, before turning back to her accuser. "As I'm sure you are aware, Quinn, I was raised with the belief that love does not come with a gender, and therefore-"

The blonde coughed trying to cover up her own amusement as she stood to go refill her cup. "Rachel's bisexual," she concluded flippantly, walking towards the kitchen while everyone fell out in laughter at what she could only imagine was Rachel's flabbergasted expression.

Quinn chuckled to herself softly as she wandered into the kitchen to refill her soda. Mr. Schue was sitting at the table.

"Is Santana finished talking about her… extra-curricular activities?"

The blonde gave the man a small, sympathetic smile. "Yes, it's safe for you to come out now."

He let out a sigh of relief as they both filed back into the living room where a few gleeks were still chuckling. Rachel, however, had shrunken back into her seat and was currently grumbling about something under her breath. The former Cheerio had to fight back her smirk to keep it from growing into a full blown smile. The tiny brunette could just be so cute at times. Quinn grimaced inwardly at the thought and tried to shake it off as she sat back down.

Mr. Schue clapped his hands together to get their attention, "Okay! Now that we're done discussing sexual preferences, let's get down to business!"

[the following Monday morning at WMHS]

"Ugh, give me some Tylenol."

A single blonde eyebrow lifted as Quinn examined her dark haired friend slouched against the lockers next to her. Santana had definitely seen better days. The Latina looked different without her uniform on. Her brown hair fell on her shoulders in messy tangles barely detracting attention from her shabby street clothes… which may or may not be clean. The former blonde cheerleader wrinkled her nose before focusing back on her books.

"And what were you up to last night?" she asked, picking out the books she'd need for her next class.

"Getting drunk," Santana's eyes drifted down the hallway, "By myself… my head is killing me now." Quinn shook her head before reaching into her purse to pull out the Tylenol the Latina requested. "Thank you."

The blonde watched her friend throw back the pills before speaking, "You shouldn't do that, you know… drink alone."

"I know," the Latina slouched back against the lockers again, wrapping her arms around herself, "I'm just so bored now. Maybe we shouldn't have quit the Cheerios."

Quinn chuckled lowly, "No, that woman definitely got what was coming to her." She focused back on her books, "Besides… now we don't have to drink that nasty 'Sue Sylvester Master Cleanse' concoction anymore."

"Or be at school at the crack of dawn," the brunette added thoughtfully.

"Or fight over who gets to be the HBIC," the blonde threw her a soft smile.

The Latina sighed, "Okay, you're right. I just… I don't know." Hazel eyes slid over to her friend while she shut her locker and leaned against it, ready to listen. "Before, I had a place in this school – I had a purpose." Santana shrugged, "Now I don't belong anywhere."

"That's not true," Quinn offered quietly, "We still have Glee."

Santana grumbled, "Right, of course. How could I forget?" They pushed off the wall and walked over to the brunette's locker in silence. The Latina paused as she started dialing her combination, "Do you think what Berry said last night was true?" She met Quinn's gaze before opening her locker, "About Karofsky?"

Quinn leaned back against the lockers, focusing on the opposite wall while she deliberated her answer. "It kind of makes sense," she shrugged. Santana glanced at her. "I mean, he's never had a girlfriend," she pondered aloud, "And it sort of explains why he was always on Kurt the way he was."

The brunette's brow furrowed, "How does him beating up Kurt every day make him gay?"

"Think about it, San," she started, fixing her heated gaze on the Latina, "If he was holding back these repressed feelings of homosexuality because it's not accepted by the majority of our class, wouldn't he lash out at the one person in this school who represents everything he's supposed to hate? Kurt never did anything to him. Karofsky had plenty of victims to choose from, but he fixated on the one gay student we had." The blonde paused before returning her attention back to the other set of lockers, "Perhaps he felt threatened," she shrugged.

It was silent for a long moment before the Latina finally spoke up. "Well… you know…" she started mischievously, "the same thing could be said about you." She held a knowing smirk when she felt the blonde's eyes return to her. The brunette took her time unloading her books before continuing, "After all, you did torment Treasure Trail relentlessly for the past several years… One could say that your unprecedented torture of the little dwarf is really just you 'lashing out' because of your 'repressed feelings of homosexuality.'"

"Do you even know what 'unprecedented' means?"

"I'm sorry," the Latina cupped her hand around her ear and leaned in towards her friend so that she could listen closely, "Is that denial I hear?"

The blonde scoffed, "You know, I wasn't the only one who relentlessly tortured that dwarf you're speaking of."

The Latina shrugged it off while she shut her locker, taking her time before she turned to her blonde companion. "I'm not denying anything," she smirked while she pulled her backpack over her shoulder before walking off, "The little diva can be kinda hot when she's all flustered."

Quinn was left there gaping behind her.

Rachel fingered the gold star around her neck while she stood absently in front of her locker. Thoughts of recent events had plagued her mind lately and she was beginning to have trouble concentrating on the tasks at hand. There was just too much. A part of her was still reeling at the fact that Kurt had transferred schools, and that happened weeks ago. Since then they'd tied at sectionals, Finn had broken her heart… again, they'd won a football championship and temporarily recruited the football team for a killer Thriller number.

All of that was on the backburner, though, compared to her thoughts recently.

Both Finn and Quinn had caught Mono for Valentine's Day the week before… from kissing. Granted, Finn was holding the Kissing Booth as a fundraiser for New Directions, but her sixth sense told her it was more than that. Finn had kissed plenty of girls that day, why was Quinn the only one to catch it? Did he actually kiss her on the mouth instead of on the cheek like he had with Rachel? The diva was so lost in her thoughts she didn't hear anyone approaching.

"I thought the Star of David had six points," Mercedes' voice carried over her shoulder.

She glanced over at her sister diva, forcing a smile to her lips before turning back to her books. "It does, Finn gave me this," she tried to keep the pain out of her voice, "It was a belated Christmas present. You know how I feel about gold stars." She shot the other girl a teasing wink.

Mercedes laughed at that, "Oh yes, I do… So, a present, huh?" Rachel could tell by her tone that she was channeling her inner gossip queen; she decided to end the rumors before any could begin.

"Yes, but not like that," Rachel interjected solemnly, "It was more like a parting gift than anything."

"Oh," the other diva spoke softly, "I'm sorry."

The tiny brunette shrugged, "I'm over it."

Mercedes let out a snort of a laugh, "Are you now?"

She sighed, "Yes, if you must know." She turned to her friend strengthened by her newfound resolve, "You were right last week… We're better off alone. At least this way I can concentrate on my music rather than stupid boys constantly breaking my heart."

The taller diva nodded in agreement while readjusting her bookbag, "You go, girl. I'll see you in Glee, okay?" She gave the brunette a fist bump before heading down the hallway.

Rachel smiled and nodded before taking off in the opposite direction. She would be okay. She had gone years without friends, much less a boyfriend. She could do this. And so what if he and Quinn kissed? She grimaced thinking about it, sure, but it was just because she didn't want her friend to get hurt again… right?

She really wished she could stop thinking about it. Obsessing over it was only going to get her into trouble… literally.

Right as she rounded the corner she bumped head first into a solid form, dropping her books and sheet music along the way. Fortunately the person she ran into didn't seem to be carrying anything.

"Oh, I am so sorry," she said as she knelt down to quickly gather her things, "I've been so distracted lately I haven't been able to focus on what's in front of me. You know, you'd think after so many of these incidences have occurred the school board would eventually put in some traffic lights or something." She chuckled nervously when the other person remained silent. Feeling anxious the tiny diva sneaked a peek at the person's shoes.

Conservative, open toed heels… formal and dressy… so totally not her style.

Rachel gulped audibly before she timidly glanced up at her human barrier and found a pair of swirling hazel eyes glaring down at her.

Of course, she thought.

Clearing her throat, she quickly stood up, straightening her back and squaring her shoulders. Kneeling down in the floor at the girl's feet had made her feel even more vulnerable in front of the intimidating blonde than she already did. Straightening up didn't help much, though, as Quinn still towered over her, her manicured hands settling on her hips in a domineering fashion while she quirked a lone brow at the brunette cowering in front of her. Rachel fought to keep the fear out of her expression.

"Quinn," she started softly, raising her chin with false bravado, "I do apologize. I'm sure you can see that it was just an accident. I'm afraid the number of accidental deaths amongst teens has risen at an exponential rate in the last decade despite our school's valiant effort to promote health and safety in all our endeavors, however fortunately in our case no one was hurt and there is no permanent damage to books or wardrobe." She couldn't stop herself from swallowing thickly as the honey haired girl continued to stare at her. "Please don't slushie me," she finished lowly as she prepared for the verbal berating that was sure to follow.

The blonde froze at that… not that she was moving much to begin with. But as Rachel watched, the hazel eyes narrowed ever so slightly at her while the corners of her lips twitched slowly upward into her famous Fabray smirk. Rachel didn't know whether to feel relieved or terrified.

"At ease, Berry," the blonde spoke softly, almost sweetly, as she gently side stepped the brunette to continue on her way down the hall. "I'm not going to hurt you," the words were only but a whisper over her shoulder while the former Cheerio left her presence, but the impact of what she said was startling. The diva was almost certain she hadn't heard anything at all… it was simply her imagination. But the ghost of a breath she felt along her cheek led her to believe otherwise as a shiver suddenly crawled up her spine leaving her in a hot mess of nerves.

What was that?

The brunette swallowed hard attempting to regain her composure while she tried to figure out her body's reaction to what just happened. Her heart was still pounding in her chest and her breath was coming in short, erratic gasps. The blonde terrified her, sure, but there was something off...

She quickly placed a hand over her heart to try to contain it, her pulse racing underneath her fingertips. That was normal. She took a few even breaths, filling her lungs and slowly releasing it – that was normal, too.

But why am I trembling?

Before she could find an answer to her own question, the shrill sound of the bell yanked her out of her thoughts, telling her she was late for her first class. She quickly took off down the hallway.

Ugh… damn you, Quinn Fabray.

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