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'Are you guys kidding me? Hope! Every moron in politics is talking about hope! This isn't going to get me the position! This is going to get me the "Sorry-you-didn't-make-it-as-Senator" card!'

Lance Reynolds stook his head out of his office and pulled it back in, just in time; as a large binder flew at him.

'Ut-oh, maybe it's best if you go, Jen.' His girlfriend looked back up at him, disappointedly. Pouting, as he picked up her jacket and held it out for her.

'Oh, come on. Lance this is the first hour we have together.' He put his head down whilst sighing. Before smiling and looking up.

'Yeah, well… Unless you want to be the part of the meal Will's about to make out of his staff, I'd go.'

'Shame. Why do you work for him? I mean it must be hard when you two are being honest. And mean.'

'He's my best friend; it was a good job and you know, it pays well.' He finished lamely. Helping her back into the jacket, quickly. She pulled her hair out of the jacket and turned to stare at him, affectionately. She pecked his cheek, and then held him in her arms.

'I love you. You're so loyal. Coming home on time tonight, right?'

Down the hall there was a large crash and a bang they pulled apart to stare through the door. Then Jen ran to it, before turning to look back at him.

'Try and keep that pretty head where it is and save as many people as you can.'

'I'll try.' He said, pathetically. Leading her to the nearest lift and watching her as she safely got inside of it. Before he felt something hit him on the back of the head, spinning around he swore at William Wagner, regretting it as he came his way.

'Where have you been?'

'I've been having lunch with Jen. A human being, remember, you used to be one.'

'I'm not interested in sarcasm, Reynolds. I want you to tell me, why my third in command is letting me Speech Writer come to me with stupid cliché's about "Hope"? And why is my second in command asking me to interview her replacements?'

Lance sighed and braced himself for the punch he knew he was going to get.

'I think that while everyone else is focusing on hope for this race, they aren't really showing the true meaning. And people can see the true meaning from someone who has idealistic views. Views that others don't have because they have been tarnished by politics. Martha is leaving because she is PREGNANT with Derek's baby. Remember, they are your friends, they love. Not so much anymore, but they still love you.'

'I can't believe, Martha didn't tell me she was pregnant. How come she isn't showing? How far along is she?' Lance grabbed Will's chin and turned it so he could watch as Martha helped James with the speech. She had a large swollen stomach, and she was glowing.


'Yeah, oh. She actually sent you a card, too. In case you missed the obvious.'

Will frowned and hit his head with his hand. 'I threw it away. I thought it was one of her jokey ones, you know like the one she sent everyone for a funeral…'

Lance laughed at the memory of the April's Fool joke, that he had played on everyone but Martha decided to take the fall for him and get the glares for 4 seconds.

'Yeah, well, she's going. But she has interviewed some great people; there's this one bloke that- Will!'

Lance ran after his friend and watched as he hugged Martha and span her around.

'You're pregnant.'

'Hadn't noticed.' She replied, dully. Rolling her eyes as he put her down.

'I'm so happy for you and Derek.'

'Okay, but I'm not going to name the kid after you. Or give you my first born.'

'Oh, come on! Just the middle name. Please.'

'Will, I've had these names picked out since I was 12, Derek couldn't change them. What makes you think you can?'

'I'll hire a hooker.'

Martha looked at him in horror before grabbing a paper and pen.

'First or middle name?'

Will smirked.


'Lance, you suck at interviews.'

'Do not.' He protested, smacking his friend/boss around the head. Will glared at him and then started the fifth glare-off of the day. It was not going well…

'Just let me be here and you can ask all the questions.' Lance said, gesturing his hand to the door.

'Why do I need you here?'

'To stop you from being rude to people about their credentials.'

'As if I-' Lance's look stopped Will in his tracks and he frowned.

'I'm rude?'

'I think, it's because of Martha and her bluntness.'

'You like to blame her for stuff. It's 'cause she's not here, right?'

'I would have got a slap if she was here. I really miss her, man.'

Will raised his eyebrow and slapped his shoulder.

'You still see her practically every week. We both do. She hasn't gone anywhere. Now let's get this over with.'

'Buzz kill. This next girl is Elaine Harrison. She's not got a lot of experience working for a potential Senator. But she does have a lot of experience. Baby sat the same kids for five years, wow. And she has a law degree and has had offers from every law firm in town. So she's a real catch.'

'Trust me, lance. This women will be 5"1 and smells of lavender and she'll be in her forties.'

Lance opened his mouth to correct him but decided against it. Just leant forward and opened the door for Will.

He walked in the room and then stopped walking abruptly, almost enough to make Lance bang into him.

There, sat at the desk, was a tall, attractive, young brunette. She smiled, shyly as the sat down and ducked her head as Will continued to stare.

'Nice to meet you.' He said rushed, holding out his hand for her to shake. She took it gratefully. 'I'm Will Wagner, this is Lance Reynolds.'

'Ellie Harrison, but then I guess you already knew that.'

'Pretty much.' Lance said.

'Nice name. Pretty name. Anyway, on with the interview…'


Ah, I do love potential couple awkwardness (Real Terminology). Wasn't that cute?

So I decided to make Will become a Senator instead of President because he seems a little young for being president. But here I can bring in all hints that one day he's going to become President. Yay.