Chapter 1: I have to sing

Sometimes at Camp Halfblood instead of campfire songs after dinner they'd have a camp wide activity. This night happened to be movie night. The only movies they watched at camp were the Camp introductions and a Tristan McLean movie about gladiators.

"Do you know what we're watching today?" Percy asked his friend Grover who took the metal seat next to him.

"No, but I hope it's another gladiator movie! The last one was epic."

Percy spied Annabeth and waved her over. She smiled at him and Percy felt his heart beat faster. They were officially dating after their underwater kiss a few weeks before. But he was still pleasantly getting used to everything.

"I hope it's not a Tristan McLean movie," Annabeth said before giving him a peck on his cheek and sitting down next to him.

"I thought you'd like him, every girl likes him," Grover said sternly. Percy laughed, Grover would probably be the head of the Tristan McLean fanclub if they had one at Camp HalfBlood.

"Well I'm not every girl," Annabeth replied giving him a mock glare.

"Hello everyone!" Chiron drew everyone's attention as the last of the campers found a seat. "The summer is almost over and our non-year-rounders are about to leave which makes this the perfect bonding time for all of us."

Groans came from the audience and Percy saw a few Ares kids roll their eyes. Of course the last thing Percy wanted to do was bond with them to.

Chiron ignored the grumblings and motioned for a man to stand next to him. A guy with wavy brown hair dressed in a tuxedo as if he were at some magnificent event gave them all a beaming smile. Percy couldn't shake the feeling that he was strangely familiar.

"Hello campers!" the man smiled at them widely flashing his extremely bright teeth, "It is so great to be here today with all of you wonderful demigods."

He must've expected applause but was received only with silence and a few people laughing.

"Anyways today I would like to share a film that aired on Hephaestus tv years ago. It's been re-edited to fit into one movie and I just know you all will enjoy it. It features a few familiar faces in the audience today!" Percy was confused when the man looked briefly at him.

"And now to start the movie!"

The man smiled before retreating back to his seat. The large projector lit up and the intro music began.


The title was displayed and Percy felt an enormous sense of déjà vu. Suddenly as the background music played Percy was greeted by a horrifying sight of himself- but younger around the time when he was 7. Annabeth and Grover gave him confused looks which he returned. He never told anyone but around the time from 2nd grade to 3rd he totally forgot what happened, he thought it had been normal as most kids don't remember when they were young but as he watched himself talking to his mother he started putting pieces together.

'Is Your Child A Problem Child?

Does Your Child Need Motivation?

Does Your Child Suffer From ADD And Seem To Fail Every Grade?

You're in luck! I'm here to transform your child. I will motivate them to succeed through the power of music. They will literally transform before your eyes.'

"Mom, no! Please! I'm a boy, and boys don't sing, and what if someone from school sees me? All the other guys will laugh at me!" Screamed a 7-year old green-eyed child at his mother who could only smile as she tried to calm her now red-faced child.

"Percy, you know with this new job I won't be able to pick you up from school anymore, or even be home with you. And Mrs. Lowe is moving, and there is no one else I trust you to stay with.

I've already been recommended to give this a try by Jessie. You remember her. She has those boys, Connor and Travis. They are a bit older than you. They've been going to the music program for over a year now. They even got to fly to France for a concert!" Sally Jackson said trying to excite him while preparing blue pasta Alfredo for the two of them.

"It's not like you'd let me go to France. I'd have to go by boat and that would take years." Percy sighed frustrated at what was just another problem in his life.

"More like months Percy," his mother joked as she smiled at him, "The point is, they take this seriously. You've already been kicked out of 2 schools and you're only in the second grade."

"Not to mention I'm ADD and Dyslevilish?"

"Dyslexic," corrected his mother.

Sally sighed in her silent frustration as she set a plate for both of them at the table and served them their food. Percy defeated, ate his food in silence. Sally could only offer her son a smile, she knew he really didn't want to go but she was harboring a secret that could separate the two of them forever.

After the two finished their meal in silence they both started washing the dishes. Sally washing their plates and cups, and Percy drying everything off.

"Mom, I wish dad was here," Percy said breaking the silence, "that way you wouldn't have to work so long, and I wouldn't need a baby sitter and you wouldn't be dating Smelly Gabe."

Sally smiled sadly at Percy, leaving his statement open as she reminisced about what could have been.


The next day began in their normal routine. Sally got Percy and herself dressed and out the door before 7, Percy was dropped off at school and Sally rushed to her first job as a waitress at a tiny Greek restaurant.

Percy sat in class thinking about the nightmare that was picking him up promptly after school. The "Choir Bus," the music program's bus service, would pick him up to take him on a 30 minute drive out of the city into the suburbs of New York where he would attend his first choir session. He wasn't thrilled, especially knowing he would spend 5 hours every day after school for the rest of the school year with them.

The day blew by slowly, extremely slow to a child with ADD and dyslexia. Where a day at school seems like a never ending public broadcasting documentary on cow dung.

When the bell rang Percy dragged his feet all the way to his locker, taking his sweet time in hopes the "Choir Bus," he scoffed at the lame name, would leave him.

However, much like everything else in a life where everything seemed to go against him the bus was there when he walked outside and the driver of the bus, a man with long blond hair and dull brown eyes, looked thoroughly pissed on having to wait as he glared at Percy.

Author's Note

Re-editing the story! It features new, never before seen scenes. I hope you all like it.