A/N: LAST CHAPTER! Tyde and Bendy smut ahead.

Damien's POV

I am AWESOME. I mean like seriously, I had this amazing plan set out, but then it gets fucked in the ass, and I still get to fuck Pip in the ass! Okay, maybe that was a little immature, but still, you get the point. Since I was summoned too early, the date plans are bust, but, I have a new plan. I am throwing the biggest fucking party South Park has ever seen. Everybody is going to be there, and I only had one day to plan it all. Luckily I have incredible demonic powers not to mention a horde of unholy servants willing to do my every bidding. Yeah, that stuff helped, but mostly it's just because I'm awesome.

So yeah, at the moment I'm at the top of a hill in the middle of South Park drawing a giant pentagram all over the hill. I added a few undisclosed demonic ingredients and used my aforementioned demonic powers to summon my demonic mansion. The whole place was about three stories tall. The first story is just a large room with a couple of chairs and couches on the side. The middle of the floor was cleared out for dancing, and there was bar that covered an entire wall. Right in the center of the door was an island made of stereos. On the top of the island was a seat and DJ equipment, set up for Kenny McCormick, the best damn DJ in the world. The second floor was occupied by comfy couches tables, with another bar. The second floor had a balcony surrounding it, allowing or romantic stargazing. The third floor was made up of bedrooms and, well, you know what they are for.

I had already sent out all of the invites via flame pillars, which would surely attract attention. All in all, I had invited Stan, Kyle, Craig, Tweek, Kenny, Butters, Tolkein, Bebe, Clyde, Wendy, Heidi and Red. Of course Pip and I would be there as well, meaning that pretty much everybody who was anybody and old enough was invited. Everything was ready, all that was left to do was keep Pip in the dark while we waited for dark.

Kenny's POV

Butters and I arrived there first. The place was epic, three floors, decked out head to toe with booze and other such pleasantries. The best part, of course was the stereo system. There was the original stereo island, but there were also hidden stereos in the walls, creating an insane surround sound sensation. And I was the DJ. This was going to be awesome. I climbed up on top of the Stereo Island and sat in my big comfy swivel chair and looked at what I had to work with. I was about two seconds away from sucking Damien's cock from sheer gratitude. Of course I wouldn't do that, because that would mean cheating on my Butters, which was not an option! I had the general turn-tables, CD players, external hardrive hookups, I-pod/MP3 hookups, and a huge switchboard, which all connected to a giant touch screen computer that was laid down flat on the counter. The computer had a ton of songs in its I-tunes folder, so I started to play a Lady Gaga song, because I knew Butters loved that shit. It started booming out of the speakers, and Butters perked up, smiling at me. I swiveled around to the switchboard, turning up the bass until the ground was shaking so hard I almost fell off my chair. It looked like the switchboard gave me complete control of all of the sounds coming out of the speakers. I returned the song to normal and jumped off the Speaker Island and walked toward my beaming Butters. He was wearing a black and blue patch skirt that ended just above his knee, and a blue tank top with a blue devil outlined in black. I wrapped my arms around his waist and put my forehead against his at the same time he put his arms around my neck. He looked into my eyes and kissed me, but when he pulled away, he was crying.

"What's wrong babe?" That just made him cry harder. I had made him cry again. I had promised to never make Butters cry. I started to panic a little bit, what was going on? Why was he crying? Did he hate me? "B-Butters? W-what's wrong? A-are you OK?" I squeezed his arms, trying to encourage him to speak up. My mind was on fire, I wanted to run away screaming, scared to death that he was going to tell me he hated me. I wouldn't run, because I loved him, and I would do anything for him. But I REALLY didn't want to.

"I-. I. I love you Kenny. I love you more than anything else, and I'm scared, Kenny, I'm terrified that any second you're just going to get up and leave me and it makes me feel like I am walking towards my execution, and I just… I, I want you to love me back, I want that more than anything else." There was a long pause, I was too shocked to say anything.

"I do love you Butters. I love you so much that every time you seem sad I start to panic because I don't know what to do to fix it, because the thought of you sad makes me think of what would happen if you were no longer in my life, and that just seems too cruel and lonely to even think about. I love you Butters, and the only reason I will ever leave you, is if you ask me to." I brought his face up to mine and I kissed him, hoping that he could accept that, hoping he could accept me.

"Thank you Kenny." He smiled at me and kissed me again, briefly, but the emotions behind the kiss were still there. The acceptance, the joy, and the love.

The music had stopped a while before, so I climbed back up on the Island and played a couple of my favorite tunes, waiting for the other guests to come.

Kyle's POV

The party had fully started by the time we arrived. Most o the guests were already there, and Kenny was up on his Island playing some new Nicky Minaj song. I walked in with Stan, holding onto his Tuxedoed arm. I was wearing a similar Tuxedo, except instead of having a white undershirt, I was wearing a pink one. I smiled and surveyed the crowd and frowned when I saw Wendy staring holes through my boyfriend. I knew that Wendy still liked Stan, and I knew that Wendy meant a lot to Stan, though not in a romantic way. I felt Stan nudge me, and I told him to go talk to her, because I knew me keeping them apart wouldn't solve anything.

As soon as Stan got about 5 feet away, I was met up with another unhappy surprise, Eric Cartman.

"What do you want Fatass?"

"Shut up you stupid J-" Cartman sighed, looking defeated. "I didn't come here to insult you Kyle. I came here to… To say I'm sorry Kyle. I'm sorry for everything, every name I called you, every dirty trick I played on you, every fiasco I got you into, everything. I started doing that because I thought you were just some black assho to fuck with, and then, after I saw that you weren't some black assho, I felt like I couldn't stop, like it was my job to be a total dick, like I wouldn't be anything if I weren't a total dick. I don't want to be a total dick anymore Kyle. I love you Kyle, more than air, more than anything else." He said all this with his eyes to the ground, and when he was finished, he brought his eyes up and looked at me, and this time it was me who couldn't meet his gaze.

Shit. That was NOT what I expected to hear from him. I looked in his eyes, there was not a trace of humor, not a trace of trickery or deception.

"Cartman." I said, sadly, I knew it would hurt him, but there was no way I would ever feel that way about him. "It will never work. I don't love you Cartman." He looked like he was about to choke, like he was being choked. I walked over to him and grabbed his shoulders looking up at him. "But that doesn't mean I don't care about you Cartman. I know you didn't mean all the terrible shit you said about me, and I forgive you. I will help you with whatever you need, but I can't be with you. I'm sorry."

He looked up at me, and I knew he understood. He wasn't happy, and he probably would hate me for a long time, but eventually he would get over it. Eventually he would be happy, because he had changed. He shrugged me off and left the party and out into the cold.

"Kyle? What did he want?" Stan said, slinging his arm around my shoulder. I looked at him and I knew he had just told Wendy the same thing that I had said to Cartman, and I could tell he knew what I had said as well. I kissed him, still a little torn up about Cartman.

"Nothing, Stan. It was nothing."

Wendy's POV

Wow. I never thought Stan would actually do it. I had known that he didn't love me for a while, but I never thought he would be brave enough to tell me it to my face.

I was in the girls bathroom, (yes, for some reason this house had separate sex bathrooms on the 1st floor) crying, when Bebe came in. She looked a little down, but when she saw me her look turned into one of concern.

"Wendy? What's wrong?" her concern just made it worse.

"St-Stan told me he-he didn't l-love m-me" I said, my voice trembling, breaking into sobs. Bebe looked sorry to hear that, but there was also another look, hidden behind her concern.

"Oh. Well, you haven't been together for a while, you even brought Clyde here as your date." She had walked over and started to rub my back, trying to comfort me.

"I know Bebe, but it still hurts. It's all so confusing Bebe, I know I don't love Clyde, and I know that Stan and I will never be, but that is all I want. Do you love Tolkien? Have you ever loved someone, even though you know they wouldn't return the feelings?" I turned around and looked into her eyes. She quickly looked away, to the floor.

"No, I don't love Tolkien, I just took him as my date because I didn't want to be the only dateless person here." A long pause.

"And?" another pause.

"And yes. I do love someone very much, even though they love someone else. I know how it hurts, Wendy, trust me. It feels like you are dying inside, and you want to just curl up in a little ball until the world just ends, but you can't, because then the one you love will never know how you feel. I know how it hurts Wendy, I really do."

"I'm sorry Bebe, I never knew you cared about Kyle so much." The shock on her face was almost comical.

"Kyle? What the fuck? No I don't love Kyle, Jesus Wendy, where did you get that idea?"

"Well, if it's not Kyle, then who is it?" Bebe snapped her mouth shut, looking panicked and embarrassed.

"I-it doesn't matter…"

"Of course it matters Bebe! Just tell me, maybe I can help make it happen."

"its you Wendy. I love you." She said, too quietly for anything but bats to understand.

"What was that?"

"I love you Wendy. It's you." My mouth was in a perfect "O", my eyebrows attaching themselves to my hairline. Then I thought about it. Who had been there whenever I was sad? Who helped me through thick and thin? Who had never left my side since we were in grade school? Who had promised to always be there for me? Bebe. I looked into her eyes.

"Be-mmm!" Her lips were placed firmly against mine. I panicked again, struggling out of her grip, until she brought her hand to my face, rubbing my cheek softly, her thumb wiping tears out of my eye. I didn't know if I loved her or not, but I sure as hell wanted her. I grabbed her hair, forcing her lips farther onto mine, and I shoved my tongue in her mouth, exploring the foreign territory, moaning into her mouth. Bebe was clearly surprised, but she wasn't about to pretend she didn't want it. She practically ripped my shirt off, our lips still connected. She reached her hand up my shirt, her fingers quickly finding my breast, fondling them, until her middle and forefinger pinched my sensitive nipple.

"Nn-AH! BEBE!" I broke apart from the kiss to scream out in pleasure. I sent my hand down to her skit, reaching under it, finding that she wasn't wearing any panties. I smirked and slid my finger along her wet opening, causing her to call out in pleasure. Bebe sent her unnocupied hand down to my panties, sliding it under my waistband, shoving her finger deep into me, searching for my clit. I did the same to her, finding it and rubbing it, causing her to moan and grind down harder on my fingers. I pushed her back onto a wall and violently fingered her, as she returned the favor, until we both came, loudly calling out each other's names.

Clyde's POV

Wow. Hearing my girlfriend calling out another woman's name was not part of my plan for the night. Apparently Tolkien was thinking the same thing, because we had both gone out to the second floor balcony to get some air.

"Are we the only people here who aren't gay?" I asked the tired looking man in his purple suit with a purple and pink striped tie. He looked really good in purple, so why not wear that suit. I'm sure someone like me would look ridiculous in it, but Tolkien, well, he pulled it off.

"I think Heidi and Red are still cock-hungry" He said, looking at me, making me feel insignificant in my short sleeved black button up shirt with a black tie that had a red stripe swirling around it, and my black slacks.

"Nope, they were making out on the dance floor to Bad Romance."

"Oh." He looked down at the street below, and started to laugh. He was laughing so hard that it made me crack up as well. I knew we were both pretty hammered, and the way he laughed was just so contagious! He was bent over the railing, laughing so hard that he couldn't breathe, and I was leaning against a wall to keep myself on two feet, laughing.

"W-what was so f-funny?" I asked, barely controlling my giggles.

"It's like this whole fucking town just decided to throw a party and force us to be a couple."

"I wouldn't mind that… Being a couple." The small part of my mind that wasn't taking a Jack Daniels bath was screaming at me to shut the fuck up, but that part of my mind was definitely not in charge. I leaned in, taking his bottom lip into my mouth. He seemed to be teetering on the edge of returning the kiss or shoving me away, but he finally kissed back, tenderly wrapping his arms around me, just under my shoulders. I put my arms around his neck and pulled us tighter, surprising myself when I found he was erect and grinding against me. I looked into his eyes, and I knew he wanted it, so I got down on my knees and unzipped his purple pants. I smirked when I saw the huge bulge in his purple boxers. I moved the bulge towards the slot in his boxers, my eyes widening when I saw the at least ten inch monstrosity that was Tolkien Blacks big black cock. I looked at him with a look that roughly translated into 'Dude, really? Well, what should I do now?' and he looked at me with a look that translated into 'Please start sucking before I am forced to rape your mouth.'

I slowly stuck my tongue out and licked the bottom of his dickhead, my tongue running along his slit. He leaned back on the railing, gasping out. I put my mouth on the head, slowly taking in more and more of his length in to my mouth, thanking god for forgetting to give me a gag reflex. I slowly started to bob my head up and down along his erection, sucking and licking. Tolkien was slowly entwining his fingers in my brown hair. My erection was becoming painful, constrained in my black pants. I took my mouth off of his cock, looking down at my zipper, struggling with it as Tolkien whined. I finally was able to take my dick out of my constraining pants, stroking along my six inches that was so pitiful in comparison to Tolkien's enormous dick, which I returned to my mouth. I started to bob my head faster, causing Tolkien to grip my hair harder, which was oddly erotic to me, making my erection throb under my swiftly stroking hand. I came first, moaning around Tolkien, which must of felt good, because Tolkien followed quickly after. I swallowed it, wishing I had something to wash it down with. I zipped up and stood, zipping Tolkien up as well.

"I want to dance." I said shortly, smiling in afterglow. He smiled back at me, and nodded.

Damien's POV

I knew I was good, but this was getting ridiculous. I looked out to the crowd, seeing the couples dancing sweetly to some song that Kenny had put on the record player. Heidi and Red were swinging back and forth, smiling a little perversely at each other. Wendy and Bebe were holding hands awkwardly by the bar. Tolkien and Clyde were dancing a little drunkenly, but very energetic, twirling and dipping. Craig was holding onto a twitchy, but smiling Tweek, shuffling with him across the floor. Stan and Kyle were wrapped in each other's arms, their foreheads against the other's, smiling sweetly, swinging back and forth romantically. Kenny was still up on the Island, and Butters was up there with him, sitting on his lap, hugging Kenny tightly, his head over Kenny's shoulder. I looked at Pip, who was dragging me out to the dance floor, smiling at me, and I knew that no matter what happened, no matter how drunk they were, no matter how old they got, no one here would ever forget this moment.

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