Chapter 10: Thanks!

Percy awoke to the sound of beeping in a dark room. He was still groggy as he tried to sit up but a large warm hand on his chest kept him from rising.

"Percy, you need to sleep," a deep voice said to him. Percy couldn't recognize the speaker and it was too dark to make out a face, but something told Percy that he was safe. And the voice was so calming.

"You were great today Percy. You made me so proud," the voice said again. Percy smiled and his eyes began to close. He tried to keep them open, he wanted to hear the man some more but he couldn't.

Percy woke later to the sound of screaming.

"Don't touch that!" yelled a frantic Sir O, "Why are you drinking it?"

Percy opened his eyes to see Aaron holding the water that was next to his bed and some of the liquid dribbling down his mouth.

"I'm thirsty and you wouldn't give me juice," Aaron said challengingly.

"What does this button do?" Connor or Travis said from the side of Percy's bed. He noticed Percy staring at him and grinned, "You're awake!"

Percy groaned and sat up, he still felt bad but not as much as earlier. His throat still hurt when he swallowed but his head didn't hurt as much.

"What happened?" he asked. He saw Connor, Travis, Aaron, Pollux, Castor, Sir O, and about everyone else from the choir surrounding him. "Where am I?" Percy asked as he noticed that he was in an unfamiliar setting.

"You fainted!" Aaron said smugly, "I guess you couldn't handle the pressure."

Sir O grabbed the bag of liquid from Aaron's hands and gave him a scolding look. Then he turned to Percy and smiled, "You did a great job Percy. You fainted on the stage and your mother and I took you to the hospital. You've been asleep for the past day. It's amazing you were able to sing at all since you have a bad case of Pneumonia."

Percy didn't know what Pneumonia was but it sounded pretty bad. Then he remembered the competition, "Did we win?"

The rest of the guys got silent and their faces fell.

"Percy. We couldn't stop it," Travis said sadly, Percy could see tear welling up in his eyes.

Pollux and Castor began to start bawling and the others looked like they were crying too. Percy didn't know they would take them losing so badly.

"Stop what?" Percy asked nervously.

"The large asteroid that destroyed Carnegie hall and killed everyone inside including the judges before they could tell us the results!" Connor screamed as he covered his face with his hands and starting shrieking.

"What?" Percy asked. He was starting to think his sickness was affecting his brain. Everyone began to bawl loudly in the room.

"Oh shut up all of you," Sir O said glaring at them, "We won Percy. They just wanted to scare you a bit."

"We won?" Percy smiled at the realization. He had done it, well they had done it. They won!

Percy grinned and would've done a little dance had he not thought he would've collapsed if he tried to stand. "That's amazing!"

The others smiled, though Connor and Travis still looked peeved that Sir O had ruined their prank.

"We won a trophy and everything!" Castor said pulling out a small silver trophy that had a golden microphone sticking out the top, "Your mom has yours."

Percy was wondering where his mom was, he hadn't seen her since before he fainted. That's when he remembered the guy who was in his room earlier.

"Did any of you visit me earlier?" Percy asked.

They all looked confused and shook their heads.

"I haven't seen you since I helped admit you in here. The rest of us just arrived about 20 minutes ago. Why?" Sir O asked.

"There was a guy in here earlier. He knew my name and congratulated me," Percy told them.

Sir O frowned as he looked like he was contemplating something, "It couldn't be."

"Couldn't be what?" Pollux asked.

Sir O looked up, remembering the others in the room. "Oh nothing. It's impossible really, it was probably a doctor. Your mom has been telling everyone about you. She went downstairs for some food, she has been here all day sitting next to you."

Percy nodded. He kind of was hoping one of them knew who the man was. For some reason Percy had a feeling like he'd met that man before, so he didn't think it was a doctor.

"We haven't even told him the best part about us winning yet," Michael said from a chair in the back of the room.

"Oh yes. I already discussed the plans with your mother. Apparently the winner of the choral event wins a trip to Disneyworld. Due to your mother's fear of airplanes we are taking a road trip to Disneyworld in Florida!" Sir O said as the others erupted into cheers.

Percy was stoked, he'd never really went outside of New York due to his mother's fear of flying.

"When are we going?" Percy asked.

"That's the bad news, we have to wait until next year to go," Travis said.

"Because we still have school," Connor added.

"What are we going to do until then?" Percy asked.

Everyone looked at Sir O expectantly. Percy hoped the choir still wasn't disbanding. Though his mother did believe that he had matured enough to stay home by himself in the future.

Sir O looked at their hopeful expressions and smiled, "I'm sorry boys. I really did try and talk to the overheads but they said no to continuing the choir."

Everyone's expressions fell. They had all secretly hoped that winning would let them continue.

"But we will see each other again next summer, it's only about 10 months away. You won't even notice the time," Sir O said as he patted Aaron's head who looked like he wanted to either cry or hit someone.

"Thank you Sir O," Percy said from his bed. He was going to miss the choir but he was truly thankful for everything Sir O had done for them. He had the best year of his life with the choir and he would forever cherish the memory.

The other boys in the room began to thank Sir O too.

"Thank you Sir O, you really taught me a lot," Michael said smiling at their teacher.

Connor and Travis nodded and patted Sir O on the back, "Thanks Sir O," Travis said.

"We had a lot of good times stealing your food and we think your cooking and our stealing has improved during the years we have gotten to know you," Connor said grinning slyly.

Sir O glared at him but smiled.

"Thanks Sir O. I had lots of fun and this choir has helped me make new friends," Pollux said as Castor nodded.

After everyone thanked Sir O the nurse came in to shoo everyone from the room.

Percy smiled as his mother came in.

"You're okay!" his mother said as she kissed his forehead relentlessly. Percy saw tears forming in her eyes and he gave her a hug, he didn't like seeing her cry.

"I feel fine mom," Percy said smiling at her.

She nodded and dabbed at her eyes, "You were beautiful up there Percy. I have your trophy too." She took out a silver trophy with a golden microphone at the top. Percy could make out his name engraved on the bottom.

"Did they tell you about the trip to Disneyworld next year?" his mother asked.

"Yup, it's going to be really fun. Mom?"

"Hmm," his mother asked him as she lay down on the small hospital bed next to him.

"Thanks for making me join the choir."


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