Jethro stopped Jenny in the corridor, "I have a little personnel issue. Do you know anything about that?" he said seemingly rather annoyed

Jenny smiled mischeviously, "I take it Ziva arrived a few days early? Right. Before we get into this, I'm going to need a refill." She said softly with a smirk

Jethro pops the top off her coffee and pours his into it, then hands it back to her smiling, and awaiting her reply

Jenny laughed, "That was sweet. Not necessarily sanitary, then again what did I expect, you always used to do that" she said softly, she did secretly miss being with him

Gibbs grinned, "It was either that or you would drink mine anyways" he said with a smirk

Jen smiled and shook her head, "She's a good agent, Gibbs" she said softly to him, explaining why she hired Ziva, even though she owed him no explanation she felt like she did, but then again that is because she loves him.

Gibbs nodded, "I already know that" he said simply

Jen rolled her eyes at him, "Been checking up on her I take it Jethro?" she asked him

Jethro shook her head, "Nope, I saw it first hand, she has a mean right hook on her, and can pin a guy down in a few seconds"

Jen raised her eyebrows at him, "And you know this how?"

Jethro grinned, "Israel 1991, we dated while I was on duty" he explained to his ex-lover

Jen's stomach dropped, she realized she had just employed his ex to be with him near constantly, when she herself wanted to be with him, "Wasn't you with Shannnon then?"

Jethro shook his head, "We had split up ages before, we were about to get a divorce when I returned but well you know what happened…." He said sadly

The red headed director nodded and took his hand in hers, "How long did it last with her?" she asked curious, because she wanted to know if they were together longer than he was with Ziva

Leroy Jethro Gibbs looked down at Ziva below them in the bullpen, "Twelve weeks" he said simply

Jen nodded, silently happy because he had not withdrawn his hand, and she knew that she had been with him longer than Ziva had been. What she did not know was that Jethro and Ziva had a little girl together, then again Jethro was unaware of this too.