Percy Pov

Why do I have to be the one dodging attacks trying not to get killed but it seems like they sense my fear because they're definitely using it against me .The perk about this mission is that the God's are with so that means I get to be the lucky one Zeus always staring at giving a look of disappointment but that's crazy since I saved his butt in the Titan War. Then there's Aphrodite charmspeaking the giants with ease. There's the beautiful Artemis with her hunters shooting the giants so easily it looked like I could do it.

What am I talking about Artemis is a maiden I know there will be no chance for me.

Even though all the girls can't resist my alluring sea green eyes but Artemis can if she has to spend a whole day sitting at Olympus council ignoring hot shots like Apollo then she can ignore me.

Me and Annabeth were fighting this huge giant I threw her up in the air so she could get a better shot at the giant. When I saw Artemis checking me out I mean literally and that's when I summoned my courage to give her my dashing smile I knew she would ignore it but I did it anyway obviously she gave me a menacing look and rolled her eyes at me.

Artemis Pov

When I saw Percy Jacksons emerald eyes staring at me from his distance his stare was so intense it was like he was staring into the depths of my soul. I didn't want him to think I was enjoying it so I gave him my most menacing look and rolled my eyes at him.

I could tell he knew I was going to do that because he just turned away and started fighting the giant I was a little hurt he didn't try to impress me even more.


When do I care what Percy Jackson does.

I'm so into my thinking mode that I didn't see 2 giants approaching me. As quick as I could I grabbed one of my arrows aiming at the stomach.

I was hitting the giants and they were disintegrating before my eyes.

Oh yeah 2 giants done a lot to go!

When I snuck a quick peek at the dashing Percy Jackson fighting giants 10 times his size with the help of that Athena girl Annabeth.

Annabeth- Ugh!

Ever since I offered immortality to be one of my hunters and she turned it down she's been getting real close with him during the summer solstice like she knew I had a crush on him.

I mentally kicked myself I probably knew Aphrodite been messing with me and her stupid love magic I would eventually get even her.


Aphrodite came up to me with a smug look on her face saying to me I know your secret

Me not knowing what she was talking about said to her face" what are you talking about if you don't get out of my face talking about all this love crap I wouldn't have a problem sending u to Tarturus I'm sure Zeus won't mind because there will be more room for all of us if there was one less God".

With that Aphrodite quickly got out of my way talking about "you can't hide love forever"

"Whatever not caring what she said"

End of Flashback

What am I talking about I'm a powerful goddess and a maiden I would not fall for Percy Jacksons love tricks. I'm real happy for them hope they have a nice life and family.


Next thing I know I blacked out.