After a few weeks passed by, Knight was starting to wonder how much of a "tool" Itsuji was. So he got a devilish plan to follow them around! Everywhere they went Knight wasn't too far behind. Knight knew shouldn't, but couldn't help it no matter what! He was filled with a new found jealousy that made him act without thinking! After a bit, Riiko started to catch on. She was prepared, Knight screwed up and got home after her, so he sat on the couch waiting.

Knight snuck in as quiet as he could. "Where have you been"? Riiko asked not looking at him.

"Oh, um, just out! You know, enjoying the night life". Knight laughed a bit and it was obvious he was lying.

"Really… Cause it's funny how much I've been seeing on my dates with Itsuji!"

"I ONLY WANT TO PROTECT YOU RIIKO!" Knight cried out scared she would hate him now.

"So, you have been stalking us!" Riiko looked to see tears stream down Knight's face. "Knight, don't cry! I just don't like to be stalked…" Knight rubbed the tears away and ran to his room. Riiko felt awful and knew the whole date thing was a bad idea. She went to go apologize, and saw Knight's window open and him gone.