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Robin walked out of his bedroom, already ready to take on the day. It was 6 o'clock in the morning and he had already taken a shower, changed and hair gelled.

The sunrise should be about npw.

Robin walked down the hall to get to the door to the roof, passing each of the Titans' rooms on the way. He slowed when he was passing Starfire's room, contemplating asking her to watch it with him.

Nah, it's way too early. I shouldn't wake her up.

Robin continued on, a little deflated by his choice. He quickly picked up though, deciding to ask her to join him for the sunset. A smile appeared on his face, and soon after he made a face at himself.

If only Beast Boy and Cyborg could read my thoughts..

Robin continued until he reached the heavy steel door, opening it slowly and quietly. He stepped into the small stair room with little than a small tap and held the door as it closed. The last thing he wanted was to wake anyone up; he enjoyed when he was the only one up. It gave him some time to himself, just to ponder his thoughts - despite just contemplating Starfire to come up and join him.

Robin faced the steps and started the long hike up them, about 4 stories high. The was really no feat for him; he enjoyed the early exercise. He finally reached the top of the steps and took a breath, a small smirk on his face as he opened up the steel door at the top of the stairs. The first thing that hit him was the bring rising sun, the warmth welcoming him to step out. He walked completely outside, shutting the door and then turning around. What he saw stopped him from moving a muscle, mouth slack.

There was a bright orange yoga mat on the concrete ground right in front of the sunset, set up perfectly for anyone to enjoy. This wasn't what caught Robin's attention though; the real eye-catcher was the person standing on top of it. Starfire was currently in a downward dog her undergarments.

Robin couldn't move a muscle even if her tried. His girlfriend was currently on the roof half-naked, and of all the poses downward dog. Robin knew he should look away, but his eyes just couldn't leave the sight in front of him. He was so caught up in his less-than-innocent thoughts that he didn't notice Starfire jump up to her hands and slowly make her way up in a standing position, then turn around.

"Robin! I did not know you were up here." Her hands clasped in front of her emerald colored lace bra, a smile plastered on her face. Robin shook his head quickly to erase any images in his head.

"Uh..yeah. I just got up here. Starfire..what are you doing?" He motioned with his hands at the whole scene in front of him.

Starfire's eyebrows shot up as she nodded her head. "Oh yes, I am doing our earthly form of exercise and meditation mix - yoga, I believe is the correct term." She nodded her head again with a smile.

Robin nodded uncertainly back. "Uhh..yeah..I know that. But, Starfire, why are you doing it dressed like..that." Robin couldn't get himself to move to emphasize this point, as his limbs suddenly felt like weights.

"I feel that it is more comfortable to do such nimble moves without the restriction of clothing. Besides, these undergarments cover the same amount as your earthly bathingsuit, yes?"

Robin's eyes roamed over the emerald lace demi-cut bra and satin bikini cut panties with lace around the edges keeping it together. "Uhh...I guess."

"Exactly! You see Robin, it should be perfectly acceptable. I have also seen the beaches wear the woman do not wear anything. I thought nudity was frowned upon on your world." Her brow furrowed, confused over this information.

"Uh, well, some beaches are called "nude beaches". Ya know, where people are allowed to go naked." He cringed at that word. "But it's not a normal thing to go doing. Only a handful of people do it." His eyes reverted to the ground, unable to look his girlfriend in the face any longer.

"Oh, I see. Robin, perhaps we could venture to this beach sometime? On my planet, nudity is not such a deal that is big. Often times Tamaraneans do not clothe." Starfire smiled at Robin, moving to grab his hand.

"Uhh.." If one could see under Robin's mask, they would be surprised at how wide he was able to get his eyes without them falling out. His mouth went dry. "Star, it wouldn't be appropriate for superheroes to be seen there, no matter what it's like on your planet. You get what I'm saying..?" He scratched the back on his neck.

Starfire nodded in understanding. "Oh..yes. This does make the sense."


"Well then, would you like to join me in the yoga Robin?" She had moved back to her mat, still facing him.

Robin tentively took a step toward her. "Uh, sure." He seemed to being saying 'uh' a lot this morning..

"Glorious! Please, come. I am sad to say I did not bring up another mat for you, though." Her brow furrowed in dissapointment.

"Nah, it's okay Star. I usually do this stuff without one anyway." He walked up next to her as they both faced the sunrise.

Starfire studied him for a second, but let the matter go. "If you say so, Robin. Now, let us begin!" She moved to touch the floor, Robin copying her moves. But suddenly Starfire shot back up, confusing Robin.

"Something wrong, Star?"

"Yes." She crossed her arms in front of her. "You cannot simply enjoy the fluid movements with all of your clothing on!"

Robin's eyes widened for about the thousandth time that morning. "Uhm, I'm fine Star. Really. I'll just keep my clothes on.." Starfire was already busy unbuttoning his pants, though. "Whoa!" He gently grabbed onto Starfire's hands.

"Robin, you must enjoy the experience. Please?" She gave him her best puppy-eye look.

Robin sighed, hands slightly shaking. "F-fine. Just..let me get this stuff off." Robin turned from her and fumbled with his clothing. By the time he was done, he was only left in his mask and boxers.

Starfire smiled and nodded, positioning herself back on her mat. "Now let us begin once again." She moved back into her earlier position, hands flat on the ground.

Robin swallowed hard, copying yet again. He couldn't get over the fact that they were both only a step away from naked.

Oh my god..

He tried to keep himself focused on the task at hand, clearing his throat numerous times.

"Robin, is your throat all right?"

He turned quickly to face her in his downward position. The both jumped from their hands into downward dog. "Yeah! Yeah. Everything's fine. Really."

She nodded and turned her face downward. He kept his eye on her simply to copy her movements, trying his best to keep his thoughts clear.

That thing really doesn't leave much to the imagination, especially in that position. It's almost like she's about to fall right out of that bra..

Robin shook his head vehemently. He noticed bring one foot forward and keep the other one back, lifting her torso to turn sideways. She faced away from Robin and spread her arms out on eitheer side of her. Robin copied this move, facing her back.

My god, she's perfect. Pssh, screw John Mayer writing that song about Jennifer Love Hewitt. Starfire's b ody is a real wonderland..

He chuckled at his own joke, then his brow furrowed again.

I really shouldn't know that..

Robin shook his head and watched at Starfire went back into downward dog, then into upward dog. His head slowly dropped to one side as he watched how gracefully her body moved, and how much more he enjoyed seeing these movements with close to nothing on.

"Robin? Are you done with the yoga?" Starfire turned her eyes on him, noticing he had not moved from his position.

"Uh, no! Let me just.." He quickly went down into the same position as her, smiling in her direction. Starfire nodded and smiled, turning her face back up to the now-risen sun, her eyes closed.

"Uh, I'll just meditate in the Ops. Room." Robin quickly rolled over at the sound of a new voice, meeting the face of Raven, eyebrow raised. Robin couldn't make himself form words, and he noticed the subtle look of amusement on her face.

"Have fun you two." Robin slapped a hand over his face as she left.

As long as she doesn't tell the guys..

"Dude!" He heard the exclamation from the open window below them in the ops. room. Robin groaned and fell to the ground.


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