First of all, if any "Servant" fans are reading this (though I doubt I have any left), I have a new poll on my profile I'd appreciate you voting on. It concerns whether or not anyone would like to see a cache of story fragments from the original version of the story that I managed to dig up.

I hope there's still a few Lunar: Silver Star Story/Lunar: Legends fans out there (which was hopefully supplemented by Lunar: Silver Star Harmony) because this fanfic is for you! It has a lot of inner turmoil and mental struggle for those of you who like drama and angst, but it should also have enough action and adventure to keep those fans happy. This fanfiction takes place right after the end of the original Lunar: Silver Star Story...or Lunar: Legends...or Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, whatever you'd like.

This fanfiction was somewhat based off of my own response to the ending of Lunar: Silver Star Story. I am a Christian myself, so I don't exactly meld with the idea of having a universe without God. I want everyone to know in advance that I am not anti-Christian in any way, shape, or form. This story has to do between the tradeoffs between free will and control. Which side presents the better argument? I'll leave that up to you...

A lot of this fanfiction was inspired from other sources. However, for those of you who are Spidey fans, you'll actually notice that a certain key part of this story was actually inspired by "Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin". For the rest of you...don't worry. You shouldn't even notice. I'm not going to have Alex web-slinging or anything :(

On an additional note for those of you who have played Lunar: Legends instead of Lunar: Silver Star Story, you should realize that the former of the two games is essentially a slight reworking of the original game. Most of the plot is the same and you can get the gist of both games from playing one or the other. However, this fanfic is a continuation of Lunar: Silver Star Story, and as such there are a few things to keep in mind if you only played Lunar: Legends before reading this:

1. In both Lunar: SSS and Lunar: L, Alex is asked the question to choose between the world and Luna. In Lunar: L, he eventually answers, in what I believed was a cop-out fashion, "I choose both". In Lunar: SSS, however, he never answered the question.

2. Lunar: L presents a slightly more sympathetic version of Ghaleon than Lunar: SSS. In Lunar: SSS, Ghaleon never even calls Alex by his real name when he becomes the Dragonmaster, instead endlessly taunting him by calling him "Dragonboy".

3. In Lunar: L, Nash escapes from the giant "chicken suit", and then joins you to kill Taben. But in Lunar: SSS, Taben manipulates Nash through the suit to fight you, and afterward he disappears and is unaccounted for at the end of the game.

There's a few differences between this and Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, but I don't think anything major enough to change the plot.

Last but not least, rather than repost this all at once, I'm only going to do a chapter a day. Today's different because it's a prologue and a first chapter.

With these in mind...dig in!


Closing Darkness


Time to wake up.




Oh please. I know you far better than that. It would take more than that to finish you off.

"Uh…hn…ah…who…who's…oh, it's you."

And better looking than our last encounter.

"Impossible. There was no way you could have survived…eh…our last encounter."

Easy there. And of course there is. You've survived this.


A little bruise to the ego? No, more than that. More like a fracture. Nearly broke the thing off, ok?

"Enough…uh…what do you want? To finish me?"

I'm surprised you'd even ask such a thing, after I've gone to such lengths to revive you and repair you.

"…You've what?"

You heard me right. There's an old saying, old friend. If you can't beat them, join them. You'll learn soon enough how relevant those words are.

"Stop riddling. It always disgusted me."

Fair enough. I want you to join me.

"Feh. Why?"

I could use your help. And in return, I could give you what you want: the lives of the Dragonmaster and Althena and Lunar on a silver platter.

"Hmph…what's in it for you?"

To be the only one on the planet who is your superior, and to attain the godhood that you so desperately wanted.

"There's no more to attain, fool. Althena is gone. She released her power."

To all the people of Lunar, yes. But that doesn't mean that we simply can't find another way to possess it…

"…What are you saying?"

I'm saying this is our shot at eternal power, old friend. Your shot to get revenge on the Dragonmaster and Althena as well. You'll bend them to your will and make both your slaves. Not just slaves though, willing slaves.

"Really…cough….and what makes you so sure we can do just that?"

Simple. We utilize the two enemies that the Dragonmaster and Althena can never defeat.


Alex and Luna.

"…Interesting. I'm listening."

To be continued...