Riiko decided to move and start over her life some place no one knew her.

"Now remember our deal Knight, you can only come to school if you pose as my big brother, so no love stuff, go it?" Riiko said.

"If that's what Riiko wants!" Knight ensured her.

A month later Riiko was proud of how knight behaved with her hanging with the guys, that she thought I would be fine to date someone. She took up this one boys offer. After school, Night watched out the window, waiting for Riiko's clubs to be over with. He looked out the window to see some guy he didn't know stop in front of their gate and put his hand on her face and angle it up in a kiss. Knight couldn't believe what he saw. He expected her to attack the pervert, but instead she hugged herself closer! When they stopped, he saw the guy say "I love you" (he can read lips) and Riiko say "I love you" right back! Knight couldn't stand it and ran out; he grabbed the guy by his shirt and lifts him up, delivering a massive punch.

"What the hell…?" The guy managed out.

"KNIGHT…!" Riiko shouted, pulling them apart. "I'm so sorry, my brothers extremely protective!"

"It's fine, I know how he feels, I also live alone with a baby sister…I guess I'll go, by Riiko…" He left and Riiko stomped inside.

"I'm sorry Riiko, but who is he?" Knight said.

"Itsuji, he's my new boyfriend!"

Knight was shocked by how easy she said that. "B-but Riiko, I'm your boyfriend…."

"Not if you keep that up! Look if I sit with just you and do everything with you, people will get suspicious!"

"Oh I see now, I'm sorry Riiko!" Later Knight went to bed to be happy of the thought he was just a tool and nothing more, but man was he way off…