Point Pleasant Does Not Belong To Me.

Lucas Boyd had just a smidge of an extra pep in his walk, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. The day had come, everything was falling into place. Christina was right where she needed to be and he would soon be joining her, leading her, helping her every step of the way. There was a darkness in the air, growing stronger with every passing moment, buzzing energetically all around him, through him. He couldn't wait to see what it would manifest into, the destruction he'd soon be in the middle of.

Kingston was worried, saddened. Boyd knew that, and given the history he had with the man who helped raise the young girl, he tried to reel in his utter delight at the recent events and plans coming to be. He couldn't seem to help himself though once he started.

"She's only a child," Kingston had said.

Boyd could have laughed. Almost did. Christina was no child, and she certainly could never be described as "only" anything. The smile he'd been fighting came to life as he thought of the young blonde, of everything she was, all she was going to be. He could feel everything about her in his very bones.

"Her powers are starting to manifest," he said with pride. It didn't give the old man pause, he continued trying to argue that everything was happening too soon, that his darling little Christina was going to be oh-so confused... In return, all his whining didn't give Lucas any pause either. He let his speak, listened, images flickering through his demonic mind. Lucas wasn't worried. "She's a bright girl, I'm sure she's starting to understand," he replied to Kingston's worries, a lift in his voice still present. Oh, how he longed to watch it, feel it, feed off of it. Of her, her presence, her emotions, her power over the others.

It was only a matter of time, he just had to remember that. He'd soon be right there with her. By her, always from now on.

"She's not ready."

Boyd couldn't have disagreed more but he just turned his head to look at him. "It's out of your hands." That's all that really needed to be said. That said it all. "She is the child of darkness. And she is under his protection now." Boyd paused, let his eyes drift around the scenery for a few seconds. "She's his daughter."

It was done.

Kingston could say anything he wanted but he knew it was true just as well as he did.