A/N: Yaoi fic. Don't like, don't read. This is not a one-shot, it will start with Style Stan/Kyle pairings, but when they come out to their friends, the group comes to terms with their sexualities as well, leading to many other Pairings.

Stan's POV

You know what I want?

Neither do I.

At the moment, I'm stuck between two things; death, and a boyfriend. Of course the fact that I want a boyfriend is enough to send me into a spiraling depression of 15 year old self doubt and insecurity about my homosexuality.

Yeah, I'm gay, or bi I guess since I have had girlfriends that I have been in relationships with, but the older I get the gayer I get, or the gayer I allow myself to be.

Ugh, with all this pent up emotion, I feel the need for a Hot Topic shopping spree, the Goth me is coming back. I have to find a better way to color my hat, because the last time it took me like three days to wash out the black dye. I don't even want to think of throwing away my hat, after all, it was a gift from Kyle, my Super Best Friend, and I could never throw away anything from him.

But I digress, (like anyone cares, I'm just writing this in the journal (ITS NOT A DIARY) that my shrink is making me write.) the point is, I'm gay, I'm lonely and I am extremely depressed, which is why a couple weeks ago my parents took me to see a therapist, who in turn made me write this ridiculous thing.

Ah well, therapy isn't all that bad, just completely pointless. I mean, I'm sure that people who actually tell the truth in therapy come out of it feeling much better, but there is no way that I'm letting my "true self" come out.

I've always had an appreciation for words, the things they say can be very powerful, but the true effect of most words is ruined by overuse, like the phrase "spill my guts". The way I see it, if I did let my true self come out, it would be like me spilling my guts, the stinky, messy, bloody, dirty secrets falling out of my mouth.

That's why I won't tell anyone, I will only write it on my laptop and then encrypt the document so that no-one but I can ever look at it again. This way my guts will stay inside a password secured body.

It sucks being gay, especially in High school. When I dated girls, they flocked around me like I mattered, but now that I turned enough of them away, I only get nervous glances from behind lockers. There are barley any boys who are out in SPHS, and I feel like I can't just ask any old dude who might be gay to go out with me, so I feel like I have to wait until they actually asked another guy out, and by then, I can't ask that dude out because he's taken, and I'll be damned if I break up one of the already extremely small amount of gay couples in South Park.

I guess the high school years are going to fucking suck for me. I think I'm going to talk to Kyle. If there is anyone who I can trust, its Kyle, and if he doesn't accept me, then no-one will, and I'll just off myself and save the world the burden of dealing with me.

So I will call Kyle

Kyle's POV

Thank god, something has finally happened! Life has been so boring, but at least something has been started! It all started when Stan called.

"Yeah? Who's there?"

"Hey Kyle, its Stan."

'What's up?"

"Hey, can I come over? I kind of wanna talk about it in private…"

"Yeah, sure Stan, nobody is home, and the door's open."



What in the hell got Stan so bothered? I wondered briefly as I pulled up my boxers over my prominent erection that I had been in the middle of taking care of when Stan called.

Mmmmm, Stan. I could probably finish with a couple pic's of Stan. Yes, I am gay, and yes, sometimes I do imagine Stan, but I also think of Kenny and some of the other kids in my school. Don't assume that I'm all about sex, I reeeeaaaallly want a relationship, but shit dude, its not easy. The pressure of High School, the pressure to fit in with the rest of the pack.

Ah well, once I'm out of High School I'll find someone, but for now…I thought as I pulled a green T-shirt over my head. My hair used to be a travesty, a full blown Jew-fro with an obnoxious red color, but once I hit puberty my hair flattened out and turned into a more natural red color.

"Kyle! You here?" Stan shouted from downstairs

"Yeah, I'll be right down!" I called as I thundered down the stairs "Hey what's-'' I stopped mid-sentence as I saw Stan in his black skinny jeans and tight black T-shirt. He still had on his trademark red and blue hat, which made me smile a bit. It made me happy to know that he treasured my gift as much as he did. Holy shit dude, Stan is fucking HOT!

"Hey" said my super sexy Super Best Friend


"So um…"



"Stan, if you don't spit it the fuck out I will literally cut you into little pieces until you talk."

"Jesus Kyle!"

"I'm serious Stan, just tell me what's bothering you"

"K—Kyle, you know, you know how we promised each other that if there was ever anything that was really serious we would keep it a secret? Well, I need to tell you that… well, I'm gay Kyle." Stan mumbled, eyes on the ground, head hung in shame.

"Oh thank SWEET MOSES!I was beginning to think that I was the only gay kid in South Park!" I shouted in exhilaration. Stan's head jerked up to stare at me with his wide blue eyes, an expression of shock painted across his features.

"You're gay?" He said, his jaw beginning to drop to the floor in surprise.

"Well yeah dude, I haven't even been trying to hide it. If you had asked me if I was gay I would of said yes, no hesitation, but I guess no one noticed" I said, a blush beginning to creep into my face.

"I'm sorry…"

Don't be, it's no problem" as long as we're getting naked soon! Oh god! Did I just think that?

"Hey, ya know how we're like two of the only out gay kids, right? And we're both friends, no, Super Best Friends, right?"

"Uh yah, nothing new there…" what's the point?


"Swear to god Stan, stop it with the "well…'s'' before I throw you down one!"

"?" Stan said, speaking inaudibly fast in his nervousness. He stood there, shifting his feet, head down, biting his lips in that way only Stan could make look sexy.

"Slow down there Sta-'' I laughed before Stan interrupted me

"You mean I asked you to fast? God! I knew it would be too soon, damn it Stan! Why do I ruin everything?" Stan yelled, more to himself than me. His eyes started to turn red, and his cheeks were the color of humiliated tomatoes. He looked like he was about to cry. Did it really mean that much to him? Did I really mean that much to him?

"Stan, calm down! Yes, I'll go out with you! Jesus dude! I was just trying to say that you were speaking too fast. I was about to ask you out when you asked me, so chill out." I said, the look on his face almost making me burst into laughter. It was a mix between confusion, anger and frustration at himself, and sheer joy to hear that I accepted.

"Oh. Sorry, it's just so hard to find a guy in South Park, I mean the population of the town is like 400 or something, and everyone here is so closed minded and shit, it blows dude, but then you are gay, and we already know each other, and… I mean like… Well, you're kind of hot dude, and I just really wanted to try… I'm just really lucky I guess" He said, blushing harder if it was possible. I smiled. He thinks I am hot? I am like this close to cumming myself just from looking at his sexy body. I think, blushing slightly.

"I was literally thinking the same thing when you called this morning" I said "And don't try to flatter me, you are like some sort of sex god, and I'm just like a skinny, nerdy Jewboy" I said, blushing furiously now

"What are you talking about Kyle? You are so beautiful! I love the way that your hair falls down to frame your face, and I love how your skinny arms go deep into your pockets when you are nervous, and you bend forward, and your hair falls across your face, a single strand falling on your lips, which look so delicious when you chew them in that Kyle way that only you could pull off. I love it when you smile, and your green eyes light up. It makes everyone around you smile back. I love how you wear jeans that aren't really skinny, but somehow manage to show me everything I want to see, your sexy butt, your skinny, but not too skinny legs, while it hides your crotch, and forces you to imagine what is hidden underneath. But most of all, I think, I love the way you don't realize how incredibly sexy you are, and you blush whenever anybody looks at you, and you still hide your hair, even though it looks so cute. You're amazing, Ky…" He finished as he leaned forward to kiss me. I was shocked; did he really think I was that cute? Was he serious? Did he want me to take off the hat? All of these questions stopped running through my mind the second his lips met mine.

"Mh-mn" I moaned into his mouth, our lips moving together, in some sort of delicious dance. It was weird, but I swear that Stan had a flavor, like lemonade or something, it starts off kind of sour, but turns out to be deliciously sweet. Stan's tongue met my lips, asking for entrance, which I immediately gave to him. Our tongues twirled together battling for dominance, for pleasure.

Stan separated the kiss to look into my eyes. He saw the want, he saw me asking for him to take me, for him to do what he was so obviously thinking of.

"L-Lets go upstairs, to your room" he says, leaning in for another brief kiss. I smiled and took him by the hand and led him upstairs. I opened the door and turned to stare at him with longing. My heart was beating so fast, I could feel it in my toes. I felt giddy with pleasure and happiness, and I never wanted the feeling to end.

Stan gently pushed me onto the bed, laying me out flat. He fell on top of me, lips finding mine, hips grinding against my already hard member. I grunted at the friction in our jeans. Stan smiled when he heard, taking his lips from mine. I looked at him, and saw again how positively gorgeous Stan was. His hair was falling outside of the hat that I had given him so long ago, his lips puffy and chapped. His tongue came out to lick his lips, in the sexiest way I have ever seen anyone do such a thing. I looked up to meet his eyes, lost in turmoil of nervousness, want, and asking for me to give him the go ahead

"Stan -mhm- I want you." I moaned. God he was sexy, I moaned just looking at him. Stan smiled widely and proceeded to tear off my green T-shirt and throw it on the floor. He attacked my jeans while I started on his T-shirt soon I was completely naked, and he was only in his tight boxer briefs. My member was throbbing from lack of attention, and his boxer briefs were close to ripping, almost unable to hold all of his erection.

He bent down, and our lips met again in a passionate kiss that was broken mush too soon for my liking, until that is, his lips met my neck.

"Ung-wa!" I cried out, thrusting my hips upwards, driven mad by the pleasure of the hickey he was leaving on my neck. Stan continued downwards, giving me kisses all the way down my chest, my skinny stomach, and my thighs, until he came to face my throbbing erection.

"S-Stan! Please!" I cried out desperately. He smirked at me and flicked his tongue against the slit of my member. I cried out again in pleasure. His lounge circled the head, and finally he put his lips around my throbbing five inches.

"Staaan!" I cried as my hands flew to his head. I took off his hat and then got his hair in a death grip, shoving his head farther over my dick. He choked a little bit, but got over it and bobbed his head up and down over my member.

"Stan! I'm going to Cum!" I called out a few seconds before I did just that. He brought his head up and climbed over me to kiss me. Our tongues explored each other's mouths. I tasted my own cum. It was salty sweet, and slimy, I didn't really like it very much, but it didn't matter, I loved the way it felt to kiss Stan, and probably would have kissed him if his mouth had been full of cat piss. He smiled and looked at me again.

"Lube?" he asked hopefully. I nodded and pointed at my bedside table. Stan reached in and brought out a bottle of lube. He kissed me again before he slid down to my waist. He quickly coated three of his fingers with lube. He looked at me as if to ask for my permission. I nodded quickly, and he put the first of his fingers in my tight hole.

I squirmed a little bit, but it didn't really hurt that much, it was only one finger after all. Then he added the second finger. There was definitely a lot of discomfort as he scissored my ass with his fingers. After a little bit, I got used the feeling, and he added a third finger.

I cried out in pain, a couple tears falling out of my eyes. He came up and kissed my tears and told me that he was sorry, but he promised it would feel better soon. He went back down and started scissoring me again, pushing in and out until he hit that spot, and I cried out in pleasure. My erection came back in full then, and Stan smiled as he touched the spot again to make sure he had found it. I moved my hips, trying to grind his fingers deeper into me.

He took his fingers out and started to put lube on his throbbing member. He looked at me again, his eyes searching for permission.

"Yes, Stan, Fuck me!" I cried out, almost laughing at the glee in his face as he heard these words. He teased my opening with his throbbing cock, and I thrust my hips down on it, causing I'm to gasp out in pleasure, and me to breathe in sharply with the pain. I soon got used to the feeling, and laid down on my back, my legs put over his shoulders. He started to move slowly causing me to gasp in pain, but I was okay and told Stan to continue.

"Harder!" I cried out to Stan when he hit my spot again. He sped up, and my hips were bucking over his seven inch member, both of us gasping out in ecstasy, until I came, tightening up, which made Stan come right after me.

Stan collapsed on top of me, my legs falling off of his shoulders. He kissed me tiredly and rolled off of me. He curled up next to me, tossing his arm around me, hugging me tightly. As we laid there I thought. My parents are going to be home in an hour. Huh, I guess I just don't care, I'd rather just lay here with Stan. We both fell asleep like that, covered in sweat and semen, spooning each other, Stan's arms around me, my back pressing into his chest.

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