Like a boss

The Epilogue

Two months later

I sigh contently to myself and stroke my stomach…my bulging stomach. Ahah…yup; Shizune was sorta…right about me being pregnant. Orochimaru nearly bust a lung when I told him, but he calmed down pretty quickly once he was sure it was his. Then…he insisted I move in with him.

Yep; I'm living with Orochimaru now. Not quite working with him though; because I'm still working for Minato, which is going great by the way. My new office is almost as insane as my old one. I don't have to worry about missing my old workmates either; because they're always turning up in the office. Mainly it's Tayuya insisting that she's going to be head bridesmaid at my wedding/Godmother of my baby. Or it's Suigetsu, Sakon or Ukon insisting they should be the baby's Godfather. Sometimes Sasuke turns up to see Sakura and Karin occasionally turns up to see Naruto…she's still annoying.

Shizune's fine with me living with Orochimaru; mainly because Tsunade's been staying around an awful lot. I'm round there quite a lot as well; after all it was my home for many, many years, but I love Orochimaru's house; it's huge and it's all oak floors and books everywhere.

The bed's the nicest place though; it's absolutely massive. His-well…our bedroom is lovely; it's got this nice, soothing purple theme and there's always this slightly unearthly light coming from Orochimaru's snake Lizzie's cage. I don't know if she likes me, I think she may be a little jealous of me…which is slightly worrying as she's a huge python. Not that Orochimaru would let anything happen to me. He's been crazy protective of me since he found out I was pregnant. He walks me to and from my office, he makes me food, he guides me everywhere; it's as if I'm eight months pregnant rather than two. I don't mind though; it's pretty nice actually.

In fact, just generally, being with Orochimaru is great. He's absolutely perfect…and none of that sexual attraction has gone away…if you get my meaning. The sex dreams, however, have, indeed, gone away…hmm.

We're actually getting married after the baby's born. Orochimaru practically proposed to me right after Kabuto's huge speech. So…life is good…actually not good…perfect. Both I and my best friend have found love. Work at the office is going great. And I'm pregnant with the love of my life's baby.

I can't wait for the rest of my life. Didn't I say? That that day would be the day that dictated the rest of my life? I was right. Go Anko.